What is The Amazing Selling Machine ?

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Amazing Selling Machine Review

In this article I will give you all the positive and negative points of What is the Amazing Selling Machine is, so you can make an educated decision about whether you can profit from it or not.

Product: Amazing Selling Machine

Owners: Matt Clark and Jason Katzanbackowners of amazing selling machine

Cost: $4,000 membership charge plus additional charges

Rating: 90/ 100

Recommended: Yes

Not a scam but very expensive. Very similar to drop shipping. Amazing Selling Machine is a complete training program teaching you how to sell products using the biggest platform available, which is Amazon.

I will share with you my thoughts on the Amazing Selling Machine, Good and Bad!

Amazing selling machine is a learning course launched by Matt Clark or Jason Katzenback and taught by two tutors, Rich Henderson and Mike McClary.

The training has been constantly updated throughout the past years and has advanced along with Amazon. According to the last research conducted, prevailing members of Amazing Seller Machine (ASM) have made more than 8.6 billion income in their Amazon FBA business deals.

But, I must point out, that the training is not geared to being an affiliate and promoting someone else product. You find a niche that interests you and purchase merchandise to promote at Alibaba and have the products shipped to Amazon Forfillment Center. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

A really great program to help you make lots of money via Amazon . Unfortunately, I think it is way over priced. I’m sure there are cheaper courses out there. And that’s before you buy your products and get them shipped to the fulfillment center.

This is the program I recommend. Click Here.

8 Week step by step training to teach you how to make money selling products on Amazon. It is not an affiliate program. They have successful launched 8 versions.

Amazing Selling Machine is not always available. They only sign up new members for a limited amount of time. And they are true to their word.

How does Amazing Selling Machine work. In a nutshell it’s a type of e-commerce business similar to drop shipping.

This is the complete process:

  • Decide what you want to promote
  • Find products (Alibaba)
  • Order items in bulk at wholesale price
  • Ship to amazon fulfillment center
  • Market the products
  • Amazon handles everything else ( packing, shipping, returns, and customer service.)

Each update of the Amazing Seller Machine is revitalized with new information that reflects the recent alterations on Amazon. That means it has been entirely upgraded to include the most recent strategies, resources, tools, and tactics for beginning up an Amazon FBA business quickly.

Below is a list of some new alterations that are included in the Amazon Selling Machine course.

New Amazon ranking approaches: study the Amazon search engine approaches that are recently working on getting higher rankings for your top keywords.

Brand new set of eight weekly training calls: these live training calls are among the highlights of the ASM. The calls are presented by Rich Henderson and Mike McClary, and it is your opportunity to get all your queries answered.

Four brand new software tools: these include a product analyzer that assists customers in bringing together a list of highly profitable products, with low competition in a few seconds.

Streamlined production choosing method: a simple way to implement a plan for selecting profitable items to sell- therefore overcoming the main obstacle to getting started with the Amazon FBA.

Amazon Selling Machine consists of eight diverse modules. Every module is further broken down into simple lessons, and there are more than thirty hours of information to go through.

Additionally, there is a weekly training call at the end of every module. If you choose to get in during the presentation, you will be able to contribute live. If not, the recording will be ready inside the affiliation area so that you can watch at your convenience. All the video lessons are typically a combination of screen sharing, live demos and PowerPoint presentations.

You will also gain access to the powerful Amazing Selling Machine community platform inside the website and an outside Facebook group.

Inside the platform, you can get the assistance from both systematic ASM tutors, who are volunteer associates who have done more than one million dollars in Amazon FBA auctions.

The training begins from the very starting point, so even if you do not know the initial thing about vending on Amazon, you will ultimately learn whatever you require to build a fruitful Amazon FBA brand from the learning path.

Amazing Selling Machine course modules

Welcome modules: the Amazing selling machine mindset and process

The welcome course module is everything about getting you ready to prosper in training. You will learn the mindset you need to have and get familiarized with all the features and benefits that the training course has to give.

