Auto Profit System Review

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Auto Profit System Review

APS is a software that helps you create the best “opt-in” & “thank you” pages. These pages help you to attract and build a list of prospects. You’ll then lead them to your affiliate offers for them to buy your products.

Auto Profit System Company

Founders: Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, and Craig Crawford

Product:: The Auto Profit System

Year of Launch: 2017

Refund: 14-day money-back guarantee

Type of training: Software+ Training Course

Pricing and Packages

Auto Profit System Elite Member and Package ($37)

The Auto Profit System Captipic Suite ($47)

APS Re seller & DFY Campaigns ($67)

Automated Profit System is one of the best tools since its developers have prioritized newbie-friendliness. Therefore, it is easy to use, and there are plenty of demo videos on their sales page to make the learning curve easier.

I am not affiliated with this program in any way. I am just giving you my personal pros and cons of what this program offers.

I recommend you learn affiliate marketing first and this is the best place to learn it. Wealthy Affiliate

How Does the Auto Profit System Work?

The Auto Profit System is a simple way of learning how to make money online, which doesn’t require technical ability. This APS requires little skills or knowledge, and provided you are hardworking, and you have basic marketing skills, you can learn from this program.

It’s a done for you page building software that teaches you how to build highly converting “opt-in pages” and “thank-you” pages that will send prospective customers to your affiliate offers.

The basics of Affiliate Marketing is 3 things.

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Landing page or websitepyramid of affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate offer with link

The hard part of affiliate marketing using Auto Profit System is:

Driving traffic using their system.

Automate the system by converting casual traffic into paying customers.

3 Main Steps

  1. Build a 2 page system
  2. Drive traffic using the Auto Profit System
  3. Automate the system

You will be using solo ads which cost money, where you will offer the visitors a gift. Solo ads are a list of subscribers that you purchase and send your promotional emails to drive them to your landing page.

Therefore, its best for anyone who wants to create their subscriber base and make some money by giving free things to people. Freebie seekers can utilize this method and make some hard cash without much effort since it focuses on monetizing your lists.

First, you need to find or create a gift to give away and then build a squeeze page.

You’ll then look for a relevant offer to match the gift.

The Auto Profit System page contains details of the gift’s recipient, countdown timer, and “thank you message”. This has many purposes, including giving the leads an expectation and the destination of your gift.

Most people usually lead the prospects to sale pages. The page indicates the destination of the gift, while the countdown timer makes the prospects curious on what will happen next.


  • Auto Profit page builder includes templates and free hosting
  • WordPress import plug-in to use
  • In-depth video training
  • Free and paid traffic
  • Bonuses
  • Money-back guaranteed for 14 days

The Auto Profit Strategy

  1. Start making good money with 100% free traffic
  2. No Facebook ads or social media
  3. No funnels
  4. No budget needed(but you will need a budget for solo ads.)

The AutoProfit Strategy is made possible through a video clip program that contains detailed step by step instructions on the way you will make money and build massive listings.

After completing the course, you’ll be conversant with this strategy. These include the type of products to promote and pages you should create. All the information is available through mails. Everything comes in a simple and easy to understand language to enable you to get results faster.

Done for you, Auto Profit System web page Builder

Unlike what most people think, Auto Profit Systems pages are different from the typical thank you pages. This is the reason you should get two pages for the APS strategy. These web pages will give you 100% Click thru rate and enable you to convert your prospects into customers.

WP Connector Plugin

You can import your APS web page to your WordPress site using only a single button click. This gives you enhanced control thanks to the WP Connector Plugin. You can also choose a unique hosting or opt for APS web hosting.

Steps in the Auto Profit System

Step 1: Building– The available builder will help you change the APS pages to turn prospects into buyers

Step 2: Drive Traffic with various traffic methods- You can decide to advertise solely, and it’s helpful as it’ll help you convert your freebie seekers into buyers.

