Acti Labs An Opporunity or a Scam?

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Welcome to my article about Acti Labs

What is Acti Labs?

Acti labs is a direct- selling home-based business involved in the cosmetic and health care niche founded in 2011.

The company is structured as an MLM company. which as I’m sure you know may be very difficult to excel with. You have to have a certain mind-set to be very successful with an MLM.

I am not an affiliate or distributor for this company. I am just giving my own opinion of the good and not so good aspects of this product.


Name: Acti-lab

Company:Acti Labs

Founded: 2016

Type of business: Direct sales MLM

Cost: $16.00 and up

Who for: Anyone interested in a direct selling company or MLM.

I would commend you for researching products for your future business ventures.

Getting Started with Acti Labs

This company is farily reasonable to get started with as an ambassador. You can chose from 2 different kits available to porchase.

Acti sample kit- or Life Kits. After that initial purchase you will have access to:



Own website

Back office

You are now able to purchase Business Builder Pro Pack which includes:

  • Hydra-slim plus
  • Lipo sculping fluid
  • Sculpting wrap pro-pair
  • Micillac lotion
  • Radianic exfloliating cream
  • Ultra derm creamlogo for acti labs

Cost for this kit is  $150.00

  • Pr0-pack kit includes
  • Hydra-Stevia plus
  • Radiance exfoliating cream
  • Keto caps
  • Micellar lotion
  • Ultraderm cream
  • Skyscraper Mascara
  • Vendome 5 eyeshawdow pallette
  • Creme lipstick

These kits can be purchased when you join or are also available up to 30 days after you join.

Is this a legitimate business or a scam?

Yes, this is a legitimate company, but it is still an MLM, which has a very low success rate. In most MLM companies the sales personal never make any appreciable income.

Especially since cosmetics and skin care companies flood the market and are therefor very competitive. So it’s very hard to make a substantial income.There are many cosmetic companies like, Avon, Marykay, Rodan and Fields just to name a few also under the MLM structure.

Pros and Cons


1. Business opportunity, not large investment

2. Very large product line

3. Diverse compension plan

4. Low carbon footprint

5. VIP Referrals

6. Certified cruel free


1. Hard to successed with MLM

2, Relies on internet for income

3. Problems with shipping

4. Poor packaging

5. Bad customer service

6. Sometimes close account without warning

7. Products are overpriced

8. Not exclusive

9. Possible side effects from products


So, lets get to the history of  Acti Labs and what it consists of.

Founded in 2011 by John and Yelana Miller. Their headquarters are in Rockford Il. and their products are produced in France. The original line was called Actiderm in June 2011 as a anti-aging skin care line in France.

It has since made a push for the U. S. market.

What Acti Labs offers?

Acti Labs offer cosmecintical Skincare and other comparable products. They have an extensive line of products ranging from skin care, body wraps to body care and even supplements.

With the additions of Ashleigh Bray and adding a new line of weight loss body wraps and additional make-up items to their list of products, the company has seen a surge in sales.Ashleigh has been very active in the promotation with videos on you tube and Vimeo and even hosting home parties.

Compensation Plan for Acti-Labs

Acti Labs is a direct selling program so you will certainly be dealing with people one on one.

Commissions are paid on a weekly time frame along with different bonus for incentives to help increase your sales numbers for yourself and also for your downline.

Personal Sales Commission

Earn 20% commission for less than $500 in sales.

Earn25% commission for $500 to $1000 in sales.

Earn 30% commission for over $1000 in sales.

Personal Sales Cash

If you make $200 in sales from the 1st of the month to the 14th of the month, you will receive $20.00 in Acti cash which can be used to purchase Acti-Lab products.

Team Commission

As a distributor you get paid 3-10% commission depending on what your position is.

How expensive to be an ambassador?

As of right now, the cost is $27.50 to join, plus you can also buy one of  the starter kits. which run from $27.50 to $75.00.

What,s your chance for an Acti-Lab Ambassador?

You can expect to earn 20 to 30% on your own personal sales and 3 to 10% on team sales. So much depends on your sales volume.

If you enjoy direct selling and are good at recuiting people, this might be a good fit for you.

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Even though Acti-Labs has been generating great sales in the United States, the MLM business model is not for everyone. Plus, you still don’t own your own business, like you will with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are not comfortable trying to recruit family, and friends,  than this type of business might not be for you.

So, check out my favorite affiliate training program. You will be very glad you did.


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6 thoughts on “Acti Labs An Opporunity or a Scam?”

  1. Acti Labs seems quite interesting for an MLM company. Being around for since 2011 show that it is a legitimate business and there are some persons who has been able to make it big with their MLM program. One thing I like about their method of operation is the way each package and kit gets available according to your stay on the platform. This shows they are not after the money to be paid, but are after guiding you with what you need step by step to ensure you are successful.

    • Thank you Nelson for the comments. Yes, it seems like a good product. Unfortunately, MLM’s are very hard to make a good living from. You are better off with your own AF marketing business, where you are your own boss. 

      Thanks again, Deanna

  2. I’m not really a fan of MLM businesses like this one and it seems like the niche that has been chosen here is one that is usually very used by this companies. I guess it is very important to probably check this reviews out before deciding to become a part of the platform. All in all, your review is packed with good information. Thanks!

    • Thank you Jamie, for your comments. I agree with, I also am not a fan of MLM programs. Personally I think they are very hard to earn a substantial income from. Thanks again, Deanna

  3. Interesting how many different forms of MLM are there, I’ve come across a jewellery MLM, a fashion store MLM, even a handbag MLM so I can’t say I’m surprised to see another skin and wellness MLM. The life kits look really enticing especially when it’s from France but man, the MLM makes me think twice on whether to get the product or not. 

    Will I be automatically enrolled in within their network marketing line if I buy the product? 

    • Hi Riaz, thanks for commenting. No, not if you are just purchasing products. If you want to get involved in selling the product, there is starter kits and other things and training to take before you become a member. Hope that helps, Deanna


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