My Paying Ads- An Advertising Program

Is My Paying Ads the real thing?

Here is My Paying Ads Review.

Name: My paying Ad


Price: $5.00 to start

Owners: Uday Nara

Overall Rank: 4.5/10


What is My Paying Ads?

It’s an online advertising site available since 2015. So it’s not new to the internet marketing scene.

It’s suppose to have paid out millions to it’s members.

How does it work? You have to invest a set amount of money and the interest generated from that money and from other investors is how money is accumulated.

It’s basically for people that have plenty of money and can afford to lose some of it.

You invest in advertisement and traffic is sent to these advertising sites and when money is spent on the advertising, that is how you receive your money. The problem is you have to invest a large amount of money to see any significant return.

The Good & the Bad


Earning Opportunity # 1. Referral Commission

An incentive received by promoting services.

All members receive a  referral on each purchase made by the person you referred. Similar to a pyramid scheme. Something I would stay away from.

Earning Opportunity #2. Profit Sharing

The company shares profits from all product sales, if you have purchased Ad Packs from the company.

My best recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Read about it here.


Very risky venture.

No guarantees your money is safe.

Not much money to be made.

For me, it’s too similar to a pyramid scheme.

Who is My Paying Ad For?

For any one looking to invest money with out very much work, except getting family and friends to invest with you, which can be difficult and hard to  achieve. Not always the best action to take. You can lose a lot of friends and upset family members if they are not successful.

You don’t have to invest very much money, but you won’t earn much either. In other words, you have to invest a lot to get a substantial return.

Tools & Training:

There is not much to the tools needed for this program, mostly just investing money in the different levels and working your way up the ladder by investing more and more.

Price: Very minimal  investment, but very little return. $5.00 to start and it goes up from there. So expect to spend quite a large amount to see any substantial return.

If you would like to learn how to earn money without ANY investment, no credit card required, click here.

My Opinion: My Paying Ads

I’m not sold on this product. You can earn money with it, but how secure is your investment? There is no guarantees that the owner won’t close the site down and take all the money. So far it is a legit product, but there are not any long term proof that it will be around for the long haul.

Personally I would not invest my money in this . But it is legit.

If you want to start a real business online, then take a look ay Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the real deal for sure and free to get started. With over 2 million members it must be doing something right.

Going back to update this review, I found that this program has been closed down. I am unaware of the circumstances surrounding the closing, or if members lost all their investments. But the site is no longer.

Here is the best program I have found on affiliate marketing.

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