Too Damn Easy – Another Scam or Legit?

PRODUCT: Too Damn Easy


Price: $2,000 to start. With add ons, $6,000 to $18,000.

Owner: “Q”

Overall Rank: 0 out of 1-10

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: No experience needed to get started.

Too damn easy has been around for quite a while, which is surprising because it is a blatant scam.

You supposedly earn money by selling nothing.

You need a private invitation to join. REALLY!

You are taught how to do a cash program method which is done thru a tax-related system. You give away money while collecting money from new recruits. This is nothing but a pyramid scheme.

Find out how you too can make money on line and work from home.

The Pros and the Cons:

The Pros:

Due to their clever marketing they are able to attract a large number of people.

The Cons:

Very unethical product.

It’s on the brink of being illegal.

Very expensive and definitely  a scam.

Receive the same training for all the different levels of payment, either the $2,000, the $6,000 or the $18,000.

Who is Too Damn Easy For?

NOBODY! You are only taking a chance of committing a crime.

The only thing that keeps this program legal is their marketing system. You receive daily and weekly newsletters, so you are receiving a service which makes it a legitimate business.

 Tools & Training:

The small ebook and a few audios are all the training.

The object is to go after people who have extra money that they want to invest and hopefully make their money grow.  

There are four types of Memberships

#1 Red Membership

Total cost for a red membership is $2,400. $200 cash gift and $100 for team leader plus, bonus $300 for membership fee.

The $2000 goes to your sponsor for recommending this program to flag

#2 Green Membership

Cost for a green membership is $6,000 cash gift and $200 team leader and $400 membership fee.

#3 Black Membership

$18,800 for a black membership. $18,000 for cash gift and $300 for team leader bonus and $500 membership fee.

#4 Purple Membership

Unbelievable, a purple membership is $101,000. $100,000 for cash gift $400 for team leader bonus and $1,000 membership fee.

What do you receive for this amount of money to change hands. Absolutely nothing unless you are able to sign people up.

It’s just a blatant Pyramid scam.

If you want to join, here’s how.

First, you must be recommended by someone.

Possibly you received an email or an invitation  in the mail. ” Very Exclusive” I guess.

When you get to the website you enter your name, email address and who referred you. Then, you need to verify your email and you are in.

I guess it isn’t too hard to give your money away. And to strangers too. Does not make any sense to

Who is it for?

People with a lot of money to lose willing to gamble that they will make it back and more. Unfortunately, you are taking a big chance with a program like this. I would run the other way. I have worked too hard for my money to get involved in a Ponzi scheme like this.

If the owner won’t give his name that would be enough to scare me away.

Support: Very limited support is available. You email “Q” and hope for a reply.

Verdict: Ponzi Scam, stay away unless you have a lot of money to waste.

The best and most reputable product you can invest in is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a completely legit and above board program with over 2 million members willing to help you grow your business.

Making money from the comfort of home is possible but there are so many scam and illegal program out there in the make money on line category that it scares people away.

But, there are some legitimate ones out there.

But, you do have to search to find them.

If you are told there is no work involved run the other way. There is a lot of work involved and you will run into problems and will need help. And Wealthy Affiliate members are very knowledge and willing to help. Just ask in Chat or in a blog and someone will get back to you soon.

Don’t waste your valuable time or hard-earned money on scams. There is no get rich quick program out there that I have found yet.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and see what it is all about. You can’t find a better course anywhere.pyramid of affiliate marketing

If you want to really start a online business and you are not afraid to work,which you will have to do, than keep reading and I will steer you in the right direction. Trust me and not “Q”.

You will have to work hard and write lots of articles or do videos on YouTube to promote your products. It’s not a walk in the park but it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

The results can be enormous. But it does take a lot of work and writing of many articles. Good, informative articles to rank in Google.

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Thank you, Deanna

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