Chris Farrell Membership- Can You Benefit From It?


Are you looking to make a living on line? Many people are wanting to and many people have failed. Where and how do you go to get started and also be successful?

Chris Farrell Membership is a program to help you get started.

There are so many scams in this field you have to be very careful and research every program you are interested in.

Here is my latest review of another affiliate program, one offered by Chris Farrell.

PRODUCT: Chris Farrell Membership

Overall Ranking: 80 out of 100

Price: Starting price is $4.95 for first week $37.00 per month after that.

Owners: Chris Farrell



 A good program for beginners. It has daily videos to get you started on how to start a website, how to get hosting and how to set up an auto-responder, which most auto-responder sites will teach you.

The program consists of 2 courses:

  1. 10 Minutes to Success
  2.  Traffic

Each course has 32 videos presentations that run about 10 minutes each. Very easy to understand and follow. Very helpful for someone that is totally in the dark about affiliate marketing.

This is the best of Chris Farrell’s training.

Quick Start

A few short videos

1. Where to find support

2. How to navigate the training

3. An overview

4. Technique to maximize your training.

10 Minutes to success

  1. Learn how to understand how to earn money on line.
  2. How to build a website from the ground up
  3. How to develop a functional online business.

This program includes 32 videos and each is about 10 minutes long.

Lessons 1-5

  1. Your roadmap online, 3 steps about affiliate marketing
  2. Finding a profitable niche.
  3. Build a profitable email list of interested people
  4. How to promote related products to sell.

Lesson 2. What you can hope to achieve? It comes down to successfully building a list of targeted leads.

Lesson 3 How to make life simple.

A one-page website.

Lesson 4 what tools you will need.

Lesson 5 How to find a profitable niche. Learn what a niche is and how to find a profitable one.

Lessons 6-10

Lesson 6. Recapping what was covered in the first 5 videos.

Lesson 7 List Building, How to build an email list and how that can help you earn money online.

Lesson 8 Three things you will need to build your list. This video is an introduction about email marketing.

A. Webpage builder

B. Auto responder

C. Free gift

Lesson 9 One page website or Landing page. An introduction of how your landing page should look and all the tools needed to creat a landing page.

Lesson 10 An important point. Chris explains when you are more advanced you can incorporate additional methods to help build your business. But, learn the basic first.

Videos 11-15

Lesson 11  Getting lead pages, How to sign up for a landing page building tool called Lead pages.

Lesson 12 This video explains lead pages platform.

Lesson 13 Free gift or not. Whether or not to use a lead magnet.

Lesson 14  How to create  a free gift and why people will sign up for your free gift and ideas on how to create a free gift.

Lesson 15  Learn what happens when someone signs up for your gift.

Lesson 16 What the 2 elements of a good landing page are.

Lesson 17 A review of what was covered so far.

Lesson 18 Aweber the auto responder and how to creat your first list.

Lesson 19 Confirmation email.

Lesson 20 Aweber and lead pages. Teaches you how to set up both pages. What you will need to be successful.

Videos 21-25

Lesson 21 How to add free gift to lead page.

Lesson 22 Choosing a landing page template.

Lesson 23 How to customize your landing page.

Lesson 24 Customize your opt-in page.

Lesson 25  Publish your landing page.

Videos 26- 30

Lesson 26  How to create and add a thank-you page.

Lesson 27 How to select profitable products to promote.

Lesson 28 How to create an email campaign.

Lesson 29  How to use Aweber with a message.

Lesson 30 Test and test some more

Lesson 31 How to generate traffic.

Lesson 32 What’s next?

Link to join membership

This next section is a more in depth section about all that you have learned in all the previous videos.


If you want a successful business and who doesn’t, you definitely need traffic. It is the lifeblood of any successful business on or offline.

There are 2 types of traffic Free or paid.

Chris’s course has 35 videos about traffic.

Fortunately you don’t need to study all of them, just pick which few types of traffic you want to focus on and you can be successful.

Free methods

  1. Blogging
  2.  Podcasts
  3.  Facebook
  4.  Quora
  5.  Web TV shows
  6.  Contributor
  7.  You Tube

Paid Methods


Facebook ads

Paid content

Instagram Ads

You tube vides ads


A very easy way to get started.

Easy to follow videos with step by step instructions.

Templates to help you build a website with instructions.

Not too costly to get started with the basic course.


Many extras charges not included in the start up cost.

No free trial to see if it’s what will work for you.

Not a real community based program.

Always asking for an upsell to Mentor  Me. $997.00



It is definitely for the newbie without any experience in affiliate marketing.

If you are more experienced, it might not be advanced enough for you.


There are videos and blueprint to take you step by step to get a website up and running.

Teaches you how to create an e book.

Teaches WordPress.

Teaches you how to create your own products to sell.

Also copywriting help.


The site does offer a forum, but it is not always current.

Not able to contact owner directly, although there is a phone number, it’s usually just contains a prerecorded message.

FINAL OPINION/VERDICT: It’s not a scam like so many others in this field.

But it would not be my first choice. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, it is the total package whether you are a newbie or just need some fine tuning of work you have already achieved.

Wealthy Affiliate has a large based community of like minded individuals who will to give you help if you get stuck or have a question. Kyle and Carson the co founders are always available to help, if you need it.  You can see my Wealthy Affiliate Review here…

If you have a question or a comment, please feel free to leave it below and I will get back to you soon. Thank you.


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