My Review Of Clickbank Pirate

Have you heard of Clickbank Pirate? Well, if not here is my review of Clickbank Pirate. See what you think.

 PRODUCT: Clickbank Pirate
Overall Ranking: 1 out of 10sign for marketing
Price: $67.00 to start with recurring monthly payments of $37.00 a month
Owners: David Blaze


Clickbank Pirate is a program  being sold to the newbie as an introduction into affiliate marketing using Clickbank, which is a very reputable product.

Clickbank Pirate provides websites powered by wordpress, which is a very popular platform to host your website.

It is used by many, many people. It’s one of the most popular platforms around and it’s free.



Gives you an intro into affiliate marketing.

Can get a refund if not happy with the product.


Can do the same approach using Clickbank, which has  very good information and instructions to get you up and running without all the additional payments to a third party.


Outdated, you can get punished by Google for outdated practices.

Giving away money unnecessarily to a third party.

$10,000 a month without a website or your own products. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Clickbank Pirate  gives you a website and templates to build your own affiliate marketing business. But the bulk of the profits go to the owners of Clickbank Pirate, you only get 1/3 of the money, if there is any money.

The owners of Clickbank Pirate also owns IM Wealth Builder and Convert Store Builder. Programs I’ve never heard of.


WHO IT IS FOR: This product is basically for the beginner or newbie, who has a little knowledge of what affiliate marketing is about.

This products teaches you how to promote Clickbank products, get traffic to them and share the profits with Clickbank Pirate owners, besides paying them a start-up cost and a monthly fee. Pretty good deal, for Clickbank Pirate.

For someone with a desire to learn, or willing to figure it out, you could join Clickbank as an affiliate and you can  learn how to promote clickbank products or join Clickbank U. and keep all the profits for yourself. Sounds very enticing, $10,000 without a website or your own products. WOW

It’s not hard at all. Clickbank has many training tutorials to help you get started. If you purchase Clickbank Pirate  you will be doing all the work any way, so why give Clickbank Pirate some of your hard earned money. You are paying them monthly fees to earn money for them


You receive access to:red flag

  • video tutorials
  • Free reports and newsletters
  • Banners and links

Unfortunately much of this material is outdated.

Of the 3 prebuilt links on your site, you only get money from one of those links. A link is where people go to see a product they might want to purchase.

Clickbank Pirate gets money from the other 2.

This program  is providing a website with prewritten material which links to Pirates home page for sale to be finalized. Unfortunately many of these methods are now frowned on by Google.

If you do purchase this program, understand you are making money for the creators of this product more than for yourself.

So Pirates gets the commission. Plus Clickbank Pirates marketing techniques are not as effective now as they were in days past.


Very little if any support.scam sign


This is a program that provides web hosting, free downloads to have visitors leave an email. Supposedly, everything to help you get up and running. The bad part is you are purchasing a preloaded website linking to Clickbank Pirate.

Clickbank Pirate is a digital product sold on Clickbank.

This is what you receive with your $67.00 order. They promise everything for you and you really don’t have to do anything. Than why do they even need you.

Personally, I don’t feel that this a top quality product. Yes, you might earn some money, but most of your profits will go to Clickbank Pirate, if any money is to be made with their outdated system.

My recommendation is to stay clear.

My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 training program for affiliate marketing. So check it out and get a head start on earning money online. Plus, it’s free to join, no credit card needed.

If you have any questions or comments, please do so below. If you have used Clickbank Pirate, I would be interested in your results and I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Deanna.



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