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When researching about becoming a successful affiliate marketer, you have definitely come across great “content” as one of the primary tricks. Most people are of the school of thought that website or blog content is only in written form; however, this is partially wrong.

What is content?

Content is the representation of ideas on a site or a blog for a particular purpose. In affiliate marketing, content may take several forms ranging from written articles, original images, outsourced infographics to uploaded original videos all related to the particular product you are promoting.

In short, as an affiliate marketer, you should learn to create various types of content to achieve your primary goal as an affiliate marketer which is actually to draw traffic that will translate to commissions that you will earn from affiliate networks such as Amazon.

So, let’s go in-depth on the types of content for an affiliate website;

1. Written content.

For most affiliate websites, written content is the principal source of traffic. These are the different types of articles you choose to use in your blog to promote a particular product or brand. In most cases, the following are the basic article formats you will have to interact with;

· Top 10 lists.

· Product reviews.

· Roundups.

· Trending topics.

· Tutorials or how-to articles.

· Question and Answer.

Now, for each type of article format, you MUST understand the basics when using them. A good example, when using a product reviews format, you should include a link to the product on Amazon; moreover, you should also include images. This is to make the article interesting and interactive to meet your main objective.

Good articles should be interesting, engaging, easy to read, and understandable. This means all your articles, no matter the format, should have several subtitles, short but sharp sentences, full of appropriate content and free from grammatical mistakes. Moreover, you should use bullet points and bold characters throughout the article. As if that is not enough, you should also have a catchy introduction for your readers to be anxious to read on.

How to rank

For your affiliate website to rank well on search engines such as Google, the Crawlers go through your content to make sure that it meets the above criteria. Remember, a high ranking on search engines means that you get more traffic since most web users, will only rely on content in the first search results page.

As a control measure to satisfy their web users, search engines are today ranking websites based on the mentioned factors.

SEO and Ranking

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Your articles MUST be SEO friendly. This means that they should be optimized in a way that when a web user searches a particular string of words, your website is among the first search results. Bearing in mind that your articles must read well, there are those SEO techniques you should utilize and get your affiliate website ranked well by search engines.


For instance, you can use the relevant keywords in the URL and Title of the article. A good example, if your keyword is “maternity mattresses” your URL should read something like article titles should then read something to do with “Top 10 maternity mattresses in 2019. This is to make sure that search engines detect the keywords from your website quite fast.

But where do you get these keywords? Before writing your articles, you must do extensive keyword research to know the best and competitive keywords to use in relation to your particular area of interest. There are keyword research tools such as SEM Rush and Jaaxy that will go a long way with helping you come up with the most productive keywords for your blog articles.

2. Images and holding stop sign

The other important type of content for your affiliate site is images and videos. Images and videos create a visual representation of the product you are promoting. There are different ways on how to create images and video content.

· What about images.

When it comes to images, using original images on your affiliate site is by far the best and safest way to promote products. By taking photos using your smartphone and using them on your website gives the product you are trying to promote an accurate presentation than just downloading an image on Google and using it as an imaginary representation.

The alt tags and images titles on your original photo also play a huge part in helping your site rank high on search engines.

Moreover, original images offer your affiliate site a lot of security. What do I mean?

Your affiliate website might get suspended or banned by using copied images from the internet. You do not have the rights to that particular photo, meaning that the owner can sue you, resulting in either of the mentioned consequences. This will rarely happen, but waiting for the consequences is never a wise idea.

If you cannot take original or rather real photos of the product, you can simply use Stock photos from trusted sites such as canstockphoto.

· Videos.

When it comes to having video content on your affiliate website, most people go for those YouTube videos because they are readily available. Yes, this is a great way to save yourself the time and money to create original videos. However, you should note that by using YouTube videos, you are acting as a free affiliate agent to another person.

This means that the creator of the video will earn from the ads in the video when you view it or embed it on your site for your target audience. That is why no one will restrict you from using YouTube videos.

Original videos.

If you have the time to create original videos, you are perfectly on the right track. Original videos can be used in two ways, promoting the products or brand on your affiliate website or uploading the videos on YouTube and attaching your affiliate link to the video. This will increase your target audience basis and also help you reach a larger audience.

 To sum it up.

Creating great website content is not as hard as many people make it sound; with the appropriate tools and resources, you can come up with articles, videos, and images that will play an important role of drawing traffic to your affiliate site and helping it to rank high. If Affiliate Marketing interests you, please click here to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, the best training program around and you can get started for free.

Being an affiliate marketer means you are your own boss and own your own business. If you are willing to devote the energy and time to it you can be very successful. But it’s not a get rich quick scam as many so called “Guru’s ” promote. That approach will never make you any money, just the opposite, you will be just throwing your money away.

Thank you for reading this article and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will answer as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna

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  1. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such an informative article. The key element of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is by generating keyword content. And the content has to be helpful to the audience, cause the more you help out, the more you get traffic on your websites and traffic leads to online income.

    • Thanks for the comments.. Yes Keyw9ord content is key to success in affiliate marketing. And your main job is being helpful to your audience. Thanks again, Deanna

  2. I love the approach you to in describing the different types of affiliate marketing and that it is not just about content. Most beginning affiliate marketers are not even going to consider images or videos or infographics as a way of marketing. Thank you so much for sharing this, it gives beginning affiliate marketers an idea of the many ways they can approach it and how to be successful. 

    • Thank you for the comments. It’s good to try to share information as soon as possible, so new affiliates can get started on the right foot and not have to go back and redo their work. Thanks again, Deanna


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