Shaklee Corporation- My Review

Shaklee Corporation- My Review

In this article I will give you my opinion of Shaklee Corporation and their company. What Shaklee is, what do they sell, how their system works, their compensation plan, their business opportunity, refund policy and where you can purchase Shaklee Products.

So Let’s get started,

First of all, Shaklee has stood the test of time. They have been around since 1956, that is a long time for any company to survive, and they know how to make money.

The company was started in Pleasanton, California, and has expanded to many other countries, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China and beyond. Their net annual income is almost 1 billion dollars a year.

Chances are, someone has already introduced you to one MLM or another and told you how they are making a living out of it.

First, we would like to acknowledge you for taking the time and due diligence to research before jumping in feet first to any ‘seemingly good’ business opportunity.

I want to stress that I’m not affiliated with this company in any way. I just want to give you all the pros and cons as I see it.


In this article, we will be looking into a popular MLM program within the health & wellness niche- Shaklee.

Health & Wellness is a massive industry with many opportunities for making online sales. Product-wise, Shaklee is a great company offering lots of exclusive products and a lucrative business opportunity. So, is Shaklee an MLM program that is worth joining? Let’s find out.Shaklee product


Shaklee is a renowned MLM company offering exclusive Health & Wellness products. The company was launched in 1956 by Forest C. Shaklee and has its headquarters in Pleasanton, California. During their 60 years in practice, this MLM Company has moved boundaries to 7 countries: Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Canada, and Taiwan.

Their net annual sales is almost 1 billion dollars a year.

Shaklee started with weight management and nutrition products. Today, they have expanded to include home and beauty products.

Total, they offer over 200 products, which range from vitamins, shakes & bars for losing weight, to protein, anti-aging solutions, and more. The most significant selling factor of their products is that their products are eco-friendly and enhance overall health.

How to Make Money with Shakleemoney in a briefcase

Shaklee operates similar to networking companies. Members can earn through their product sales and down line recruits. In addition, you can earn bonuses for advancing rank or helping your down line improve sales.

Shaklee is different from other companies, as they offer four different membership levels.

Note that the money earned depends on the different membership options. We have done all the work for you and compiled a detailed review of these membership options.

• Customer (free membership)

This is for the standard customers. They do not pay a membership fee and only get Shaklee products at retail prices. However, customers cannot market products for money.

• Member ($19.95)

This membership level is also referred to as the ‘premium customer.’ One pays a one-time $19.95 fee and gets to earn 15-25% discounted purchases. The members do not receive any money-order or auto ship. Also, you cannot promote products for commission sales.

• Distributor ($49.95)

The distributor is the basic membership alternative where one can begin advertising their products and start making money. However, you must start by paying a startup fee of $49.95 to be a distributor. Note that distributors need to make 100PV sales monthly to be eligible for commissions.

• Gold Ambassador Levy ($299-599)

Most MLM companies only offer the distributor alternative, but Shaklee has more. They offer the Gold Ambassador Level, with the Gold PAK, and Gold plus PAK option.

Members under this membership qualify for higher commissions. Ultimately, you will have to pay to meet the monthly sales minimum and pay the monthly fee.

Pros and Cons


1. Reputable History

Shaklee has a long history and has sustained its operations for over six decades now. If Shaklee was a scam, we assume they could have failed somewhere along the way.

If you were to compare Shaklee to Digital Altitude and MOBE, which act as pyramid schemes, FTC would have already taken action and closed it down.

2. Excellent BBB Review

For those who know about the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they know how hard it is to get an A+ rating from them. There are numerous legitimate companies out there that haven’t yet matched Shaklee’s BBB A+ rating from 1965.

3. Excellent Customer Support and Tools

Not many MLM programs will offer their advertisers support & tools, but Shaklee goes beyond that to offer excellent marketing tools. The following are the different forms of support:

Shaklee University– a program consisting of multiple business training guides.

 Sponsor Guidance- Advertisers receive direct support from the person who introduced them to the program.

