Avon Cosmetics Is It An MLM

Avon Cosmetics
In this article I will be giving you my up to date review of what Avon Cosmetics is. Is it an MLM?   I will give you information from my research of Avon and it’s company.  What Avon is, how they sell and how their systems works, their business opportunities and how to get started. So let’s get started with Avon Cosmetics.

Good for you for taking the time to research products you are interested in. It’s smart to do.

First of all I want to assure you I do not have any affiliation with this company and do not earn any money from them.

Here is my disclaimer.


Name: Avon
Founded: 1884
Type of business: Beauty and wellness MLM company
Founder: David McConnell

Cost: $25.00 minimum to get started
Headquarters: London, England

Now to my review, Avon Cosmetics is one of many health and wellness companies in the MLM field. This company has a strong track record of over 130 years in this field.Avon products

What Sets This Company Apart?

Currently, there are thousands of personal care brands in the world. This increase has made it harder for businesses to stand out in the crowd.
Therefore, businesses have had to employ different strategies of branding or selling their products to attract themselves to various customer bases.
From Urban Decay that makes bold and stylistic choices to Erno Laszlo and Jeunesse that sells the most luxurious skin packages.

Also,  those like Olay and L’Oreal’ that place emphasis on the effectiveness of their products.
Well, there is a company called “Avon” and when you hear of this name, you will probably think of catalogues, free samples, perfume bottles, lipsticks and other personal care products from many years ago and doorbells ringing. “Avon calling”
Avon was founded over 130 years ago and is one of the top companies that has embraced network marketing to ensure their products reach everyone.
But despite being a sales company, it gives you a chance to make money through their referral marketing.
Well, if you want to understand this Avon business opportunity, than let’s check out Avon and see what it has to offer.

 What is Avon?

Avon is a multi-level marketing company that deals with beauty, personal care and makeup products.
Headquartered in London, England, Avon is a very well known, long standing company that deals with beauty, household and personal care products.

It takes the second spot in the largest MLM companies after Amway and is also the fifth largest personal care company in the world.
Some of its top competitors are Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.

In order to purchase products from Avon you can do so through its teams of affiliates located across the world.
Cerebus bought this company in 2015 and its rankings than dropped down in it’s standings.

After the company was bought in 2019 by LG things changed and they are now on a positive path to making this MLM company great again.
Most Avon products are sold person to person but the company also has training centers across the world,where potential sales agents are recruited.
And you will also find some of these sales reps opening small retail stores to help sell the company products.
Avon is a very legit company and has an employee base of 50,000 and a presence in over 100 countries of the world.

It also has a branch of the company that supports women’s issues affecting them like domestic violence, breast cancer and more. As of now, it has contributed over $900 million to this cause for society.

Also, when you compare their products with those of other companies, you will realize that they’re quite affordable. Their prices are not inflated as other products, which is common in the beauty and cosmetic industry.
This is unlike some MLM companies that charge extremely high prices for their products.
Here, you will find products as inexpensive as $2 and others for up to $20.
And though compared to top brands like NARS and Urban decay, they are not so trendy but they’re well-liked across the world for their affordable prices and well-established products. Plus, they have stood the test of time.

At one time, Marie Claire named Avon products as the ultimate solution for any type of skin problem.
For instance, their “Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray” is their top signature product since it not only makes your skin soft but also repels insects.

On the other hand, their Sun Clear Spray won an award for being the best-bought product and A-F33 Treatment they developed, becoming the fastest-selling product in Avon’s history.


 Packages and Pricing

To join Avon’s sales rep group, you will pay $25 for signup and other costs of the starter kit. But at the moment they are offering free sign-ups for new members.

The lowest starter kit goes for $25 while an advanced one costs $50 and a premium kit costs $100. Depending on the kit you choose, you will end up spending around  $50 to $125 to get started with this business opportunity.


Avon is unusual in the way they price their products. Moat MLM companies charge outrageous prices for their products. Because they can and also  to compensate for the MLM pay structure. But, Avon does not do that. They offer fair market value in their pricing.

  What type of products does Avon have to offer?

  • Makeup
  • Skin care
  • Jewelry
  • Fragrances
  • Bath and body
  • Kitchen products

Now offering limited men’s products.

 How to earn money with Avon

Avon is one of the few MLM companies where you can make money without necessarily recruiting members to your team.

But, these are the 2 ways to maximize on your involvement in Avon. Let’s face it, we all want to earn as much money as we can.


  • Selling their products
  • Recruiting new people

Sales under $50.00 dollars, no commission.

Sales over $1,575 you can earn 50% commission.

Therefore, as a single team member, you can still make money, unlike many MLM companies where you must recruit others to make money.
You will earn a commission of 20 to 50% based on your rank and product which is pretty amazing.

And once you expand your team, a new world of opportunities will open up to you ranging from cars to rank bonuses and even vacations.

Most Avon representatives make hundreds of dollars each month and though it’s not a full-time job it could do a good job of being a side hustle for you.

 Are Avon Products Safe? 

But Avon,  manufactures safe and healthy products for everyone. Avon has been in the industry for over 130 years now and has millions of clients across the world.
They have also built a research and development center, right in New York, USA . and hired the best researchers and scientists to find out the challenges affecting the beauty industry.

 Pros of Avon

You are your own boss. But it stands to reason, you need to be self motivated.

As an Avon rep, you’re not an employee since no one dictates your schedule. Rather, you can design and customize it to suit your lifestyle; which makes it easier to multitask and gives you more time to sell.

They have a selection of great products that are loved by people once they try them.

Requires a little investment.

Fortunately,  the company has  only monthly meetings, giving you time to focus on your business.

 Cons of Avon

Has a low-income potential.

Has a history of many lawsuits.

There are hidden monthly expenses that lower your total income.

 Is Avon for you?

If you want to successfully earn money with Avon or any MLM program, you need sharp selling skills and equally sharp recruiting skills.

In other words, you won’t take no for an answer. That being said, there are many people good at selling and recruiting.

Plus, in this newer era of computers in online business it is much easier to sell and recruit people, especially if you have a great product to offer and with a couple of clicks on your computer a sale has been made.

Well, if you’re planning to join an MLM company and make money in the comfort of your home, then Avon is a good place to be. Besides being a reputable business, it’s been there for decades selling quality products to women across the world. Besides, you don’t have an income limit and are guaranteed of making money if you work hard.

Do you want a better option?

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Plus, the earning potential is there, you just have to put in the proper training.
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It will teach you every thing you need to know and if you have any questions, someone is always available with an answer for you.
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Another good thing is the cost is not prohibitive and it can be done in your spare time.
It’s not a get-rich-quick program and you will have to be patient and discipline yourself to spending the time writing a lot of articles, rather than watching a ballgame or movie on TV.
But the rewards will be worth it.
If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will get back to you soon. Thanks, Deanna

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  1. At first, I thought you were trying to sell Avon. You went into in depth detail about the company. I was getting excited,  I have liked their products. Then I remembered that you said you are not affiliated with them. With that being said, I think that you gave an excellent review of the company. Great way to real them in, before giving your suggestion of joining a company that will work better for earning money. Keep up the great work. Have a blessed day friend. I look forward to more articles like this one from you. Thank you for this.

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