Saladmaster Review Good or Not?

What is the company Saladmasters? In this review I will be sharing with you the pros and cons of the Saladmasters Company.
Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about jumping in or staying away.
So, let’s get started.


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 Founder: Harry Lemmon

Current president: Keith Peterson

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I am  providing a review of this product, so you can make a decision about whether to get involved or not.

I am not affiliated with this product in any way.

Here is my review of the Saladmaster Company
Saladmaster is a company that is popular for its legit cookware products. It was started in 1946 in Harry Lemmon’s home.

During this time, the firm  offered only one product, which is the saladmaster machine. This product with it’s superior design was a hit and has stood the test of time.
Saladmaster  started with 3 salesmen in their first year in business and had grown to over 100 distributors in one short year.

So, it showed very strong growth.
Right now, there are over 28,000 independent dealers and cooking coaches around the world. It is one of the longest operating companies in the direct sales industry.
Saladmasters is a direct selling company as seen on many social media networks.
But, is it something you should join?

I will try to give you as much insight and details as possible, so you will be able to make an informed decision in this regard.

The Good and the Bad


Today you can get a complete kitchen system using their solution line, which will provide you with both food and kitchen essentials.
The products made by saladmaster are of high quality because they are usually made of 316Ti stainless steel.
This material is used to safeguard your health because it does not react with acids and enzymes present in the food.
The items are made with simple designs and durable material, making them more expensive than other cooking utensils  from other manufacturers.

The company is growing every day  since it can sell its products in 35 different countries.


Saladmaster is known for making durable pans and skillets, which last a long time But, in some cases, handles may become weak and wear out. While the pot itself is still in excellent condition it will need a new handle.

The long seven handle fits well for 5-star, 18-8 Tri-clad, T304, and colonial pans and skillets made in 1965 – 1994. However, it cannot replace the 18-8 Tri that came before 1980 because such products only need short handles.
The handle is an essential part of your pan or skillet because it makes it easy to handle during cooking because of its simple design.
Always ensure that the handle is tightly screwed on for the safety of your food when pouring it into dishes or carrying it around the kitchen.
The material that makes the handle is of high quality to ensure that it lasts for many years. It also gives old pots and pans a beautiful look and new update.

• long seven handles.
• They are well designed.
• Have a comfortable grip, thus making cooking easy
• Are very durable
• They come along with an extra fitting screw.
• It cannot be compatible with pans and skillets that were made before 1980
*Replacement knob kits for skillets and pan lids
When it comes to providing you with cookware parts, Saladmaster is the best.
If you have broken knobs for your pan and skillet, purchasing this replacement knob for your pan or skillet will provide a solution to your problem. A single replacement knob comes along with the kit.
The replacement knobs are designed to fit perfectly in 18-8 Tri-Clad, T304, and colonial cookware models developed before 1994.
Like the replacement handles, the replacement knobs also give your items a new look. The knobs are tight and do not conduct heat, making your cooking time much more comfortable. Like other Saladmaster products, it lasts longer, saving you the cost of buying knobs frequently.
• It fits very well in pans and skillets, especially pre-1994 models.
• It gives old lids a new and beautiful appearance.
• They are expensive.
• It only fits specific cookware lid models
Oil Core Electric Skillet
The oil core electric skillet is a fascinating Saladmaster item made of stainless steel for healthy cooking. It has a width of 12 inches and is powered by electricity operating at 120V.
Heat is evenly distributed from the bottom to the top parts when cooking. The heat-conducting oils found in between the metals is used to ensure even heat distribution on the skillet.
It is similar to other Saladmaster items in that it is made of 361Ti to prevent food from sticking.

It is easy to clean even when using a dishwasher and hardly ever rust.
An added advantage of using an electric skillet is that you can cook food without butter or oils and still be tasty.
It is also easy to use because you can control the temperatures without struggle. This type of skillet is also versatile since it can be used in boiling, frying, or even baking. You can also comfortably handle the lid when cooking, since  it does not heat up.
• It is powered by electricity so it heats up fast.
• Very easy to use and clean
• Allows even distribution of heat
• Has a large capacity
• It is a little on the expensive side
Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional
This  is a cookware set that is well styled, making it have a good impression after seeing it. All of the pots have a large capacity, which enables people to cook for a crowd with ease.. It features seventeen pieces, ensuring you have enough items to use when cooking. The satin finish is used in making them aesthetically pleasing. The handles are shaped ergonomically, giving the set a sleek look.
• It is of high quality since it is particularly designed to last long.
• It is diverse cookware and can be used to cook and fry.
• It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• Very versatile since it can be compatible with any lid or cooktop.
• The pots usually retain heat; thus, food can easily burn.
• The pots are also very heavy.
Stone earth frying pan
A Granite-gray stone frying pan is one of the best pans that are used in induction cooking. It is a pan that is free from PFOA, APEO, and any chemical that might affect your health. It is an ideal cookware for people who host barbecue parties, homemakers, and enthusiasts.
Due to its cutting edge being nonstick and free from chemicals, people prefer  it. It is one characteristic that gives you an assurance that you are feeding your friends and family  healthy food without them having a reacting with any acid, base salts, or alkaline.
• It has an amazing nonstick coating that is not toxic.
• It is easy to clean and resistant to scratch.
• Well-built making it very durable
• It has a sturdy, fixed, and safe silicone handle.
• The coating is smooth and clean, with no stinky smell.
• It lacks a maximum temperature label.
• Its inner surface is not flat, making some types of food cook.
• If it is not properly cared for and cleaned, it can lose its nonstick features.
6. Cuisinart 9-inch baking pan
The material that is preferred for baking is aluminum steel.
Cuisinart 9-inch baking pan is a square pan made up of heavy gauge metal, giving it a sturdy feel. It also has an internal and external nonstick surface that allows the proper distribution of heat.
It also ensures that no mess is left after preparing. And since warping is very common in metal pans, you are provided with uniform edges to reduce this problem..

