How To Spot An Online Scam


How to Spot An Online  Scam.

If you are looking into working from home, you have to know how to tell If the program you are going to use is a scam or legitimate.

As online purchases continue to grow, so does affiliate marketing. But so does affiliate marketing scams.

You must have seen those ads for “Work from home, earn $500 a day”. “Be a stay at home Mom and earn money while watching your kids”. Well, welcome to the affiliate marketing world.

Understand affiliate marketing.

If you’re new to and not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s a way to earn money (commissions) promoting other people’s product. It can be a digital product from Clickbank or any product on Amazon. Also thousands of other companies offer affiliate programs through affiliate networks. Some of the most popular ones are,, Amazon, and

More and more people are becoming aware of the ability to earn money on line. Even though there are many reputable people selling programs, software and products, there is also the need to be cautious when looking to purchase a training program.

Unfortunately, many people have heard about making money from home but don’t have a clue.

So they start searching the internet for some help.

Finding the right program.

When you find a program that looks interesting make sure to check it out as thoroughly as possible before you pull out your credit card.

Do your due diligence on all programs that appeal to you. Google is your friend.  Look at reviews for that software and see how they are rated. Do they promise a “pie in the sky” income with very little work?

Be careful, there are many scams floating around. I know, I was a victim of one of them. And it cost me over $1,000. Plus no results. Just because the cost of purchase is high, does not mean it is better product, on the contrary usually those are the scams. Plus, they will continue to hound you for more purchases and more upsells.

Other signs to look for

If they ask for money upfront, that could be a scam. They might want you to wire money to them. Be very careful of that.

Some scams involve your computer. If they say they are from a computer software company and your computer needs repairs, just send a certain amount of money your computer will be fixed right away.

Don’t ever send money unless you know who you are sending the money to.

Poor Grammar. Phishing emails most of the time have very poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Plus, they are very long and make very little sence. They are trying to get your password and other personal information. Make sure that you delete those.

The good and the bad.

There is money and plenty of it to be made in affiliate marketing, but is does require a lot of work and determination. It’s not a get rich quick industry.  It’s not a overnight easy money system.

You have to work at it for quite a while.  Unfortunately, there are too many devious people that want you to part with your hard-earned money so there are all these pie-in-the-sky, just a click of a button programs to entice you to part with your hard earned money. The promoters of these programs are the only ones getting rich, not in a suitcase

If you want to check out some good programs go here and read this review. It’s a reliable product and not a scam.  Also check out some of the not-recommended posts.

Only the best.

The best program I have found is Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for a while now and I think it is the best there is.

The Best Place To Learn

They don’t promise you the fancy cars, mansions with swimming pools or any of that. They offer a no-nonsense training with a very large community of helpful members ( over 2 MILLION)  willing to give you much needed advice whenever you ask. Plus the best part is you can join for free. They will help you build your own website and no credit card is required. Check it out here.


Please take a minute and read my review and decide for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly  surprised.

Tec savvy.

If you are like me, with very little technical skills, it will get very frustration. But I have been doing this for a couple of years and have found a lot of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in what I have achieved. I’m sure you will too, if you take that first step.

There are many scams in this industry, but there are many good programs too. With thousands or maybe millions of products to promote and more and more people shopping online, it’s a good time to get on the bandwagon. Especially with the virus, the internet has become everyone’s friend.

If this article was interesting please feel free to leave a comment  or question below. I would appreciate it.

Thank-you, Deanna



7 thoughts on “How To Spot An Online Scam”

  1. Your page is concise and to the point. I am researching online business ideas. You gave me a lot to think about with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s nice to have a site that isn’t promising millions of dollars your first year.

    I will definitely be back again to check out the benefits.

  2. Hi there Deanna,

    You can tell an online program is a scam if they

    1) Keep pestering you to upgrade to more expensive packages.
    2) Sell you the dream, but show you nothing practical.
    3) Have a lot of negative reviews online.

    I would avoid this type of programs no matter how tempting they look because you’ll end up loosing more money than you make, if you make any at all.

    • Hi Cathy, How true. Also pictures and videos of fancy houses, cars and boats, with nothing substantial to back the program up. Thanks for the comments, Deanna

  3. Well I certainly wished I’d come across an article like this many years ago – would of saved me a pretty dollar here and there (that’s for sure!). Unfortunately scams are developing by the day and getting better and better. They also work and work well – if they didn’t…they wouldn’t exist would they?

    • Hi Chris, Thank you for your comments. Yes, some scams might work, but on the whole most are just trying to get your money. Deanna

  4. Hello Deanna,

    Your article was very helpful reading. I know I’m not the only one who will benefit from this article but rather all who are really interested in making some income online.

    I agree with you, that any offer that tells you that you can become rich quick without doing any hard work at all is questionable, it could be one of the scams. I also fell into the same scams online, a website that asked me to just post their links, bring traffic and then get paid. I was fooled and at the end, I wasted all me time and energy for nothing.

    I was actually searching for ways I can avoid scams when I came across your website, and I’m so happy to read this valuable information. Now I know that I need to always do some thorough research before buying any products or signing up for any bring traffic program.


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