What Are Keywords?

This article will hopefully clear up any confusion about keywords.

 This has been a dilemma for me since I started in internet marketing, key-words, long-tail keywords, low-hanging fruit keywords. What does it all mean?

What are keywords? I will try to help you understand keywords better. Once you understand them, you will say that was so easy!

First you must start with a tool to help you search for your keywords.

There are many key word tools out there, some you pay for and some are free.

Here is my favorite keyword tool. Try it here.


There are many keyword tool available on line. But which ones are worth looking into? Have you ever tried to figure out a keyword tool?

So many of them offer so much useless information or you have to add this and combine this to get what you are looking for. Not for me, I want something that is straight forward and easy to read and understand.

Check some these out:

Google key-word planner is free but they change the format so often, you have to learn it over again every time you use it.

Traffic Travis by Mark Ling is also free for the intro plan, but try to get into it.

It’s very difficult to navigate once you get in and they always want you to upgrade.

Market Samurai also has a free starter plan, but very expense to upgrade. The last I knew it was $149.00 for life.

I have tried them all, plus many more free ones and one of the easiest to use was Keyword tool in Wealthy Affiliate. That has since been eliminated by Wealthy Affiliate. In it’s place is Jaaxy Lite for premium. It is completely free for premium members, a great tool.

Wealthy Affiliate also has another keyword tool called Jaxxy. I’ll explain that in another article.

Anyway, Jaaxy Lite is in Wealthy Affiliate and it gives you:

  1. Monthly searches: which is how many people have searched for this word in a month.
  2. KQI: is keyword quality index, an easy way to gauge keyword quality.
  3. QSR: Quoted Search Results. This feature will grab information from the search engines and give you an exact number of competing pages with the exact search term. Try for under 400, but 300 is better.
  4. SEO power: This will tell you if a keyword will get SEO rankings. You need rankings to earn money online. (SEO stands for search engine optimization.)

The 3 necessary things that you need  when searching for a keyword are:

  • How much competition.
  • Traffic that the keyword gets.
  • Does the keyword make good grammatical sense.

Take a look at this so you can see how Keyword tool works. It ‘s important to understand what a keyword is and why it’s important for you to understand it and how to use it.

There are some videos by Jay in Wealthy Affiliate helping to explain how the whole keyword system works.





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It is completely free to join and has many free services. I have found it to be the most comprehensive training available.


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Thank you, Deanna


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