How Does Adrian Morrison’s Book “Fast Track to Commissions” Help You? Review


 I am going to give you a review of a book this time, instead of an online review.

The end result is the same. “How to make money on line”.

This book was advertised on T.V on an infomercial featuring Adrian Morrison, brother of Anthony Morrison, who professes to have made millions on line.

How does Adrian Morrison’s book “Fast track to Commissions” help you? Well, lets see.

First of all be cautious if you should decide to  order the book on the phone. There are many up-sells, many you might not want. One is a website for around $50.00 per month, on going monthly…an added expense you might not want or need.

This book is focused on earning money mostly thru social media and using affiliate marketing to earn a lot of money.

He starts off by explaining what affiliate marketing is  and how we can benefit from it.

He explains how you don’t need a brick and mortar business to make a substantial amounts of money by getting a business up and running on the internet.

There are companies that will pay you commissions to market their products on line, with a website.

It can be a one time payment of a percentage of a sale or a preset dollar amount.

If the product is an ongoing subscription or membership you will get recurring future payments as well.


A physical book written by Adrian Morrison teaching you how to make money on line, especially social media sites.


Fast Track to Commissions.

Overall Ranking

No ranking.


$24.95 for the book, but when you call to order be careful of upsells. 


Adrian Morrison



This is a physical product that can be purchased over the phone. It is a book written about earning money on line very easily. It focuses on social media and how to do affiliate marketing on these sites.

He makes it seem quite simple, no involved sales pages or detailed descriptions of the products.


The book is easy to read and pretty easy to understand. It covers a lot of information:


1. Commissions from where and how?

2. Affiliate Marketing Basicspyramid of affiliate marketing

3. If it sells, it sells through Affiliates

4. Information products for high commissions.

5. Affiliate Networks- like Commission Junction

6. Affiliate Networks-Linkshare

7. Other Affiliate Networks

8. Skimlinks and Viglinks

9. Websites for Affiliate Marketing

10. Blogging as an Affiliate Marketer

11. Blog & Social Media Cross-Posting

12. SEO & SEM for Exposure & Income

13. Article Marketing, Forums, and Commenting

14. Repeat Business with Email Marketing

15. Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

16. Google+ for Affiliate Marketing

17. Twitter as a Marketplace

18. Commissions from Home

Those are the different topic that are covered, which is very impressive to say the least.


For me some of the negative aspects of the book are it’s lack of ability to explain things in detail. I like to have all my t’s crossed and my I’s dotted, so I’m sure I going in the right direction. Also the quality of the fine print is not very good and very difficult to read, most of the many examples shown in the book.


This is a good book for the beginner in affiliate marketing and maybe the intermediate who need a grasp on social media. But, you will need additional training if you want to be successful.


The only training is what you decide to do yourself. You will need to be determined and be willing to work hard and be self-motivated. That is what is hard to do and why so many people fail at online success and earning an income online.


The only tools are the book and all the information and directions it contains. On the plus side, the book is easy to read and understand, but does not go into all the little details needed to be successful as an affiliate.  Although there was an opportunity to get involved in a free website program, if you opted for it.


There is no visible  support available that I’m aware of.


The book is informative, but lacking in step by step details, which I need. Also it’s hard to stay motivated without a step by step process. I’m not sure if there is enough step-by-step instructions about getting websites set up for the newbie.


What are your options? There are plenty of ways to make money on line. But, if you are like me, I need someone to hold my hand and show me step by step what I need to do. My computer skills are not great, but, Wealthy Affiliate is great. I love the format that they use to train you. Plus, there are many members to offer assistance if you need it.

This book is not like Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training course that leads you by the hand and helps make you accountable for completing  all the steps. It’s the best course I have found, after searching for 3 years with many failures. So, save yourself time and frustration and check out Wealthy Affiliate, over 1 million members can’t be wrong!

Take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate and you will be glad you did. You can join for free, no credit card needed to get started. Plus, Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand to get you up and running quickly. The numerus benefits you will receive are  not available elsewhere.

You can see my Wealthy Affiliate Review here…

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