Is Pink Zebra An MLM? My Review

Here is my honest review of Pink Zebra.

What is Pink Zebra?
In this review I will hopefully explain all there is to know about the Pink Zebra Company. The good points and the not so good points. So let’s get started.
Product Name: Pink Zebra
Cost:; $99.00 or $199.00
Founded; 2011
Owner; Tom and Kelly Gaines:Pink Zebra products
Overall rank: n/a
What is product: Home decor, candle products and fragrances.
Pink Zebra is an MLM company that specializes in candle products, fragrances and home décor.
Their focus is on ready-made products for the interested parties to build their own home-based business.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product in any way.

Ok, let’s get started with Pink Zebra ‘s review.

If you have attended any arts and crafts fair, especially during the holidays, you might have previously seen the Pink Zebra.
Or maybe a Pink Zebra consultant has contacted you and introduced you to this company and its products.

Or maybe at some point, you signed up to be a consultant for Pink Zebra.

Regardless, I will review Pink Zebra and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of registering for this company for work from home Business as one of its independent consultants.

What is a Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra is a relatively new company on the stage, founded in 2011.
The company operates as a direct sales organization in franchises and placements, which sells through independent contractors, not employees.
As consultants, they are compensated with the commissions they receive when they sell the product.
Also, you can earn more money by encouraging other consultants to join as well. As these recruited consultants eventually hire other consultants, the original advisors at the top of this multi level marketing pyramid can earn much more money from their recruiters than through their individual sales.


Pink Zebra sells several product lines that focus on home decor, jewelry, and personal care. One of its signed product lines is Sprinkles, which are scented soy wax granules used to create custom candles. Very unique.

You can buy several jars of drops and mix them to create a unique candle scent. Once you have finished mixing, add the wick, and you have the candle

In addition to Sprinkles, Pink Zebra also offers scented jewelry, candle holders, shades, soft candles, hangers, air fresheners, and selected shower products.

The company’s online catalog of these products is extensive. There is even a port area complete with customs clearance.

Other sections of the site are dedicated to hiring independent consultants. Registration as a counselor is highly encouraged, and the rewards of becoming a counselor are highly promoted.

Who are the Pink Zebra advisors?

Pink Zebra Consultants are contractors who register with the company to sell their products through direct sales (person to person). Consultants can market Pink Zebra commodities by hosting parties, advertising the products on media, or even individual consultations.

Within these groups, the consultant receives small batches of Sprinkles products, marketing materials, billing platforms, catalogs, etc.

Consultants have received 25% -35% commissions depending on the sales volume of their products. This is a pretty good level of commission, as it does not yet include employment.

How does Pink Zebra MLM work?
First, you need to join the company by calling their toll-free number or talking to one of their advisors. You need to sign up under one of their advisors’ guidance and then buy the toolkit to get started.
Your personal or PV size must be $ 150 or more over a six-month period to be considered active by the company.

Now, let us let’s take a quick look at the compensation plan offered by the company. Here are ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

Basic commissions

The consultant receives a commission of at least 25% when making a sale. If the consultant’s personal trading volume exceeds a certain level, the percentage of commission increases to 30 or 35%, as the case may be. 35% is the highest commission a person can earn from their personal sales as a consultant.

Driving bonus

Leadership rewards are given to the 4 levels of consultants below and are calculated based on the team’s wholesale sales volume. As your team grows, the gains are higher, but after 4 levels, your gains stop.

Bail bonds

The sponsorship bonus is paid when you personally hire an advisor. It is 7% on the sales of a registered advisor, as long as he remains a part of the organization.


There are other ways to win. An example is line promotion and qualifying for generational bonuses. However, it would be best if you became a director to be eligible for Generation Rewards.

In general, this compensation plan can help you earn enough money, and when you reach a certain rank in the structure, you can finish anything else and count on that deal. But we didn’t talk about the cost of membership, so keep reading.

What is the cost to sign up?
There are two types of combinations you can have if you want to start this type of business.

Beginner Enrollment Set –
This kit costs $ 99 and contains product samples, business supplies, perfume labels, and a special advice box. The company may offer a discount on any of its collections or increase its price without prior notice.

Deluxe Enrollment Set –
This set is $ 199 and contains 375 products. It also includes registration forms, party invitations, brochures, and more. This group also contains a portfolio of private consultancy. I must say that their products are unique and quite promising.

Now to the good part.
How much can I earn?
This part is important because if you work for this company, you will make money, and money will be your main motivation.

You can earn a few hundred months from this company, but it will not be easy if you want to earn thousands. If you are fortunate and work hard at the same time, you may earn a thousand dollars or more a month, but you will reach this type of gain only after a few years.

This is up to you, and any amount received by one person can’t be the same for all workers. Basically, if you are passionate about promoting the products they offer, this could be a good income source for you.But you have to be very motivated. As in any business.. But especially in an MLM set-up. You have to very out going and no afraid of accepting rejection. Many people are not inclined to get involved in an MLM style business.

Are there any complaints?

Yes, there is one. Let’s take a look.

There is no guaranteed income. It all depends on you and your work ethic and how persuasive you can be to friends and family.

Like what we discussed earlier, the income you can earn includes various factors. It would be best if you spent a lot of time learning the products and eventually selling them to potential customers. This may work for some, but for most people, it will not be easy.

