Royal Prestige MLM Review- Is This a Money-Maker?

Welcome, This is my review of Royal Prestige  MLM.

Looking to earn some extra income? This home based business might be just the ticket to help you and then again maybe not.

If you like to cook this could be a match made for you, but then again, maybe not.

Hopefully, this review will sort this all out for you and help you make an informed decision.

First let me tell you I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I just want to give my unbiased review of the good and the bad, so you can make an informed decision about whether to join it or to pass.


What is Royal Prestige MLM?

Royal Prestige is a Multi-level marketing company whereas a member you recruit family and friends to join under you to help build a business.

.Multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses are very popular for selling cookware products, since there is a high demand for them and can be sold for a solid profit.

Royal Prestige is an MLM companies that specialize in cookware products. Most of these companies offer people various ways of earning extra income by becoming one of the distributors.

Product: Royal Prestige Cookware

Website: Royal

Cost to join: No answer

Owner: Peter O.Johnson

Overall rank: no answer

What the product is: Is an MLM company started in 1959.

The good and the bad

The good

Pro 1

Royal Prestige is an MLM program that started in 1959 with a product line that includes

  • cookware
  • china
  • Cutlery
  • Flatware
  • juice extracto
  • water and air filtration systems

Quite an array of products. Hy Site is the parent company under which Royal Prestige is sold.

Founded in 1959 by Peter O Johnson, there are 92 locations in and around the United States of America.

4500 Distributors worldwide averaging 250,000 new customers each year. Showing a revenue of 195 million dollars.

In 2019 revenue of 306 million dollars so they are very profitable.

Cost to join; No information available.

No experience needed

Products carry a lifetime warranty.

Also, a payment plan if you are not able to purchase your set outright.


Product Recall

Due to product melting when subjected to high heat, they’re have been some product recalls. I would think that could be a safety hazard.

Royal Prestige is among the MLM companies that specialize in cookware products. Most of these companies offer people various ways of earning extra income by becoming one of the distributors. It could be worth joining, especially if someone has requested you to join them in selling cookware and recruiting others because you also earn a commission.

 What is Royal Prestige cookware?

It is a company that was started in Madison, Wisconsin, and has grown to become a successful MLM company dealing with cookware products. They offer quality products that are not coated with Teflon, a petroleum product that prevents food from sticking to the surface of pans and pots. Royal prestige products also do not allow food to stick on their surfaces and does so without the dangers of Teflon being present. It is because some research conducted has shown that Teflon can cause some health conditions. Is the cookwares worth their high prices?

Royal prestige features a complete line of cookware designed with up-to-date technology. The cookware line available comprises three different types: royal prestige, Nutra ease, and kitchen charm. There are some cookware sets whose price ranges from $2000 to $4500. Others, like the 5-piece water less induction cooking system, cost $995.95 without shipping. Unfortunately there is no official product catalog that lists all the different prices.

I’m not sure the products are worth the prices. Because you will often find customer’s comments on the BBB website. It is also crucial to note that you should have a good rating on the internet for you to be successful because approximately 80% of people usually read product reviews on the internet before purchasing. Additionally, the high price might not be worth it because customers can also find the same kitchen cookware on an e-commerce site like Amazon or Walmart at lower prices.

Product line

When you plan to become an independent distributor, you should know the types of products you will be dealing with. Below are some products that are offered:

1. Cookware

Cookware is divided into the following groups.

• Innove – is a line of cookware system consisting of 5, 6,7,8,9, and ten pieces of cookware sets. Colanders, pans, and individual pieces are also included.

• Novel – This includes 7, 8, and 10 pieces of cookware sets together with stock pots, pans, and individual pieces.

• Stockpots – Includes a line of different stock pots that come in quart sizes of 12, 20, 30, and 60.

• Electric cookers- an example is the 10.5-inch royal sore electric skillet and a slow cooker base that can turn a three-quart pan into a slow base cooker.

• Pressure cookers- you can find 10 and 6-liter pressure cookers.

2. Cutlery

Deals with different types of knives like steak knives, carving set, Damascus santoku knives, cleaver, and accessories.

3. Easy release cookware

Consists of non-stick skillets that came in three different sizes of eight, ten, and twelve-inch.

4. Royal Vort-x

Royal Vort-x is a blender that is sold at Royal Prestige.

The Royal Prestige MLM opportunity

Royal Prestige offers an individual the opportunity to make money, either selling products or building a network of people by sending people request to join under your name.

In most cases, you are signed up with a sponsor for you to begin promoting Royal Prestige products. In case, you do not have a sponsor, you are assigned one. Selling experience is not a requirement, thus allowing anyone to sign in and earn. Products are mainly sold via demonstrations to promote them through private parties or bridal fairs and outdoor fairs demonstrations.

Are there any Membership Charges?

There are no set or fixed fees to be a Royal Prestige member, However, you are required to purchase some products as starter set for you to conduc demonstrations. Therefore, you may invest some dollars because most of the kitchen cookware is very expensive.

Can you make money with Royal Prestige?money

Generally, no information states the percentage or amount you can earn promoting these products or recruiting people under you. Therefore, it is difficult to know the exact amount you can make. However, the sale of these products is low because there are many complaints about these products on the BBB website. The kitchen cookware price can also hinder your ability to make sales because of the higher prices compared to other cookware.

