Beachbody Review

Beachbody Review

Today, everybody wants to have a beach body. Looking attractive in our birthday suits is a common desire. It comes off as no surprise that body fitness and health niche is booming right now.

There is nothing new that fitness companies sell- a dream of having a well-contoured body is their mission. Over the years, there are new technological advancements that fitness trainers have incorporated, but the fundamental principles of getting your body in shape have not changed.

Overview of team Beachbody

Today, all you need is to invent an enticing workout program, good dieting tips, and combine it with the digital market and watch as followers check-in. Beachbody, currently, is one of the renowned names in this fitness and health niche today.

It is more likely that you have heard about them or even watched some of their TV commercials. Their principal components involve a healthy lifestyle, weight-loss, and workout programs.

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Beachbody – Good Job Opportunity?

Besides promoting a healthy and rocking body, the goal of this company is to grow a business. The company provides tools, resources, and programs, creating a platform for fitness-minded entrepreneurs to generate income by promoting their products.

The marketers are known as coaches and market these products through channels. It sounds nice for MLM marketers, but is it legit midst accusations of being a pyramid scheme? Let’s dive straight into an MLM review on Team Beachbody.


History of Beachbody

Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler are the founders of this Team Beachbody- more than two decades ago. The company boasts several popular fitness- series programs, such as 21-Day Fix, Insanity, and P9OX.

It has progressively expanded, starting as video workout and dieting tutorials to nutritional supplements.

One top- seller nutritional supplement is the Shakeology, a protein shake in a few different flavors, used as a meal replacement. The shakes contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics.

Beachbody was launched in 2009. Today, the company has over 350,000 individual coaches who promote their products and provide consumer motivation.

Scam or Not?

Company Investigations

Unlike most MLM’s, Team Beachbody manages to stay clean in regard to pyramid schemes investigations. Despite some allegations from the public about the company’s operations, the company has not accrued any formal penalties. The main complaint is that most coaches do not make a profit.

In 2016, the company faced and settled a lawsuit for $3.6 million with the City of Santa Monica, which restricts it advertising benefits without scientifically proven evidence.

Besides, the company has also taken another hit about its coaches’ auto-renewal policy. The allegation claimed the company charged customers for canceling their subscriptions.

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Current Company’s Structure

Carl Daikeler still acts as CEO of the company. Their current coaches are about 350,000- a number that drastically dropped from 450,000 in 2016 due to their lawsuit. Nonetheless, the company makes about $1 billion in revenue every year.

Daikeler maintains and continues to improve and expand the company’s operations. Previously, DVD’s were the company’s best-seller, but today it is “Beachbody on Demand.” This is an online tutorial-video library that customers need to subscribe to.

Beachbody Products Lines

With the advancement in the digital market- Team Beachbody offers its services online on the company’s web page. The company provides nutritional offers and over 40 different workout programs.

Some of their most popular products include P90X, Turbo Jam, INSANITY, and Hip Hop Abs. The dietary programs offered focus on healthy dieting and not just meal replacements and supplements. Most popular nutritional programs are Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset.

Team Beachbody also offers company  physical products such as the popular Shakeology, snack-bars, and other supplements. Besides, they also sell accessories such as chin-up bars and resistance bands

Moreover, the company, in itself, markets product bundles such as their 21-day challenge, which includes diet plans, workout programs, and supplements. The company encourages customers to complete these challenges- and end up reaping big money off these sales.

Marketing Practices

During the early years, infomercials were the only marketing technique. With technology, the market today is more digitized. Although it still uses conventional advertising techniques, social media is their main marketing platform.

A coach should document his fitness journey on these platforms while marketing the company’s products. Customers want to see results, and this is where coaches fit in best.

The coaches who make big money have a massive following on their platforms. A vast following means a larger audience and increased sales.

Customers purchase the products on the company’s website, relieving coaches of the need to distribute them physically. Typically, you can make a lot of money or no money at all- as with most MLM’s.

How to Enroll in Beachbody as a Coach

Becoming a coach with this company is quite easy. You need to visit their web page and click the ‘enroll’ button. To sign up, you must pay a $39.95, after which you receive market-support tools and a guide to help you manage your practice.

You have to pay a $15.95 renewal fee after 30 days to renew your subscription. The company encourages new coaches to purchase the ‘Challenge Pack,’ but it’s not a must.

Compensation Plan

The company’s compensation plan is quite clear. A coach earns a 25% commission on retail sales such as nutritional products, i.e., Shakeology.

A coach receives a 40% commission on ‘Beachbody on Demand’ purchase and 35% on Challenge Packs. Apart from their commission sales, coaches also earn a special commission on sales made by other coaches that they recruit.

Depending on the sales volume and tier level, coaches can receive quarterly or weekly bonuses.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Social media is the best marketing platform as a Beachbody coach. Team Beachbody term their coaches as ‘walking billboards’ that market the benefits of the products to their customers.

Moreover, they capitalize on their significant social media presence to reach out to a broader audience and even recruit other coaches.

Comparison to Other MLM’s

In a digital world full of many MLM’s, Team Beachbody ranks among the top-earners with an average monthly earning of $300. However, about half of their coaches earn zero income. The company has an audience-limitation since it focuses only on fitness and health.

In conclusion, although Team Beachbody is new in the game, a coach can earn quite a high income as compared to other MLM companies.

Nonetheless, coaches won’t make money off mere hope or luck; they must live up to the fitness and healthy lifestyle they sell to woo more customers.

With startup guides and online marketing tools, Beachbody provides an excellent platform for fitness coaches. It is undoubtedly a nice and legitimate chance, but dedication and hard work are the rules of the game to become profitable in this or any other program.

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