Live events- This MLM Company organizes conference calls, free live training, and regional & local meetings.

4. Offer Exclusive Products

Members earn 90% of their money from product sales, not recruits. Typically, advertisers emphasize the best marketing strategies, not marketing the affiliate program. Thus, Shaklee cannot be categorized as a pyramid scheme that emphasizes recruiting.

5. Their Products are Eco-friendly Proven

Shaklee’s products are all eco-friendly proven. This factor is one of the key selling points of this MLM Company. Moreover, they work with NASA in creating a re hydration product, Astroade.


1. Very Expensive to Startup

As we highlighted earlier, Shaklee offers a ‘Gold Ambassador’ membership option that goes for $299-599. It is quite inconvenient for users as you have to pay a higher fee to attract better commission rates.

Moreover, when compared to other MLM’s, Shaklee accrues a higher startup cost. For instance, Melaleuca is a similar Health & Wellness company but requires only $29 to start.

2. The Health & Wellness Niche is Saturated

There are way too many companies competing in this market, i.e., Melaleuca, Herbalife, Amway, Norwex, and more. We would not recommend you to start marketing for these companies now as the competition is too stiff.

3. Influx of Products

Shaklee offer over 200 different products. Unfortunately for advertisers, it isn’t easy to choose the products to market. For instance, it is hard to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

4. Not Quite Transparent

Like Melaleuca, Shaklee does not reveal their product’s prices on their web page unless you join the membership. The common problem of such companies is that their products tend to be overpriced.

To sum up, we cannot rank Shaklee as a scam. Why? If they were a pyramid scheme, they would have probably been shut down since 1956.

Shaklee is a legitimate Health & Wellness company. If you put in the required effort, you can make some good money. Nevertheless, there are many other opportunities in the online space for making money. So, apart from this guide, do your research and find out what works for you.

My suggestion to you would be to look at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join.

It’s a good business model, especially for beginners. It’s very user-friendly and even if you are not a computer whiz it’s fairly easy to learn. I’m in that category, but I have learned so much it’s amazing.

Plus, the earning potential is there, you just have to put in the proper training.

I have been using this training for a couple of years now and I’m so glad I found it.

It will teach you every thing you need to know and if you have any questions, someone is always available with an answer for you.

How would it feel to do something once and get paid over and over again! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

Once you have completed all the training and have you site established, you will generate income for years to come.

And, then just rinse and repeat with another site.

And the best thing is it’s 100% free to get started, no credit card needed. Click here to check it out.

Another good thing is the cost is not prohibitive and it can be done in your spare time.

It’s not a get-rich-quick program and you will have to be patient and discipline yourself to spending the time writing a lot of articles, rather than watching a ballgame or movie on TV.

But the rewards will be worth it.

If you have any questions you can leave them below and thanks for reading my article, Deanna

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  1. Hi there, thank  you for sharing this informative and resourceful  review article which is centered on shaklee Corporation. This is my first time of hearing of this company. The services they render are very cool. the only problem could have with them is the fa t that they  don’t reveal their prices unless yo are a member. well, I would like to give them a trial. The Pros are very interesting

    • Yes, Leslie you have to be a member in order to see the prices. There products are on the pricey side, but some people love them. They must be doing something right to be in business all this time. Thanks for the comments, Deanna

  2. I have personally never been a fan of trying to use those mom business and it’s firbgiid reason. I was never able to make enough money to call a proper income. This post on shaklee is good and very informative and I see why it’s not q good recommendation too. I wouldn’t be giving it w try especially after reading this. Thank you so much for the info.

    • Thank you for your review, Jackie. I have to agree with you. It is a very difficult business model to work with. You have to be very strong and not be bothered by rejection. Good luck to you, Deanna

    • Thanks for your comment, Les. Yes it is amazing how these MLM companies do manage to grow. I guess if you get enough people to sign up you can make a lot of money. I’m just not comfortable with an MLM structure.Deanna


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