You can also clean it very easily because its smooth surface is protected with Whitford Xylan on the internal surface.
• The material it is made of allows faster distribution of heat that is needed for baking.
• It is safe to wash using a dishwasher because both the internal and external surfaces have a smooth coat.
• Very safe and effective at high temperatures.
• It is easy to clean due to its thick non stick layer.
• Used in baking pancakes and cookies
 Fat Daddio’s anodized aluminum pan
It is a baking pan that comes with a fourteen gauge metal sheet for quick heat and cooking. It is unreactive, ensuring no toxic or chemical elements are found in food to affect your health. It also allows the cooking and baking of citrus dishes. Thick folded rims are present to enable you to have a better grip when handling the pan.
Other than baking, it can be used in roasting and for making lasagnas. It protects nutrients present in the food from being absorbed due to the presence of an anodized coating.
• It has a smooth surfacing so washing it is easy.
• No toxic chemical, PFOA, CFC, or dyes on the pan making it a good choice
• Its edges are well folded for grip and holding balance.
• The anodized coating prevents loss of nutrients and also eliminates peeling, corrosion, and wrapping.
• The dirt easily accumulates on edge and quickly forms spots.
In summary, most people tend to wonder whether Saladmaster cookware is worth the money they  will spend to purchasing them.
Only you can decide that.
But, despite them being expensive, they have health-oriented features. It also has a proficient premium cooking system making it worth a few dollars more than other similar products, not forgetting that it is made up of 316Ti that is very durable.

Similarly, most of its products also have a lifetime warranty.
Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing baking pans or cooking pans and pots, you might want to  take a look at Saladmaster Cookware. . Even though the lids, knobs, and handles may need to be replaced over time, these parts are available for replacement.

 How to join Saladmasters

Before you are allowed to join Saladmaster, you must begin with a comprehensive and engaging training program.
During this period, you learn and understand the fundamentals of Saladmaster, including leadership and business management skills. Additionally, you are also given some valuable sales tools to strengthen your skills in the presentation process.
Useful practices and advice is given to you along with the training by mentors in the company.
A well-marked career path and strong incentives are provided to keep you inspired during the success building program.

Similarly, you are also allowed to find other educational opportunities to help you proceed with your professional growth.
If you intend to advance, you can do it at your own pace.

Earning income with Saladmasters

Saladmaster does not share information of it’s compensation plan on it’s website.

The firm offers direct selling of its products through dealers and consultants to potential customers through dinner parties.

The Saladmaster career opportunity offers many people a chance to have their own businesses, which they can be proud of.
Business support is also offered, which allows you to have access to their customized accounting system, offers bonuses for promoting their products, and has a spirit of the successful promotion program.
One of the best ways to make money with Saladmasters is affiliate marketing, where you promote Saladmaster high-quality cooking items on your own blog.
It is an opportunity that many people often use because it  has considerable more potential in the long-term.
You can also create a food-related website and use it in promoting saladmaster products related to the food niche you are interested in.
When selling products for Saladmaster, you are given a commission rate that ranges from ten to twenty percent, which depends on where you are ranked in the company.
Therefore,you are offered a commission of ten percent of all the products you sell in the beginning.
And since most Saladmaster products are expensive, you can also make a good profit from each sale and still receive your ten percent commission.

Therefore, it can be an MLM, whereby you earn an extra income by building your team.
It involves you getting a commission of approximately two to three percent of the sales made by the people you have recruited.
Additionally, you can also earn some bonuses, which are based on the success of your team.
For a Saladmaster affiliate to qualify for MLM commissions, they have to recruit at least one affiliate, cook a minimum of one dinner, or sell a Saladmaster cookware set.
Therefore, to ensure that you are getting the most income potential, you must progress up the ranks with Saladmaster.


A company  that has been around for a long time has progressed in making cookware using efficient technologies to promote quality cooking.
Besides its products, the firm also provides some business opportunities that enable many people to earn a good living.
The company invites everyone to build a career that matches their lifestyle.
Since it has been in business for over fifty years, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow financially.
You can also earn more income via MLM commission, whereby you recruit people and teach them how to carry out business because the group’s success is key.
Jackets and master dealer rings are rewards that can be awarded to you for superior group sales and recruiting.
You can also visit the Saladmasters website to look for various products they offer and the opportunities present. You can also carry out some preliminary research to find a helpful sponsor in Saladmaster and can turn into a career move in the future.

But, if you’re not sure about this venture, there are other options you can check out.

If you are looking for work at home income, take a look at affiliate marketing. It could be a perfect match for you. You work on a computer, no selling, no parties to train for, no inventory to carry.

Start a blog and recommend different products that you are familiar with on your blog and if someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

That’s just a simplified definition of what affiliate marketing is.  But if I have got you interested than please read my article about Wealthy Affiliate and you will get a much deeper understanding of how the whole system works and where to get the best training. Plus it’s free to join.  Just click here.

After you read my review, let me know what you think or if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them for you.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside and thanks again, Deanna

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