SEO Link Monster- Does It Work?

Name: SEO Link Monster


Owners: Matt and Brad Callan

Who’s it for? It’s good for newbies to intermediate.

Price: $147 – with upsells

Ranking: 2. o


This system is suppose to help save you money getting started in Affiliate Marketing. It was created to save you many hours of work getting back-links to your site and in the process, save you tons of money.

That sends me a red flag. It’s suppose to link all your blogs to high authority backlinks all over the web. Very dicey.

Google will frown on that. You could lose rankings rather than gain them. Supposedly, Link Monster does all the work. You can check it out flag

Who is this product for? 

Nobody! This program promises to help with SEO and back linking, and if you are new to affiliate marketing, it might seem like a gift from heaven. Someone doing all the work for you.

But you must remember there isn’t any quick-fix in affiliate marketing.  You have to do the work. It takes hard work and determination to be successful in this field. As with anything, nothing comes seo link monster

You need plenty of content, gone are the days of one-page websites. Crank out content, quality content offering your visitors helpful information. Remember we are here to help people first, the money will follow.

If a program offers you an easy solution to making a killing in online marketing, don’t count on it. The one making the killing is the one who is selling you the program. This network will get caught by Google and deindexed.

You don’t need any money sites slapped by Google and end up getting deindexed.

Training and Tools

You can submit up to 14 blogs a day onto 5000 websites, which rank 1-4. Can you write 14 quality posts in one day? I don’t think many people can. (even if you have writers you still have to proof-read each article). So, in my eyes, it really not very realistic.

Pro Vs Con


30 day money back guarantee

Does help you understand back-links


Could damage your site

Very expensive


Back linking can be a real asset to your rankings, but it must be done the right way or Google will punish your site.

Plus,  today back linking is not quite as important as it once was.

If you have a new site without a lot of content and you suddenly increase your back linking a lot, Google will suspect that it’s not natural.

Creating back links by adding good information, interesting posts, using keywords will be the most beneficial to your rankings.

The artificial method that SEO Monster recommends will only hurt your site in the long run. The quick approach is not always the best system to holding stop sign

The most important step is to continually write great and helpful content.

That’s what we are suppose to do, give quality information to help our readers so they can make an informed decision about what we are offering. We are here to help your readers to make an informed decisions about different products.

If you are looking for a great program to help in all phases of affiliate marketing read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s rated the #1 training available. And it’s free to started. Click here for Review.

There are over 1 MILLION members willing to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Many are seasoned affiliate marketers that really know what’s good and what’s not so good.

The support and interaction of this community far surpasses anything out there, so check it out. You will be surprised by it’s available information, community help and interaction. It far surpasses any other program around.

Hope this review was helpful and remember trying to take shortcuts will only hurt your website in the end.

If this article was helpful, I would appreciate a comment or question below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, Deanna

3 thoughts on “SEO Link Monster- Does It Work?”

  1. Hey Deanna. Thanks for the heads up. I’d agree with you that artificial mass back linking software is not a viable sfae option for site health. It is indeed fake. i.e. nothing to do with wanting to help folks find a solution, just a tempting ‘shortcut to success’ for the lazy and desperate.

  2. Thank goodness I found your site. I have been considering using a back-linking service and even considered SEO Link Monster. This article really opened my eyes and probably saved me a lot of money, not to mention keeping me out of trouble in the eyes of Google. Do you think there are any services out there that are legit for back-links or is it as you say, it is best to just put in the work the old fashion way. Anyway, thank you again for such a helpful and informative article. Keep up the great work.


  3. Hi Deanna,

    I also read that back-links can hurt your SEO. You have to be careful how they are created. There are web sites that offer this service (Fiverr is one) but you don’t know if it is being done correctly. I think it’s best to avoid anything like this and at $147 it’s expensive anyway. Don’t you think if your site contains quality content that back-links will appear over time anyway?


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