What is Income League -Is it legit

How does Income League work?

In this article I will explain to you the good and not so good points of the Income League.

Income league training.
There is a certain basic training which would be quite valuable for a beginner.

You will discover
How to Create your own:

Clickbank account

Create your own:


This training is helpful as you will need to know how to set up different accounts in your quest to be an affiliate marketer. So any proper training is helpful.

Product: Income League
Founder: Matthew Neer
Type of product: Affiliate Marketing
Cost: $47.00 and upsells
Who is it good for: No one
Income League Review
If you have come across the income league review sales video, and you are deliberating whether you can make $1000 dollars in a single day. I will try to give you an in depth view of this program.

Is this  is just another scam that promises  much but does not deliver.
Unfortunately, there are many  such programs  that promise quick and easy money. You might have come across some of them or even purchases some of them. Some are so reasonably priced that you think I’ll just see what this about.

Income League Review  This review will highlight what is involved with Income League, and you will discover if it is worth trying this program that seems to make a lot of money from just posting tiny free advertisements.

Who are the owners of Income League?

The people behind this program are James Lewis and Matthew Neer, both accomplished marketers. Matthew has been responsible for various programs including Speedwealth Commission and Viral Cash application, Operation 10K, List Leverage, 5K FormulaSystem and Wealth Ascension system.
I have  been checking his email list for some time, and I know that Matthew promotes low-quality items to his email list.

As for me, this is not the perfect way to manage an online business. But to be positive, he is ready to include his name to his products which  many other internet marketers do not do.

On the other hand, James has been in online business for a couple of years and produced several programs including- The Last Goldmine, Domainer Elite, IM With Jamie, among others.

I have personally never attempted or reviewed any of his systems so I cannot comment on the quality. Although I have read, he runs an online business which made him a millionaire, so he clearly knows how to earn a living online. Additionally, Jamie is an internet marketer who is ready to include his name to his items which is also good.


What is income league exactly?

Income league, from two savvy marketers, trains you how to earn online by just posting ads online. Created to sound so simple, whenever you want to earn more money, you place extra free ads.

The actual way this program works is by driving the audience to a landing webpage where you take email addresses to create an email list. After you collected the email addresses, you promote items to your list and when you purchase you gain a commission. Your major task will be driving traffic to your landing webpage.

The sales video
This video involves Jamie Lewis and Matthew Neer. Matthew is the knowledgeable  internet marketer while Jamie plays a cynical would-be investor asking questions about how Matthew earns his money.

Obviously, you do not get much data about how the program really functions, as is too often the instance with low-quality systems. The only actual thing you discover from the sales video is that Matthew earns a lot of cash and you view a few screenshots of some of his affiliate accounts.

The paychecks you are shown in the screenshots might come from any of his systems on Clickbank. Various affiliates sell Jamie’s programs on Clickbank. So, it is likely the paychecks you see in the screenshots do not come from the program he  show in the training video.

Whenever he wants to make more money, Matthew places more of these  “little ads” and only  works one or two hours a day. One statement Matthew uttered in the video that made me smile was “we are doing this for you”, we do not need the money”.

Then, if they are doing it for us, why do we receive so many emails a day, particularly from Matthew, promoting low-quality products? No, they are apparently doing it to earn themselves more cash.
They say the payment you make is to cover the expense of hosting landing webpages, to pay the designers and the support crew.

The sales video has all features of a useless program hype, less work required, simple testimonials that are possibly untrue and screenshots of paychecks that don”t proves  anything Just like other Clickbank items the Income League sales video aims at the results you may achieve and offers less information on how you will accomplish these results. Nothing can encourage me to purchase this system.

How does Income League work?

Income League program trains you in a system of affiliate marketing which is a genuine way to make money online. You are trained on how to make an email list and then advertise the products to them.

Matthew makes a lot of money through advertising the products. I am on his email list since I signed on to  emails daily promoting Clickbank items. As I mentioned earlier, this is a genuine way to earn money online, but the issue with the way Matthew works is that he promotes low-quality programs to his traffic.

They try to tell you that they will teach you the little secret system that will have money flowing into your bank account with very little effort.

Note the misleading link and title that directs you to the sign-up webpage for another poor program. The members on Matthew’s list will get nothing, but he will earn money if they follow his recommendation and purchase the Clickbank product.

If you desire to create a fruitful online business, it is far   better to promote items that you know are genuine. Your traffic has to be confident in you before they consider buying the products you promote.
After all, assisting your traffic should be your priority. You are there to help. After you build trust with the email subscribers and the readers of your blog, they will follow your advice and then you will make money. This is not as simple as suggested with the income league.

Income league training

There is some certain basic training which could be quite valuable for an amateur. You will discover how to:
Create your Clickbank account
Create your autoresponder

Earn traffic via paid ads and you are offered some recommended traffic sources.
Teaches how to add your affiliate links on the sales pages.

Traffic sources following are the recommended traffic sources:
Solo ads
Ad swaps
Warrior forum adschart of WA
Traffic generation program
Lead generation services

These methods are nice if you have money to invest in your advertisements though it can get very expensive. Most of the methods suggested will provide you with useless traffic to your landing page, which will result in fewer members to your email list.

This would be expensive for you with extremely little return on your investment, not the perfect way to start affiliate marketing.
As I earlier mentioned, Income League offers some training, but the hype in the sales video is quite misleading. Earning money online is not as easy as they would make you believe.

The problem is that this program is not teaching you much but, fortunately you can get a refund from Clickbank in a certain time frame. But it has taken a lot of your precious time.

You need a proven formula. to be successful. And it does take work on your part. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is a proven training, teaching you everything from A to Z about affiliate marketing, in a structured setting. You can join Wealthy Affiliate here for free.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna.

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6 thoughts on “What is Income League -Is it legit”

  1. Hi thank you for bringing to us this great review about income league very helpful information.

    After I read your article I can see that this method of trying to make money with income league can be really frustrating and  we can lost a lot of money especially because of them saying that we only need to work only couple hours a day, 

    I try this method before and it take a lot more than couple ours a day to drive traffic to your landing page especially if you don’t have a list already.

    Hopefully after more people read your article realize that make money online is not that easy and it take more than couple hours a day, if you work hard at the beginning of any business eventually you will only need couple hours a day to keep going. Online marketing is not a get rich quick.

    Thank you 

    • Thanks for your comments GVporres, you are so right Making money online is time consuming, but it can be done with the right training. You have to be dedicated to make it all come together. Thanks again, Deanna

  2. This is the first time that I have come across Income League and it is an interesting post you have written about them. I am not sure though as to how the program actually works. From my understanding, you are just building an email list, but what then? Does Income League also include an email responder?. Or is that something you will then have to gt separately? Or did I misunderstand it all?

    • Thanks for your comments Linecrowley, They teach you how to sign up for Clickbank and a auto responder. They also tell you use free ads. But, they want you to purchase ads, which can get expensive. Thanks, Deanna

  3. When this platform claimed that a person could make that much amount, I strongly had my doubts but every other thing seemed to be quite convincing to me so I just had to do some research to see if it is truly like that and if there is anything that I should or that I could do to make things right. Having gone through all of that, it seems to me that you ha e out a good review together. Nice jon

    • Thanks Jay for your comments. I appreciate them. It is very important to do your own research on anything you want to purchase so you don’t waste your hard earned money, Deanna


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