Javita Coffee- Is It A Moneymaker?

Javita coffee

Here is my review of Javita as a MLM.

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In this post I’m going to give you a detailed explanation of what Javita coffee is all about.

Coffee is one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages across the world. Almost everyone in the world knows about coffee or has tasted it before.

And this popularity extends across the economic, cultural, and geographical boundaries you will come to know.

Javita company seemed to have taken note of this popularity and has decided to combine coffee with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) plan to enable people to make money by promoting their products.

Javita is a popular retailer that sells coffee-related products that help people to improve their health and lose weight. And the good news is you can join the Javita MLM compensation plan either part-time or full-time by selling the Javita products as an affiliate or recruiting affiliates to the company.

So what is Javita MLM? How can you join? Is it legit?

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About Javita

Javita is an MLM company that was founded in 2004 by Stain Cherelestein. Its headquartered in Florida and deals with weight loss products such as coffee, cocoa drinks, green tea, protein shakes, and other supplements.

What does Javita offer?

It is a coffee based supplement that contains yerba meta and garcinia cambogia to help with weight loss.

At first, the main aim of Javita was to develop products that helps one lose weight. However, over the years, it’s now active in the healthcare beverage industry. Some company’s top premium products are:

Burn+ Control Coffee

Energy+ Coffee


Are Javita Products Worth Their Price?

Javita sells products for specific purposes, i.e., weight loss or appetite control. They include coffees, teas, and tablet supplements. For example, the instant coffee drink contains herbs, natural ingredients, and is made from South American Arabica coffee.

The Burn& Control coffee drink is priced at $25 but goes for $35. It contains many beneficial ingredients, including Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. The drink has 24 sachets, and you should take two each day, 30 minutes before you eat. Therefore, they will last for about two weeks.

Most people enjoy this drink, and since it helps lose weight, you will find many positive user reviews. However, $50 for a coffee drink is high for many people. And what makes things worse is some negative user reviews on the product in Amazon.

Some people claim that the product is expensive and it does not aid in losing weight. Besides, Javita products are not exclusive as customers can purchase them directly through Amazon. Therefore, you will not get the monopoly of customers as you may have wanted to.

What are the benefits?

  • weight maintenance
  • prevent overeating
  • increase metabolism

The company claims that weight loss is possible if you follow a healthy diet and exercise program, in addition to the coffee.

Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach

Simple to use

Just add a stick to 6-8 ounces of hot or cold water and enjoy. If you add sugar and cream, you will be adding more calories, so keep that in mind.

Since the product contains a lot of caffeine, you may have side effects like jitters, increased blood pressure and sleeplessness.

Can I make money with Javita MLM?

Yes, you can make money through product sales. You will make a profit as there is a huge difference between retail and wholesale prices. However, you won’t make any commission until you reach a customer volume of 301 and above.

There is money through recruitment too, and you should take advantage of it. Typically, if you rely on product sales, then you will make less money, but with a few active people in your team, you will increase your earning potential.

How to Join

There are two options for users who wish to join Javita’s MLM programs: these are the $99 package and the $599 package.

$99 Package

This is the entry-level package that enables you to associate members of the company. It has numerous sealed product sample packs

$599 Package

This package is a complete business package from Javita. You will receive numerous products which you can sell to friends, family and different customers. If you want to immerse yourself into this business opportunity fully, then the second package will be your best bet.

This is because you will buy products at a relatively lower price than the market value. Later on, you can sell them at the actual retailer price to earn handsome profits.

Compensation Plan

As usual, most MLM companies have complex compensation plans, which are usually written in complex language. For Javita, it’s no different, and you will find it hard to uncover every single idea on this plan. Besides, this company has a long and hard to understand business plan. But the good news is we have broken everything down for you:

The Retailer Bonus Plan

The retailer bonus is the simplest of the Javita MLM compensation plans. With the program, you are an independent distributor, and you purchase the products from the company at a discounted price. You then look for your prospective customers to sell the products at a higher price. The profit you’ll get from this trade is your earnings.

The Recruitment Bonus

The recruitment bonus is the most favorite among many MLM enthusiasts. It’s known to be quite lucrative, and once you build a long and active down line, then making profits will be much easier. There are also ranks in this program, and each higher rank enables you to unlock additional bonuses.

And besides, if you invest in your team well, then you’ll be able to earn residual income. Also, your effort and commitment matter less, provided your down lines are active, and you will benefit as well.

Loyalty Bonus

You will be awarded a loyalty bonus if the consumers you recruited are now purchasing products consistently from the company. Therefore, these customers will join the Javita programs to have their favorite products auto-shipped to them.

Pros and Cons of Joining this affiliate program


Weekly Payment- The good thing with this affiliate program is you don’t have to wait until the end month to receive your commission. Rather, you will be paid weekly via a payment option of your choice.

Multiple Bonus Options- As you build your down line, you will qualify for different bonuses, i.e., Team Development Infinity Bonus, BMW Car Bonus, and Team Commissions.

Good Return Policy- Javita offers a 30-day return policy for customers who’re not satisfied with the products.

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The criterion for receiving commissions is quite high, as you won’t get any commission on the first 300PCV. Therefore, if you make 400PCV sales in a month, you will receive a commission for only $100.


Javita MLM is suitable for those who are planning to work full time in the industry. Here, you must work hard to recruit your team and make them active to get the best commissions.

But when starting, prepare well, as it can be quite challenging, but when you establish yourself and develop a good team, then making good money will be easier.

In my opinion making money with MLM programs can be quite challenging. My recommendation would be affiliate marketing.

Easy to get started, little start-up costs and a lot of fun and you work from home, which can have a large advantage.

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  1. I enjoy drinking coffee. And I would like to enter this business. In several occasions I have been invited to join Javita Coffee but up till this point I hadn’t done my homework researching about this company. I like their products and their approach to the coffee business. But I really don’t like MLMs. I’ll check this affiliate marketing thing you mentioned at the end of your post. Thanks.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for the comments about Javita coffee. Check out my information about Affiliate Marketing. It’s fun to do and not trying to sell or recruit people. Good Luck Deanna

  2. Heloo over there, it will be out of place if I don’t don’t thank you enough for this beautiful and insightful review on javita coffee. Judging from this review, I would like to say that javita coffee MLM is really a nice one, with so many benefits attached to it but like you said it is more  suitable for those who are planning to work full time in the industry and also recruit downlines. Javita coffee is not a take for me, I prefer your recommendation that’s affiiliate Marketting. 

    • Hi, Sheddy Ovb, Glad you found the review of Javita coffee useful. I’m not a fan of trying recruit downlines. Just my personal preference. Thanks again, Deanna

  3. Hello Martin

    rreally appreciate you on your review on javita coffee, it’s really important to me your information on the review are so true. Have known their products for some time now, am a digital marketer aside the great rerurns I made from the sales of their compliments the product work perfectly for my clients as detailed about. 

    I will recommend anybody who wants a weight loss to buy javita it’s reliable 

    • Thanks petergeorge5666, Glad you appreciated my review of Javita coffee. Hope it was informative, Thanks, Deanna

  4. so thoughtful of you to share with everyone such an informative review of javita coffe multi-level marketing company… I really appreciate the time and effort shared in carrying out such an review about this company and sharing your findings with everyone your opinions will go a long way to decide on how to go about signing up with them…
    thanks for sharing…

    • Hi Evans, thank for your comments. Yes, it’s important to check out reviews before venturing into a business. They can make it very inviting, and not sharing the downside. Thanks again for your comments, Deanna


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