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PRODUCT: Easy Paycheck Formula

Overall Ranking: N/A

Price: The original price was normally $97.00 but now is $7.00

Owners: Sara Young

Website: www.http://easypaycheckformula.net

INTRODUCTION: Easy Paycheck Formula is an easy to follow program to help you sell physical products thru Amazon. You start a lens on Squidoo and add links to different products you give descriptions of on the website.

All the products good points and its flaws.

                                                       Pros and Cons


Simple directions and detailed instructions step by step. The videos are easy to understand and very detailed.

But delivered in a non-professional manner. Like they were being read and not with much knowledge behind it.

Here are the 6 modules included in Easy Paycheck Formula and the 3 bonuses.

  • Module 1: Prepare for Success
  • Module 2: Set Up Your Lens
  • Module 3: Jump-Start Your Campaign
  • Module 4: Get Traffic
  • Module 5: Get Traffic from Google – Internal
  • Module 6: Get Traffic from Google – External
  • Here are the bonuses.
  • Bonus 1: Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus 2: “Secret Services” Webinar replay
  • Bonus 3: Live Q&A Webinar



Squidoo is no longer in existence and you have to use a different 2.0 site. Sara recommends Hub Pages.

As with all 2.0 site you do not own it and you could lose all your information at any time. The link building is out of date and that could hurt your site.

I did some lens on Squidoo and now they are on Hub pages, but I have yet been able to find them.


This product is geared to the newbie in affiliate marketing, with no or very little experience. I was very new to affiliate marketing, so I did learn about inserting links into my site and becoming an associate of Amazon.

Very simple tools, but I found the success with this product is very small.

But as a beginner I did learn a lot of different techniques to help me grow and advance.


You receive the 6 modules, 3 bonuses and the inspirational wall so you can see how other members are doing with the program.

The inspirational wall is a good idea, the only problem is there is not a lot of success, most people on the wall have had a minimal amount of additional income.

Maybe I have been listening to the “Gurus” to much about all the big money there is to be made.


Sara’s help desk usually gets back to you within a day or two and their help is quite easy to understand.

You very rarely get the owner, usually one of her assistants. Usually they are helpful, but you do not get an immediate answer.


The usual price is $97.00 but right now it is $7.00.


I purchased this program and worked with it for months with very little success. Than it was closed down by Squidoo.

I was a complete newbie, so I did learn a lot, thanks to the very simple instructions. But, it was not a very good long term training program to get you a full-fledged business that could sustains you long term. And build a business that would support growth…

But as far as earning a substantial amount of money I’m not sure about that, and you are not really building a business with this model.

I am now a member of Wealthy Affiliate and so happy I found them. The training if first-class and it’s the only place you need to be.

My advice to you would be to read my Wealthy Affiliate review. Here is the link.

It’s a good business model, especially for beginners. It’s very user friendly and even if you are not a computer whiz it’s fairly easy to learn. I’m in that category, but I have learned so much it’s amazing.
Plus, the earning potential is there, you just have to put in the proper training.
I have been using this training for a couple of years now and I’m so glad I found it.
It will teach you every thing you need to know and if you have any questions, someone is always available with an answer for you.
How would it feel to do something once and get paid over and over again! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.
Once you have completed all the training and have your site established, you will generate income for years to come.
And, then just rinse and repeat with another site.
And the best thing is it’s 100% free to get started for as long as you want.
Another good thing is the cost is not prohibitive and it can be done in your spare time.
It’s not a get rich quick program and you will have to be patient and discipline yourself to spending the time writing a lot of articles, rather than watching a ballgame on tv.
But the rewards will be worth it.

It is free to join and will give you the whole picture on how to build a profitable business online. You can see my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

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