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Your fast track to earning money on line.

How can you earn money on line?

Is there a way, is it as easy as some people say?

chart of WAI looked into internet marketing after I retired for something to do.

I saw an infomercial on television one evening and ended up purchasing Anthony Morrisons’s book “Advertising Profits From Home.

Soon after that I received an invitation to attend a one day seminar in our city with a guest. So my friend and I decided to attend.

They were going to teach us how to make buckets of money with very little work.

First you needed to purchase a program. The packages ranged from $9,000 to $36,000.

Well, needless to say my friend and I did not want to invest that kind of money without any guarantee.

So we just listened to the speaker for the day, took our little started package and went home.

I felt bad because I saw a lot of people drop some serious money in that room. To this day I wonder how they made out. Recently I have read some very serious accusations about this program and how they are scamming people of their hard-earned money.


Is this program a scam? I think so, but research it yourself to be sure.

The only one to get rich with this program is Anthony himself.

We received a starter program for attending the seminar and was told that it was as easy as clicking a couple of buttons to start earning money online.

Well, it was not quite that simple.

On the plus side there were about 10 to 12 videos and a lot of literature which I had a hard time understanding. Unfortunately I do not have the greatest computer skills, so the information was very difficult to put into practice.

screen shot of partner with AnthonyFirst, if there is a video with fancy houses, automobiles and boats that is a dead giveaway it’s a scam.

PRODUCT: Success With Anthony

Overall Ranking: 36

Price: It varies from $7.00 to $36,000 with constant add-ons.

Owner: Anthony Morrison


INTRODUCTION  I went to a seminar and received a started kit, but was constantly offered an upgrade to bigger and better material, which I did not buy into.

PROS: A large  number of videos to study and a large amount of written literature to help you.

If you are computer savvy you will probably achieve some degree of success, but I’m not sure,  at that time I had very little technical skills.   

CONS: No help desk to go to for problem solving. Very hard to track down help.

WHO IT IS FOR: I think it could be a  good training product for the advanced person who has previous knowledge of affiliate marketing and is familiar with how affiliate marketing works.

Also someone who has good skills setting up a website. It is definitely for the more accomplished.

TRAINING/TOOLS OVER VIEW: There are a lot of videos and literature if you can put it all together.

SUPPORT: Difficult to get questions answered or guidance. I have never been able to contact the owner directly.

PRICE: Prices vary, the seminar was $1,000 and then everything went up from there. Some people were writing checks for up to $36,000 with no guarantee. After the seminar I received numerous phone calls to offer me coaching at huge amounts of money.


Personally I think it’s a scam of the worse kind. Also I recently heard from another affiliate marketer  who had worked with his program that he was barred from the Clickbank affiliate network for trying to sell inferior products.

Personally I am sure it is a scam.

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You can see my review of Wealthy Affiliate-My honest review 2022 here.

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