The Tupperware Brand

A review of Tupperware, the company, the brand and the products.

Name: Tupperware

Founded: 1948 by Earl Tupper

Many of us grew up eating food that was stored in Tupperware plastic containers. The Tupperware company was established in 1948 by Earl Silas Tupper 72 years ago, and has been offering nothing to its loyal clients other than quality plastic food storage containers for all that time.

Sold in stores

Tupperware is a very high quality product that has been around for a long time. They are definitely an industry leader in kitchen and related kitchen products.

When Tupperware first came on the market, it was sold in stores. But, after a woman told Earl Tupper that she ws selling it at house parties and doing very well, a whole new concept materialized.

So in 1951 Tupperware was taken out of stores and sold exclusively thru house parties and in work settings .

MLM Company

Tupperware became a MLM company, so if you signed up you were basically being your own boss. The drawback was you had to buy your own products to sell.

After the war, as people moved to the suburbs, with nice yards, many cook-out and barbecues were popular, and Tupperware fit right in.

Also, so many housewives were able to pursue a career selling Tupperware with all the flexibility it offered,  at afternoon and evening parties. Creating much-needed income for the family. So, if you are looking for a flexible job opportunity, Tupper consultant might be something to look at.

But, be aware that 99% of consultants fail. So definitely look at the pros and cons before you sign on the dotted line.

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What is Tupperware?

Tupperware is one of the oldest network marketing companies in the world, having been founded in 1948.

They have specialize in food storage containers and have branched out from there.

Tupperware is not cheap. But it’s suppose to last a lifetime. Many people are willing to pay more for a better quality product that does not have to be replaced frequently.

Even though the products are more expensive than the plastic containers you can pick up elsewhere, you will still have to sell a lot to make a living with this company.

Getting started with Tupperware

When you join the program you need to purchase a started kit. That will cost from $79.99 to $119.00. It will all depend on which kit to decide on purchasing.

starter kit tupperware

After you purchase the started kit, you are all set to start selling.

You don’t need to invest in a large inventory to show potential customers. You can just share a catalog to interested people and they can chose what items they want.  You then order for them and then deliver the products when you receive them.

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Another aspect of Tupperware is recruiting new members into the company.  Like any network marketing company

(which Tupperware is) that is where the money is. You will need to recruit many people in order to make a decent living.

Yes, you can make money with Tupperware, but what are your chances?

First, you must be very persistent and have a tough skin. Many people you approach will refuse to join as a consultant. So get used to rejection.

Also, since Tupperware has been around for so long, I think the market is quite saturated. But, that’s just my opinion.

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3. History of excellence

With over 80 years’ experience, Tupperware have almost assumed authority in the food containers segment of the plastic ware industry.

tupperware products

Here is 3 different sets that are safe for the microwave. Helps you save time in the kitchen.

upperware products


They come in three sizes to satisfy a variety of storage needs

Highly spacious – the larger bowl in the set holds 12 cups


Tupperware Airtight Food Storage Container

If you run a business that requires large plastic storage containers, or if your household is big, you might want to buy this gigantic storage set. You can choose from three sizes: size 4, size 6, and size 8. Containers in all sets have a capacity of unbelievable 50 cups. The turquoise color scheme is beautiful to look at. This is a food container I would easily recommend to a cake seller or anyone in need of spacious bowls for their needs.


These are plastic food containers I would recommend to anyone who is not used to Tupperware plastic containers and doesn’t have large storage needs. Their stack able design helps you organize your freezer easily. They can withstand very cold temperatures to ensure fast and smooth freezing of even the most fragile foodstuffs you may have. They also ensure that your food thaws with their original flavor.tupperware bowls



3 sizes (1 pieces 1 LT, 2 pieces 1.1 LT, 2 pieces 400ML

Multiple lid color


Stackable design


Superior seals lock in the flavor and nutrients

Offers tough protection for delicate foods such as grapes

Keeps your food fresh for longer




Tupperware -Join or Not

Let’s just start out with saying, Tupperware is not a pyramid scheme, but is it worth it to join.

Most people that get involved do not make very much money in this environment. You must be a certain type of individual to be in sales like Tupperware. Very outgoing with a strong personality and not bothered by rejection.

There is only 1% of consultants that are earning big money with this product.

You have to be very determined to making sales and not deterred when you get a no.

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I hope I was helpful in giving you some insight into Tupperware and thanks for reading. Please leave any comments below, I will answer as soon as possible, thanks again, Deanna






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