Planet Fitness Gym Membership – Is It For You?

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Planet Fitness Gym Membership

Will Planet Fitness survive the Coronavirus pandemic?

From what I can find out, it seems they are having very good results. You can exercise at home with YouTube videos, but if you are used to exercising with weights and machines, that’s another story.

Planet Fitness had good results in stock shares rising after the gyms were allow to reopen. About 800 facilities were allowed to reopen as of June 1 and membership levels are fairly consistent since reopening.

Planet Fitness is following all the guidelines for customer safety by cleaning and sanitizing accordingly. They have touch less check-ins, cleaning stations filled with disinfectant sprays, plus social fitnessing.

Now on to the review:

Name: Planet Fitness

Owner: CEO Christopher Rondeau

Headquarters: Newington, N.H.

Locations: 2,039 centers located around the country

Cost: Starting at $10.00 a month

Planet Fitness Gym Membership, is it for you?

Working out can help improve your moods, and every 10 minutes of working out can help raise your heart rate and maintain fitness. Exercises can also help you regulate your sleep pattern, stay awake, and help you deal with sleep issues.

Regular activities can help with increased production of antioxidants that protect the skin, and it can have a positive impact on memory and other cognitive functions.

Planet Fitness offers budget gym memberships, and they understand the importance of judgment-free exercise.

First Time Checklist at Planet Fitness

You should download the free PF app before checking into the facility.

When visiting the gym, you will be required to check in using your Planet Fitness app or your key tag.

If you do not have the app or the key tag the team will take a picture for a member profile and help you set up your profile on Planet Fitness site.

Judgment Free Zone

Thanks to the judgment free zone motto new members feel comfortable and welcome.

Sign-up for the membership that works for you and choose the equipment that you like to use.

The staff will help you with the sign-up process, and you could choose to pay for the services on PayPal or through your card.

Gym Membership

Membership tiers, fees, and features in Planet Fitness include a classic $10 per month with a 12-month contract, and if you choose one without commitments, you could opt for $15 per month with no contract.

The Planet Fitness Black Card goes for $22.99 and has a 12 months contract, meaning you should utilize it and pay for the services for one year.

The fee at Planet Fitness is quite affordable considering the benefits you will reap from the membership. If you want to save on the sign-up fee, you could look for promotion codes in the clubs in your area.

During January, when the sign-up is high, most clubs will offer promotions.

The classic and the no-commitment plans offer one Planet Fitness club of your choice, and one free training session and Planet Fitness clubs have free Wi-Fi access for all its customers.

Planet Fitness Black Card offers three more perks besides the lower memberships, which you can use in all Planet Fitness gyms all over the country. Moreover, with this membership, you could get food and drinks in their gyms. With the black card, you have the following complimentary services:

  • You can bring a guest to the gym every time you visit the gym.
  • You get a free tanning bed, but this is based on first come first serve.
  • You can have access to free massage beds on a first-come basis.
  • You can have access to hydro-massage beds on a first-come basis.

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Amenities Available At Planet Gyms

Most of the county’s Planet Fitness gyms have cardio machines, which include treadmills, elliptical, bikes, and stair climbers. They also have free weights like dumbbells, benches, and squat racks.

Planet Fitness gyms have a 30-minute express circuit, medicine balls/ resistance band area. TRX station and locker rooms with showers. The Planet Fitness gyms are open 24 hours in most cases and have free weight training sessions. Check with your local gym to book appointments at your preferred time.

Best Workout Practices at Planet Fitness Gyms

If you are new to workout, it could be prudent to utilize the 30-minute weight circuit suitable for beginners, with the help of trainers you could work through the ten weight machines and their 10 step platforms.

Once you are used to the exercises here, it could be wise to incorporate aerobic activities at every step station. You can combine the cardio workouts with resistance training, which involves the use of weight machines This will help you burn fat and build endurance. Another valuable benefit of Planet Fitness is the training, which focuses on building resistance while avoiding injuries.

Your exercises will be planned based on the body region; for instance, the arms, core, legs, and the trainers will lead you through the exercises.

Planet Fitness has a welcoming workout environment that focuses on non-judgment training and exercises. The gym ensures that their clients are comfortable, especially if it is their first time exercising. Most people would feel intimated and defeated in their first weeks exercising, and Planet Fitness provides a supportive environment for first-time users.

Cons of Planet Fitness

The cheapest membership requires an annual contract.

The gym does not have group exercise as they focus on individual training sessions.

The gyms do not have pools or saunas which could be vital for some clients.

The gym does not provide child care for people with young children.

Canceling Membership

You can have to cancel the membership to the PF gym in-person in your local club, and if you have the annual contract, you could have to pay for a cancellation fee to avoid making the payment for the next month’s charge which is usually billed on your card every 17th day of the month.

You should cancel the billing by the 10th day of the month, and if you do not live near Planet Fitness gym, it could help if you sent a letter requesting for the cancellation and you should send a certified letter via USPS which indicates that you are the one who sent the message.

What other customers say about their facilities

Many online reviewers note that Planet Fitness offers its services at a reasonable price and that they were amazed at how affordable the exercise was when compared to other gyms.

They also noted that the staff is mostly friendly and enjoyed the interactions with the trainers and other staff. There were praises on how clean most PF facilities were, but the levels of cleanliness could vary from one location to another, depending on management

The Bottom Line

Planet Fitness is one of the low-cost workout facilities that offer tailored training for newcomers and regular customers. The gym is best for people looking for a specialized workout but would love to lose weight, get some cardio, and build stamina.

I would recommend the Planet Fitness gym for people who like to work on their cardio and endurance at a reasonable price.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again, Deanna

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