Pros of joining Royal Prestige

No experience needed

Most people get attracted to MLMs because of their ease to get involved. You do not need to have real working experience. The same case applies to HY Cite, whereby you are allowed to sign up as a distributor as long as you are old enough to work.

Variety of products

The company deals with a wide range of products from where a customer chooses the item they want. Pans, pots, cutlery, tableware, and other small appliances like juicers are also available. Therefore, you can sell these products and earn a commission. The more you sell and the more you recruit people, the more the commission you will earn. Which is the name of the game in any MLM system.

Profit potential

Selling a few royal prestige products every month is quite profitable because they are expensive. Additionally, the company also provides a good commission, which focuses on selling a large set of cookware items to an individual.

Sales tactics

The company encourages the use of sale tactics, which often lead to the success in this business. They promise free vacations, gifts, and many others bonuses which plays an important role in bringing in customers in a way that selling them directly would not. Even though there is a considerable profit potential that highlights how the company wants you to sell, there is also deception.

Lifetime warranty

A warranty that lasts for fifty years is offered for most of their products, including pots and pans. For cookware and other related pieces, Royal Prestige gives you a warrant that states that these products will be free from defects including rust, stains, crack or break for fifty years from the day of purchase except silicone cover gaskets, which have a one-year warranty. It is also the same case for skillets and pressure cookers because they also have a warrant for fifty years. However, an induction cooker is free from craft and material defects for a year from the day it was purchased.

Payment plans

Since most of these products are quite expensive, most customers are not able to purchase these products in one payment. In this case, you can provide them with other payment options where they can even pay a deposit and pay the rest in monthly installments.


Products are costly

The price of Royal Prestige cookware products is too high compared to similar high-quality products from other companies like Amazon. Apart from the free vacation and gifts offered, the cost of purchasing a pan or pot is quite high.

Product recalls

Unfortunately, In January 2013, the consumer product safety commission was issued a recall for most Royal Prestige cookware products because they melted or collapsed when exposed to extreme heat. It was dangerous in that the pan could collapse and spill hot oil when cooking.

Horrible customer service

According to some research carried out, results showed that around fifty complaints are usually listed on the BBB website. And of these fifty, only one is a four-star review, and the rest are complaints. These customers’ problems have not been solved by the company because you will always find the same complaint now and then. The company can handle only a few of the complaints.

No return policy

If you have a problem with your pan or pot, you are allowed to return them. However, there is a problem with the return policy because after a customer places an order, the clock begins tickling immediately. It will proceed even if they have not yet received their order. When the customer fails to receive the order for a week, they are said to be out of the three-day return policy. So the product cannot be returned, even if the product has some defects.

Lawsuit settlement

There was a lawsuit settlement against Hy Cite in 2009 where the customers complained of being fooled into buying expensive cookware through scare tactics and deceptive demonstrations. The company was forced to pay $350000 in restitution. In other cases, there are no gifts or vacations because they only give empty promises to their customers to lure them into purchasing their products.

Is Royal Prestige a scam?

Royal Prestige is a legit MLM business opportunity because it has offered high-quality products for many years, thus proving that it is a company that can stay for long and is far away from being a scam. Similarly, it is also located in ninety-two counties worldwide. However, it is important to consider some serious issues surrounding this company and the challenges you encounter when building this type of business. Having to depend on your network of family and friends helping by purchasing products and joining as a distributor in the company, especially considering the many problems associated with MLM structure in general make it a difficult task in building this into a substantial business.

Therefore if you have other business opportunities, it might be helpful to consider them. Additionally, overpriced products and many customer complaints may also limit your income. However, if you are looking for a company that has high priced household products and high demand, choosing Royal Prestige because it offers you solid business opportunities that incorporate many tools and rewards for your success. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of MLM business models, having tried a few years ago.

But, can affiliate marketing be used as a better alternative to Royal Prestige MLM?

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting people’s products to earn a profit. When you decide to be an affiliate marketer, you begin making money without joining some ridiculous MLM. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to help people solve a problem the customer has. It is more profitable and easier to work with than an MLM. It does not involve shipping, inventory, or customer services because all these are taken care of by the owner of the product that you are promoting. All you must do is direct people to the affiliate’s website to view and purchase products using your link, which gives you a commission. Commission rates vary depending on the program that you are working with, your commission could be up to 75% for a digital product, Your job as an affiliate is to help the consumer to find the product that works for them.

In summary, it is important to note that even though Royal Prestige is seen as a great business opportunity, there are many reasons as to why you can begin doubting it. Starting with the deceptive sales practice, intimidating practices, and high prices should make you cautious about entering into a business with the company. When the products have poor customer services, are of poor quality, you begin losing your customers at a faster rate compared to how you made them. However, that’s not all, because there is another effective way of earning a full-time online income using affiliate marketing.

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  1. Cookware and such would be quite suited to housewives and homemakers. I can’t differentiate between different cooking wares, but I know of people who can, and it is amazing to listen to them talk about the characteristics of a branded cooking equipment. This might be a good business opportunity especially in these times of staying at home a lot.


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