Module one: setting up your product opportunity list

In this module, you study how to build your Amazon vendor account, look for what makes an incredible product to vend on Amazon, and take the product you should vend.

Module two: samples, profit numbers, and suppliers

This learning module trains you on how to source your products from both the United States and China. You will also learn how to get mock-ups so that you can evaluate your latent product better and choose whether to get on with it.

Module three: creating your brand and ordering your inventory

Here you will learn how to design your packaging, build an incredible brand name, and have your inventory to Amazon itself, so you can start selling your product.

Module four: creating your brand assets.

In this module, you will get familiarized with creating your brand’s site and building your social media dashboards for achievement.

Module five: a good product page.

An incredible amazon listing is very crucial in building your product a victory. In this, you will be familiarized with the eight components of a good product page.

Module six: a good product launch.

After your item goes live, you need to get a lot of your traffic as possible to your list. In this learning module, you will learn the Amazing Seller Machine product launch ranking approach that will help you achieve the initial sales and receive the first reviews.

Module seven: traffic tools and advanced market.

In this module, you will learn how to utilize Amazon sponsored advertisements to receive much traffic and learn how to build a raving client service strategy to ensure that your clients are happy. You will also be able to learn how to influence Amazon coupons and lighting deals to see your sales pick off.

Module eight: Taking your company to another level.

This is the final module, and it is where you will discover how to scale your company and grow income. You will learn how to utilize the Amazon Brand listing and the strength of Brand Analytic. You will learn the strength of YouTube advertisements, how to function with influencers, and inspire Instagram to assist you in achieving more sales.

Private Resource vault

This is where you can download all types of resources, such as PDF and templates that are associated with each video lesson of the training. Once you watch a specific lesson, it is important to download the related PDF and retain it as an orientation as you try to apply what you have discovered.

The resource vault also contains useful links to the best tools and services; the Amazon Seller Machine group has found practical in their companies.

Building a fruitful Amazon FBA company can definitely earn you huge amounts of money. And what is incredible is that anybody can do it. It only requires some hustle, drive, and some amount of startup capital. The difficulty is knowing what to do since there are several steps you have to take along the journey.

Benefits of an amazing seller machine

Launching products

Production research and selection

Ordering inventory and evaluating suppliers

Creating your brand and private tag from scratch

Drawbacks of amazing seller machine


It is complex and very expensive. But can be lucrative if you are serious and willing to work at it.

Thanks for reading my article and here is my #1 recommendation for earning money online. Click Here

If you have any comments or questions leave them below andI will get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna


6 thoughts on “What is The Amazing Selling Machine ?”

  1. This is a very interesting course… but it is very expensive and as a mom on a budget, something I can’t think about… buttttt if I wasn’t a mom, I would really think about it because it would still a sacrifice(moneywise), or try something LIKE it lol thanks for the information!

  2. Wow! This is really a big one and I must say that if I had the money, I will subscribe to this straight away. The potentials that are associated with this is really massive and I must confess that I value all you have shared with us here.  I like this amazing selling machine already and I will try to see the ways in which I can really make the best of it. I will bookmark it definitely

    • Thanks Phillip for your comments. Yes, it does seem very interesting. The one problem I have is the hidden costs. Having to pay to have your product shipped to Amazon, storage at Amazon. But, a lot of money can be made if you can afford the initial investment. and stick with it to see the fruits of your labor. Thanks again, Deanna 

  3. As a way to make money, this may work, if you have the $4000 upfront plus the money to purchase the product and pay the shipping to Amazon. I assume you have to buy the products and pay for the shipping?

    The Amazing Selling Machine may indeed be amazing, but there would have to be a lot of product being sold to make the $4000 investment back. Plus the cost of the product each time.

    I think for someone with the means to afford the program and the ability to buy good products that will sell, this could be a great opportunity. For me, it is a no-go.

    • Thank you Karin for the comments. I agree with you, it a very expensive way to get started in Affiliate marketing. Certainly not in my price range either. If you don’t chose the right products you could lose a lot of money. Plus a lot of lost time, Thanks again, Deanna


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