What is Cloud 9 Life?

Cloud 9 Life

Not sure about what Cloud 9 life was? I wasn’t either, so I decided to dive into some research on it and see what it had to offer.

Was it a good company to get involved in or to stay away from?

Based in Florida.

Facebook page created June 2019.

CEO is A. K. Khalil


Cloud 9 Life is a MLM opportunity.

Cloud 9 Life.

Cloud 9 life operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. A very saturated and competitive niche.
This organization is based in Florida and its CEO is A.K Khalil. Cloud 9 Life deals with several products in the health and nutritional field. Its market has a range of nutritional supplements. They include the following;


-Quench. This product comes at a retail price of 49.99 dollars. It contains a replenishing of all major electrolytes and has a great combination of vitamins. It also has natural caffeine, minerals, evodiamine, and Nepal. It contains at a package of thirty servings.

-3 in 30 System. This product bundles a 3-day supply of Moxy body which are simply digestive enzymes. In addition, it also contains a 30-day Moxy builder which is a prebiotic. This product comes at a retail price of 62.49 dollars.

-Mission control. This product is a mixture of healthy glucose and helps with metabolism and weight control. It is available at a retail price of 49.99 dollars and its packed for thirty servings.

-Great Greens. This product is composed of nutrient-dense greens and cordyceps mushrooms. It retails at a price of 37.49 dollars. It contains with a pack of thirty servings.

-Secret weapon– what this product offers is incredible. It will boost the mood of the user and also accelerate the rate at which body fat is burned. This product is sold at a retail price of 49.99 dollars and its pack holds about thirty servings.

-The Weight control and repair Bundle. This product comes with a bottle of the secret control and mission control pack. It is retailed at 94.99 dollars.

-Increase energy and immune support repair bundle. This one contains a pack of quench and also a pack of great greens. You can get it at a retail price of 83.99 dollars.

-Improve Focus Repair Bundle. This product includes a bottle of Focus Fix and also a pack of Quench and retails for 94.99 dollars.


The incredible thing about cloud 9 is its compensation plan. This plan revolves around a uni-level team. Instead of paying commissions using the traditional level-based approach, it is able to pay them based on rank generations.

Another good thing about cloud 9 Life is that it has about eleven affiliate ranks. One can go for the option that suits them best. Affiliates of Cloud 9 life normally earn a commission of about 25 percent of the sales volume that has been derived from retail customer orders. These are the orders that have been made within thirty days of the customer’s first order.

Commissions and Bonuses

For recruitment commissions. Cloud 9 life affiliates earn about 25 percent of the sales volume generated from the affiliate orders that have been recruited. This applies to orders that are made within 30 days from the affiliate signing up.

There is also the aspect of matching bonuses on cloud 9 life. Cloud 9 affiliates ranked 1 star or above usually earns about 25 percent matching bonus on retail. This also includes the recruitment commission earned by personally recruited affiliates. It is worth noting that the matching bonuses are also paid on the commission earned by the affiliate in a 30-day period.

Another incredible thing about cloud 9 life is that it offers a customer cloud bonus. This is based on monthly retail customer order volume.

Residual Commissions

Cloud 9 life also offers residual commissions. This is paid via the uni-level compensation structure. It is worth noting that a uni-level compensation structure gives an affiliate a higher priority than a uni-level team. This applies to every affiliate that has been recruited personally being placed directly under them.

Cloud 9 life goes ahead to give leadership coded bonuses. These bonuses vary on the level the affiliate is ranked. Additionally, cloud 9 life has something called a performers pool.

This is where it takes about one percent of the company’s wide sales revenue and puts it in something called the performers pool. The good thing is that cloud 9 affiliates can easily qualify for shares in the performers pool after six months since joining the company.

The good and bad

It is worth noting that a cloud 9 life affiliates will be eligible to receive a share in the performer’s pool every time they refer a retail customer to the company or when they recruit a new affiliate who orders about 50 PV in 30 days. In order to qualify for the performers’ pool, you will be required to have at least three shares within thirty days. It should be understood that shares are reset each and every month.

In Cloud 9 life, affiliates do also receive rank achievement bonuses. They will qualify for this if they range from 1star to 3 stars. However, cloud 9 life has expounded on this and retaliated that the Rank Achievement Bonus is a one-time bonus. It is important to get that clear.

What is the requirement for joining cloud 9 life?

There is a membership fee for anyone interested in joining the cloud 9 life affiliates. The membership fee is 59 dollars or 49 dollars which will come with a monthly auto-ship order. It will also include the purchase of an Executive pack.

There are three different packs which are the Fast Start Pack which goes for around 110 dollars, then there is the value pack which goes for about 210 dollars and finally the builder pack which goes for about 459 dollars.

The major difference between these packs is the bundled cloud 9 life products in them. It is also important to note that after one year, an annual fee of 49.99 dollars will be charged.

In conclusion, we should be well aware that cloud 9 life presents itself as simply a bit of a vanilla “MLM” opportunity. This business has no red flags that I am aware of.

But, I’m not a fan of MLM money making programs. You have to be a certain type of individual to profit and create a substantial business from MLM companies. Asking family and friends to get involved and part with their hard-earned money is not easy. Even though the products available are fairly priced. Many people don’t want to get into this type of work as it is very time consuming and can be costly.

The market for this product is wide, but the competition is very high. So weight the pros and cons before jumping in. One is fairly sure of getting returns upon investing in cloud 9 life if you are willing to put in the work required for any success. Having things like compensation plans and customer cloud bonus not only makes it look legit but also attracts one to invest in it.

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