5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer in 2021



So, You heard about affiliate marketing. It sounded very interesting, so, now you want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer in 2021.

In this review I’ll show the 5 tips to help make that happen.

First of all, what is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, it’s a way to start your own business online.

But, without the many headaches of a brick and mortar business.

These are the steps to get started.

You will need a website or blog, which is very easy to build. No code needed.

Step 1. Sign up with an affiliate network. (I will explain in more detail later).

Step 2. Get your affiliate links,

Step 3. Promote them,

Step 4. Write a lot of articles pertaining to this niche.

Step 5. Earn commission.

Let me explain in better detail. First you build a website around a niche (topic) that you have an interest or passion for.

The 3 most popular niches are:

  1. Health (exercise, diet, supplements, cures for problems)
  2. Wealth (make money, banking , investing)
  3. Relationships Finding someone, winning someone back, long distance romance)

There are many niches to look at that might interest you. But, it’s best to pick one that you are very passionate about and will be able to write many articles about.

An affiliate marketer recommends or promotes other peoples products and  you don’t  need any inventory, thanks to the internet.

You write articles recommending these products and if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys that product, you will earn a commission. The product can be from Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’ s, Walmart, there are hundreds of companies that use affiliate marketers to help promote their products.

Just make sure you go into a niche that interest you and you are familiar with, because you will be writing many articles about that product and related products.

Set up a website or blog

Much easier than you think.

Check this out. Click here.

Create content

This is a little harder task, as you will be writing many articles about different products in your niche or in related niches. Just to get honest here, this to me the hardest part of this whole journey.

Writing interesting articles can get difficult and tiresome, since usually, in order to get noticed in the more popular niches like MMO (make money online) you will need over 100 articles and reviews. Your reviews should be at least 1,000 to 3000 words or even more. So, it can get hard to do on a continuing pace. Which is what is needed.

And, you must continue to write articles.

After, you have conquered the writing of articles. and feel like you know what constitutes  good writing,  you can hire writers to write for you, so you can work on other parts of your business. But, don’t do that in the beginning,  learn to become a good writer yourself first, before you think about getting someone to write for you. There is a lot of training on this subject online, when the time comes. Finding good writers is not the easiest task, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Email Marketing

Make sure you have an email marketing system set up in your website, that helps to bring clients in to your site. Called traffic. We all need traffic. It’s the lifeblood of our business.


Also, this is very important., watch out for scams. They are a dime a dozen and you don’t want to fall for them. If they say it’s too good to be true, it usually is. So Beware!

Hard Work

This kind of work takes a lot of decipiline, it’s not a get-rich-quick system. That’s why many people do not succeed in affiliate marketing. You have to be self-motivated and dedicated to working at this for the long haul. You will make mistakes along the way, but that is how you learn, Find a mentor that can guide you along the way. Or find a program that can teach you what to do and when to do it. There are a lot of good programs out there, find one that will fit with you. That you can work with.

Success on line

What is the hardest thing you need to do to succeed online?

Are you afraid of failure?

Do you have poor technical skills?

Have you been debunked by all the scams online?

Do you keep hoping the next one is the real one?

If you are looking for a quick way to get started, check this program out. This is a program I just found and it’s super simple to get started. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to work from home? No commute, no childcare, being your own boss.

You can work your own hours and your own schedule. Plus, no boss. You have to be your own boss and be self motivated.

Well, there are not any get-rich-quick, pie in the sky programs that will help you, You will have to put in the work and follow a reliable honest program in order to see a chance to make a good living on line. But, it can be done.

Affiliate marketing is work and a lot of it. But, it’s also a lot of fun and sense of accomplishment.

But, building any business is work, I know I’ve been there. You have to put in the sweat equity in order to be successful. It doesn’t just happen.

So, find a program that will help train you and help you along through the tough times and you will see success.

One of the best programs out there is Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out, you can join for free and see it is a good fit for you. No credit card needed.

This program is outstanding and trust me, I have checked out a lot of them. See for yourself. I think this is the best there is.

You can sign up for the starter program and there is no charge for as long as you want. Or you can upgrade to the Premium program and get all the training available.

This program is the best available, so check it out now. You will be glad you did. Both of these programs are great, one is a short version of affiliate marketing and the other is the in-depth model. Both are excellent. Let me know which one you like best, thanks, Deanna.

Wealthy Affiliate starter program.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you Deanna


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