Cutco Knive Review

Cutco Knife Review

This review will explain about Cutco knife company and if it is a good company to help you make some extra money on the side.cutco knives in block

Cutco knives are a United States-based knife company that was formerly known as Alcas. Cutco Corporation is made up of Cutco knives, Vector Marketing, Ka-bar knives, and a few other companies.

Cutco is a privately owned company based in New York. Cutco knives are well known for the high quality of knives they produce for their consumers. Cutco knives provide a variety of knives, constituting of kitchen knives, pocket knives, machetes, tomahawks, folders and many other kinds of blades.

Cutco knives are popular knives that are used by professional chefs. Apart from their well-sharpened cutting edges, the Cutco knives have some unique properties attached to them. They include:


Although the Cutco knives are made to be very durable, damages can occur. Cutco knives are known to come with very comprehensive and extensive warranties. In case of damage, Cutco will be happy to replace the products or repair the damaged parts. This makes Cutco knives a good investment, thus the high prices.

The cutting Edge Technology

Cutco knives have blades that are specially honed in a way that they stay sharp for an extended period. Therefore that means that the knives can stay for a long time without being sharpened, thus preventing the blade from wearing out due to becoming too thin.

In case the blades become blunt, the owners don’t have to sharpen the knives themselves; all they have to do is send them back for sharpening.

Different Designs

Cutco knives have a wide range of designs to meet the intended use. They come in unique and highly appealing styles that make them very attractive and easy to use due to their matching handles that adds style to any home.

Cutco knives sell their products through direct sales to the buyer or through a multi-level marketing system. Cutco knives through Vector marketing do not sell their knives directly to the retailers; instead, they employ sales representatives who sell the knives for them and are paid depending on the sales they make.

The sales representatives have different experiences and challenges they encounter when it comes to selling knives. This leads us to the pros and cons of selling knives.

Pros and Cons of Selling Cutco Knives


1. Part-time job

Selling knives is a part-time job that has no restricted working hours. Selling Cutco knives enables you to choose your working schedule, meaning you have an advantage of hour flexibility.

You can decide when to sell and when not to promote the products. This also allows the sales representatives time to work on other activities such as having another job, or if you are a college student, you can organize your study time and business time with no interference. So, this is something you can do with a flexible schedule.

2. Training

The Cutco knives offers a free training session through Vector marketing to its sales representatives. During the training periods, the representatives are trained on how to sell the knives and how the business actually runs.

During the training session, the trainees are trained through manuals and presentations on how to sell the products easily, target market, and also some great sales tactics that they can use to maximize their daily sales.

3. Great working experience

Working with Cutco knives enables one to experience what the job market is like and what to expect in your future employment ventures. Well, Cutco knives sales representatives are taught professionalism and a range of customer service skills that are among the most looked for skills by employers in the job market.

This also acts as a good opportunity for the sales representatives, mostly the college students, to branch into sales and actually make sales and marketing a career to pursue. Also realizing how hard it is to cold-call and sell a product.

4. Provides a good working environment

Cutco has a good working environment with good employees relation making the work fun and comfortable to work in. The management also never fails since they give the sales representatives the confidence they need to continue pursuing their work. They ensure an energetic working environment full of positivity.

5. Enables good networking

Through working in Cutco knives, you are able to have a good network and connections with your customers. This helps you to build good relationships with the customers you encounter and any other person you meet while working.

Cons of selling knives

Just as the saying goes, everything that has a good side has a bad side, Cutco knives is not an exception since it has its own cons. They include:

1. Commission based payment: This is the main disadvantage of selling knives. The payment is based on commissions. Meaning that the number of knives sold and the price determines what your payment will be.

The more you sell, the more you get paid, and consequently the fewer knives you sell, the smaller your pay. Therefore, for one to earn more, you have to put in an extra effort to increase your sales so as to be paid more.

2. No compensation on travel time and travel expenses: A customer may call you from quite a distance to see your products.

This means that you have to travel over a given distance, thus using your time and money to handle the transportation costs. Unfortunately, since the pay is commission-based, there is no pay for the time used and no compensation for the travel costs incurred.

3. Highly fluctuating sales: Most people opt to sharpen their knives rather than buying new knives, especially for the sales representatives who don’t have a good network of connections with frequent customers.

This makes selling knives a very challenging work to do since the sale is not constant daily. Selling knives is better off as a part-time job than a full-time job.

4. Makes you exploit your family and friends relationships: Since you will be looking for customers, you might be pushed to constantly want to sell and be persistent in your relationships. In order for you to move up in the company, the first sellers you would want to sell to are your close contacts.

On a final note.

My son sold Cucto knives when he was in college for some extra money. Some members of my family and myself bought sets of the Cucto knives and they are still excellent and still sharp.  To this day. And that has to be 20 years ago. So, they are definitely a high quality product and you will be very happy with a set.

So, check them out and decide for yourself if they are worth the investment and they definitely make a great wedding gift.

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Deanna

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  1. We’ve been using the same Cutco knives for about  7-8 years now. It’s actually amazing how they last so long. What I really like about them are the ergonomics. It just seems to fit naturally in my hand. I regularly sharpen them and it’s getting close to the tapered edge. I wonder if I could keep sharpening and still use it after it’s past the edge?


    • Hi Sonny,Thank you for your comments. I am sure the company will sharpen them for you. Like you I have had my knives for quite a while. Just don’t know if it is an easy trip to New York. Thanks again Sonny, Deanna   

  2. Hello Deanna, thanks for sharing such an amazing post. Selling knives online is really cool knowing that the product you will be selling is of great quality and people wouldn’t need to start asking questions before purchasing it. Actually, I haven’t made use of cucto knives and from your description of how durable this knife is, I feel jealous and should order for mine too. Cheers.

    • Hi Benson, Thanks for your great comments. Yes, these knives are top quality . I have owned  mine over 20 years and they are still a go to when I need a shape knife to help with my food preparation. What I like also, is that the company provides incentive for someone to earn extra income, thanks again, Deanna  


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