Affiliate Blogger Pro Review-Is It A Scam?

pictures of 2 booksPRODUCT: Affiliate Blogger Pro


Price: $27.00 a month

Owner: Roselind Gardner

Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

Experience: Beginner to Pro                                           

                                                                                                                Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                   pictures of 2 books

The owner, Rosalind Gardner, teaches this course to help you make money on line through blogging. Having been a blogger for 10 years, she decided to create Affiliate Blogger Pro in 2009.

You might have heard about her as she has been on the blogging scene for a long time. I first heard about her on Clickbank, where she was promoting her affiliate marketing book, Super Affiliate Handbook. She is also very active on the speaking circuit for affiliate marketing.

She secured her place in the Affiliate Marketing and Blogging world in 1998, which was a long time ago, by internet standards.

She had started a dating blog with ads for dating websites. So she is definitely a pioneer in Affiliate Marketing. I believe in her desire to help you to be successful, but she is still teaching backlinking through article marketing and blog commenting. which is very outdated.

No training on social media which is a very important part of being successful in the affiliate marketing world today.

No training on using mobile-ready themes which today are a necessity and she has a very outdated version of wordpress on her site.

The Pro:

It was thought to be one of the best of affiliate marketing training programs when it was first presented to the public in 2009

Definitely very helpful for the beginners. An intro to what affiliate market really is.

If you are completely new and want to understand what affiliate marketing really consists of this course could help you see the big picture.

Step by step instructions

Very reliable for the beginner who wants an understanding of where to turn in this blogging world but must understand much of her teaching is very outdated.

Lots of teaching material (blogs and videos)

The Con:

Too basic for the more advanced marketer

Needs updates

Not well organized

Very, very dated

Who is Affiliate Blogger Pro for?

This is a course for the complete beginner. If you have never researched online marketing this could be one of the best and cheapest places to start. So you can get a complete understanding what Affiliate Marketing and Blogging really is. Because it is a interesting concept.

It has a lot of material to absorb and so it could be overwhelming.

 2.  Videos and Tutorials
Which includes the WordPress In A Day Tutorial which walks you through the steps of setting up a WordPress website.  Here you’ll also find the 10 part business blue print which includes:

  • Affiliate Blogging Basics
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Setting Up Your Blog
  • Adding Content
  • Adding Style and Function
  • Add the Money Maker
  • Get Traffic
  • Manage Your Business
  • Grow Your Business
  • Advanced Tips
  • WordPress is very outdated

Tools & Training :

A community that is not as active as others, but there is help available when you need a helping hand. How timely it is I’m not sure.

Teaches you how to purchase and host your own website. Gives you information on how to be a successful blogger.


Support is very limited and very outdated.

Price: $ 27.00 a month. No upsells, just a fee each month. The cost is not bad, but the training definitely needs to be updated.

There is a community, but it is not too active like the membership that I belong to that  is extremely active, where you can get answers in minutes, good qualified answers too.

The community I belong to has over 2 million members, many of them earning very good money.

Verdict: It’s an o.k. course, but not my favorite. It is disorganized and a lot of the product needs updating and more organizing . Some sections have not been updated in years.

It’s inexpensive enough to try it for a couple of months to get some of the basics down, especially is you are completely new to affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a course that is up to date and very organized, plus it’s free, look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It far surpasses any other site and no credit card needed.

Would you like to make money from home/ without having to pay a baby sitter or commute to work. Plus, make your own hours? Well it can be done. But you need the right training which is up to date with a strong vibrant community that can help you all along the way to earning your first money.

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