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In this article, I an going to explain just what Viglink is.

Review: Viglink or Sovrn (new Name)

Product type: A in-text advertisig affiliate network

Owner: Oliver Group

Years in business: Founded in March 2009


This is a free tool to help bloggers make more money from their content. Here’s how it works. You sign up for Viglinks and links are placed automatically on your blog or website. Where deemed necessary.

Viglinks takes a small commission off the top for doing this, but the benefits far outweight the cons. Instead of manually setting up each individual link, Viglink does in for you in mass.

So, you receive so much more exposure to different sites. Up to 70,000 merchants, plus they can negotiate better affiliate commissions because the volume there is.

How to get approved?

First you must have a quality site, plenty of good quality content, no offensive content and audiences within their location, that are not outside their coverage.

Product Effectiveness

This program can results in many more links with less time and effort. Instead of adding individual links to each article, Viglinks will add them everywhere needed. This saves you precious time and Viglinks make sure you are in all the necessary places. Something that would be very labor intense for you to do inividually. So  I thinks this program is very effective.

Product Benefits

Not only will you get exposure to many more links than you can find yourself, you will also be getting your customer the best prices available. So,it’s a win, win all around.

  • SEO friendly
  • Good way to earn extra money
  • Easy set-up
  • Prompt payments
  • In line with AdSense
  • More money than text ads
  • Can be used with multiple platforms
  • You still have control

Viglinks is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog content using pay-per-sale feature.

Product Support

Very simple to set up, all the work is done for you.

You don’t have to apply to each affiliate network individually.  Nor do you have to manage them yourself. This is all done for you by Viglink. Imagine the time and energy saved , plus all commissions are grouped together and you get paid more frequently. It will convert all your non affiliate links to money-making links wherever needed.


They will convert all your non affiliate links to money-making links wherever tthey can. Also, possible hyperlinks will be added to keywords.

Adblockers, The one drawback is, if readers have this on their site, your links might not show up.

Cost : Free

Conclusion: Is Viglink a scam? Definitely not. In the world of affiliate marketing  and blogging, it is one of the most trusted there is.

How many man hours will you save by not having to put every link in manually?

Plus, they get the best price for every product possible for your clients, which is great for both you and your client. Your client will appriciate you and will be willing to purchase from you again. .

Side note: Viglink is now owned by Sovn. You will see the new name when you sign up. It’s still the same service to affiliate marketers and bloggers. Thank you’

Recommend: Yes

How to sign up for viglinks:

1. Go to

2. Enter email address

3. Check for Viglinks email, in your inbox

4. Click on the confirmation link.

5. Set up your account with your contact info and password.

6. Confirm your campagin, what catagory and what MS you are using.and you are done.


Viglinks has 3 main tools:

  1. Viglink Convert
  2. Viglink Insert
  3. Viglink anywhere

Viglink convert will automatically convert non-afiliate links to affiliat link to increase profits for you. They will only convert links that have the Plus, they won’t tamper with existing links that you have already set up on your site.

Viglinks Insert: This tool will scan your site looking for keywords that have the potential to be profitiable.

Viglinks Anywhere: This can be used to make money on social media and emails. This tool creates custom merchant links so you can promote anywhere, Facebook, Twitter etc. and email lists.

Want to learn more? Watch this video:

This video will explain how these tools work.


So, that is my review of Viglink. Hope it was helpful and I would appreciate a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible. If you want more information on how to start an online business, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. Thanks,  Deanna


6 thoughts on “VigLink – Monetize Your Blog The Easy Way”

  1. This Viglink monetize your blog seems very useful to get more exposure; but to be honest I have never heard about it and its capability so far. If this product can assists you so easily to use and it can be done on any pages and would never tamper all existing links,so,I guess it would be a great chance and it is worthy to give it a try to see if actually can monetize through this program or not. Any way, I appreciate your review and I hope you keep us up to date. Thank you

    • Hi, Shirian, thank you for the comments, Viglinks has been around for quite a white. I wasn’t too such what it entailed until I started to research it for a review. But definitely going to use it on my other websites. Working on Super Affiliate Challenge now, so Viglinks would not be necessary on this site, Thanks again, Deanna 

  2. I thought adding too many links could be damaging to your site. Does VigLink make sure to not overload posts with links? 

    The idea is certainly cool. All the best deals get linked for the customers. Have you tried using it on your site? Was there a big difference between before and after?

    • Hi Nicole, I have heard of Viglinks, but never tried it. I agree with you about too many links, but Viglinks must have the right formula, receives lots of good comments from others. Not using it right as I’m doing Wealthy Affiliate Challenge and don’t need the links, but will be using it in the future. Thanks so much for the comments, Deanna

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for the recommendation.

    This tool looks good in theory and it’s something I would give a try and if it works even better than Adsense would be worth it because I don’t like how websites looked when they are overloaded of Adsense. My only concern is what percentage they take out of your commission?

    • Thanks for commenting Christopher, Viglinks takes 25 % commission off the top. Seems like a lot, but when you take into consideration that they are connecting you to many more possible sales, I think it’s well worth it, Thanks Deanna 


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