What Is The Easiest System Ever By Devon Brown

What Is The Easiest System Ever by Devon Brown

Today, I am going to give you my thoughts on what the Easiest System Ever is all about. Here’s what you need to know.

First of all, it is not a scam. In a world where every other training is a scam or very low-quality training, it’s good to know this is not in that category. 

 From my research, this system is used by many successful marketers.

What Is The Easiest System Ever is a done-for-you funnel promoting the Easiest System Ever and other products.

Before this training was released under this title, it was called The 12 Minute Affiliate Program. But it was probably changed because people assumed you could make money in 12 minutes.

But, it simply means you can set the system up in 12 minutes.

In this review, you are shown how simple everything is and how easy it is to set everything up.chart of WA

And you are even told how he cracks the code for affiliate marketing.

Also, you will be shown income images of his students as well as videos from his students.


Table of contents

  1. Easiest system ever Review
  2. Done for you pages
  3. Buying solo ads
  4. How to improve the training.


O.K. Let’s get started.

First, we will be looking at the sales page.

This is a webinar where Devon Brown guides you through the entire program and process. of building your own digital marketing business.

The training teaches you how to get leads on the internet to help you build your email list and promote offers in return for commissions.

This program shows you how everything works and then you can join through a trial offer.

This training is available through Clickbank and you can check it out there.

It gives you lead capture pages or squeeze pages, followed by bridge pages where you then promote affiliate offers on Clickbank through these funnels.

This is a very common marketing technique. 

Also, you can promote other offers by customizing the funnel. 

This training also has a Facebook group with webinars and training where you can share information.

This training is about getting leads on the internet, helping to build your email list and promoting offers to get commissions. This training is sold on Clickbank. Which I’m sure you have heard of or even used in your journey to build a business online.

Who is Devon Brown?

He is a public speaker, Internet Entrepreneur, and creator of the Easiest System ever.

He has been a public speaker for Clickfunnels among many other speaking engagements.

This training was called The 12 Minute Affiliate System. But due to the fact that it gave the impression of making money in 12 minutes rather than setting the system up for business in 12 minutes, its name changed. 

This training is about getting leads on the internet, helping to build your email list and promoting offers to get commissions. This training is sold on Clickbank. Which I’m sure you have heard of or even used in your journey to build a business online.


 What the system does is give you leads, capture pages followed by bridge pages. Then you promote affiliate offers with these funnels.

You can also promote other affiliate offers if you want.

This training has a good community and Facebook group where people are engaging in helping one another and posting their results.

Done for you pages

The Easiest System Ever provides “done for you” pages. This is where you will drive traffic using the resources in the back office.

When potential clients enter their email, that’s where they will become part of your email list. 

Then they are redirected to a bridge page, which will then lead them to a sales page about your offer. 

That bridge page could also be called a presell page.

You can choose to go through the bridge pages or go to the affiliate offer sales page directly.

Buying Solo ads is the main traffic approach with the Easiest System Ever. So, it’s not really an affiliate marketing program, but more a done for you program.

Final Thoughts

Really, there is not any real training here. Everything is prepared for you,  like websites, landing pages, funnels and templates. 

So, you won’t really be starting a business, just copying their business model and training.

Unfortunately, instant traffic does not exist.

You still have to go through the process of content optimization and create engaging, useful content that will lead to eventually sales.

Rather than following the done for you training and seeing very little success, why don’t you check out my favorite honest to goodness legit training called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join for free. No credit card needed!

There are over 2 million members, so they must be doing something right.

You can sign up for free and test drive it and see if it is a good fit for you. Here is the link. You will taken  by the hand to help you get a real honest business set up. One that you can be earning money for years to come for you and your family.

So test drive Wealthy Affiliate and see what you think. I am sure you will not be disappointed in the training. Over 2 million members can’t be wrong.

This training will take you from A to Z in affiliate marketing training. Check it out now!


Thanks for reading my review and I will see you on the inside of WA and thanks, Deanna  Please leave a comment.



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