Pink Zebra: Does it look good?
All of the above commissions and training materials make Pink Zebra look like a truly decent home business opportunity. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of this business.

Pros and Cons

Good quality products: Sprayers for soy candles and other products offered through this company seem to be of good quality.
One of the company’s videos discusses how environmentally friendly and safe the products are for everyday use.
Candle caps and holders offer some weird but applicable designs for home use for non-stick cabin use.

Above-average commissions – Pink Zebra states that its commissions are higher than those of its competitors, and it is true.
This is also one of the advantages of working with a relatively small franchise company.


Pink Zebra products and prices

According to its site, Pink Zebra produces its products utilizing the best standards and management worldwide.

The company’s on-site laboratory has developed Soft Soy, its own blend of eco-friendly soy wax and reliable food-grade paraffin wax to capitalize on the best ingredients for everyone.

Pink Zebra perfumers have created a responsible blend of natural and artificial ingredients. Their environmentally friendly approach uses natural materials to be sustainable and avoid them where excessive harvesting causes damage.

Some of the main products of the company are:

Watering can
Candle holders
Pots and lights over low heat

We have shown how this works, and now let’s answer the big question:

Is Pink Zebra legitimate or just a scam?

Pink Zebra is an MLM (also known as direct sales or network marketing), and there are certainly pros and cons to this type of business model.

Pink Zebra is not a scam. The compensation plan is not bad, but the market conditions and competition are not in your favor. I know there is conflict everywhere, but in a few MLM firms, the market is so high that you can get sales with the competition.
If you are happy with a low income for the work done, maybe you can join this company, but if you want more, this business won’t work.

It is simple for MLM companies to advertise themselves as a simple way to make unlimited profits, but the truth is that it is never easy to make money the way they would like.
It takes a certain type of individual to be successful in this type of environment.

I think it’s important to remember that candles and perfumes for the home are a very niche market, so products and opportunities will not work for everyone. Plus, there is a lot of competition in the candle niche.

There is a limit to the number of people in your sphere of influence that you can sign up.

As the initial excitement and hype fade, you will always leave a few people at the top of the chain earning a lot of money, and many people at the bottom do not earn much or even lose money.
Pink Zebra could be described as a pyramid scheme, and I’m just quoting the facts here.


Pink Zebra

Provides training
Site copied
Set up a company
Unique products
1* Provides training
Most MLM participants do not offer their newly appointed members adequate training on how to get the most out of the company.

Pink Zebra offers some training courses within ZebraNET and monthly webinars to help you understand how the company works, its compensation plan, how to market your website and products, and how to organize hosting parties, etc.

Training is not top, but it is better if you receive more training than none.

There are also tons of training videos that other Pink Zebra consultants have posted on YouTube.

2 • Site copied
When you sign up as a Pink Zebra consultant, the company provides you with a ready-made website (replica of, people can visit and buy Pink Zebra products online.

When someone visits your website copied through it, you earn up to 35% of the commissions out of the total amount paid by that customer.

If someone signs up as a Pink Zebra consultant through your copied website, you become their sponsor and become part of the recruits’ first level.

If marketed correctly, this site can help you increase your customers, commissions, and recruits.

3 • The founding company
What I like most about Pink Zebra is that it has worked for the last 20 years.

A company that is established and operates for a long time will probably offer high-quality products with a high demand, which means that you will not have difficulty finding potential buyers or even recruiters.

Companies operating for many years are well established, have loyal customers, and a high reputation, which makes them unlikely to close soon.

4 • Unique products

Some shades of candles, samples, and other accessories are quite strange and I would really like to own some myself.

Everything seems to be of high quality.

People are probably naturally attracted to most Pink Zebra products, so you won’t have much trouble selling them.


Complex compensation plan
MLM business model
Potentially low income
Saturated niche
1 • Complex compensation plan
Team level tips, improved committees, first and second generation, one level structure, percentages, various grades, group rewards.

The relatively new MLM person doesn’t have a good chance to really understand the Pink Zebra compensation plan.

MLMs make the compensation plans too complicated and mislead people into following them.

People do this by including difficult language or unnecessary details into the product packaging or sales copy.

Most people who buy hair dye “without ammonia” or face cream that ” contains peptides” do not fully understand what these statements mean but see it and imagine it indicating a better product than alternatives.

People are more likely to choose a complex product rather than a simple product, based on the assumption that the simple product is a straightforward way to function as expected and that the complex product is too complex to be understood so that it should work.

2 • Franchise business model

First, the success rates of MLM participants are meager.

Secondly, selling is very hard especially for a luxury product…

And third, I heard so many stories about people who lost friends, family, and money because of the difficult structure of an MLM system. You will have to seriously weight the pros and cons about getting involved in this venture.

It might not be worth the time involved. The owners can paint a rosy picture but, MLM set-ups are very hard to get up and running. I have tried a few in the past and they just weren’t worth the trouble in my mind .

3 • Lower potential income
According to the Pink Zebra revenue report published in 2015 the average advisor earned $ 842 that year.

My last thoughts
On the surface, Pink Zebra looks like a very unique and fun company that sells what appear to be high-quality scented candles with which you can decorate your home.

So this means that even if you are great at selling candles, most of your income is at the mercy of your team.

And if they lack the skills or motivation to go out and make money, then you will end up not being successful.

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Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please leave them below and I will be back to you soon, Thanks, Deanna

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