Step 3: There is an “automation section” that’ll enable you to automate everything and generate more revenue. All you have to do is continue generating traffic towards the campaign and look for more freebie seekers to buy your products.

Who Should Use The Auto Profit System?

The APS system is simple, and anyone can enter into action regardless of his technical ability to create a list of huge subscribers. This technique contains much information as well as skills for the program.

Therefore, you will find it easier to create your customer base and generate revenue by giving out gifts to prospects.

Is The Auto Profit System a Scam?

No, this program is not a scam but rather a legit program with immense value. But if you’re new in affiliate marketing, then you should look for other ways of supplementing your program other than APS. This is just a software plus some training that’ll help you increase your potential earnings through conversions.

You need to understand Affiliate marketing first in order for this program to be useful to you.

Besides, it has a solo ads traffic generation that makes it ideal for beginners. Beginners can try other platforms like Wealthy Affiliate when starting in the industry.

That is my recommendation. Best training available and you can join for free! Click here

Pros and Cons


1. Easy to use Page Builder- the APS page builder uses “drag and drop” functionality makes it very easy for beginners as you can create a page in a few minutes.

2. High Conversion System: this is the main idea behind the creation of this system. The developers are well conversant with sales, and the APS system enables you to convert prospects to customers.

3. One-time purchases and doesn’t charge any recurring fees.

4. APS is compatible with all niches

5. It doesn’t require coding or programming skills.

6. There is a private Facebook Group forum for APS users

7. 24/7 online support


1. The program come with many up sells i.e. three packages; the lowest one goes for $37 while the highest one goes for $67. These three packages enable you to access more attractive features from Auto ProfitSystems.

However, unknown to many customers, it’s a marketing strategy as you have to pay more money for these packages. But these up sells seem like too many to me as there are three and each subsequent one is priced higher.

2. Expensive Solo Ads

Though Auto Profit Systems promises its users that they’ll make money only with traffic, it’s not true as the main method of making money is their solo ads.

This method is paid and is therefore not regarded as completely free traffic. These ads can be expensive, and you should be prepared to pay for them if you want to join the APS program.

Most people nowadays are transitioning to online businesses. And though this field has a high potential of making you money, not everyone can succeed in it.

This happens when you don’t have a detailed plan. Well, if you want to make some money online, then try the Auto Profit System. But first take this course on how to start an affiliate marketing business. It’s free to join and you will be glad you did. Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading this review and if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible,Deanna

4 thoughts on “Auto Profit System Review”

  1. Auto profit is an interesting idea. If I am honest I am not sure I fully understood it. I guess this is a funnel system that takes your subscribers to an affiliate product page? Have I got that right?  The gift idea is interesting and I have seen this before. How do they target the free gift that relates to the person in question? That seems to be key to me as the motivating factor I guess.

    Overall an interesting idea and if I have it right I could see how it could drive income although I note you say you are not an affiliate of auto profit so I guess your income is from the advertiser you are driven to ?

    Probably more questions than answers and I will read through it again in case I have missed anything. It is certainly an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes,Phil, it is an interesting concept But it is not inexpensive to get started, having to pay for solo ads. Plus, I think it helps if you have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing, before you purchase this program. Just my thoughts, Thanks for your comments, Deanna

  2. This is interesting. Although I can’t quite visualize how the “automation section” looks like. I’m curious about how the program would be more beneficial, i.e., how concretely would they drive traffic to your site–is it better than turning to social media? Would you know how their page builder and plugin work differently? I like Divi Builder, and I would be excited to learn more about APS’ page builder offer. Also, I am curious about how their automation service works differently, if you will still do the work (their templates are highly converting, eh?). I’m glad to have stumbled on your post, I might as well research on this software and perhaps give it a try. Thank you! Cheers, A

    • Thank you A, for your comments. The system uses a plugin to generate a lot of the needed pages, Plus it recommends solo ads to promote traffic. Hope this helps, Thanks, Deanna


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