Are You Retired And Need Extra Money?

Unfortunately, many people have been put in the position of getting older and not having enough money to live on.

Are you retired and need extra money?

Many of us lost our retirement income due to many unexpected turn of events. The company we worked for closed, downsized, or moved out of the country, like Carrier Air Conditioners, Ford Motors also, moving to Mexico.

If you have been unlucky like many others of us, you have to find a way to supplement your social security. Are you able to go out and do physical work? Many of you are, but the vast majority of the seniors I know are not able to do that.

So what’s the answer?

So what can you do? Are you computer savvy? I don’t mean be a computer geek, just have a basic knowledge of the ins and outs of using a computer. You can learn that at any library or senior community center and if you are reading this, you are partway there. You know your way around a computer.pyramid of affiliate marketing


Then you have the tools to get involved in internet marketing or affiliate marketing. It’s not hard, but it does take work and time before you see results. But, be careful of the scams where you are promised boatloads of money with just the push of a button.

If you have researched affiliate marketing at all, I’m sure you have been inundated with all the get rich quick schemes, With the click of a button, you can make thousands, if only it were rueUnfortunately, there are so many get-rich-quick- schemes out there, it can get very discouraging when trying to  find a good honest business model to follow.

But, as “they” say, anything worth having is worth working for. The only ones getting rich in those programs are the marketer who designed these scam programs.

Check out some of my reviews. Stay away from that type of program. What I’m recommending is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, but a tried and true way to build an online business for yourself, making a good income.

This  is a reliable training program geared to take you from start to success, granted it will be a lot of work, no gilding the lily, but it is a tried and true training course and it’s affordable. Maybe, that’s why over 2 MILLION people are members and have been for many years.

It does take hard work and determination to succeed, but it’s well worth the effort. And, there is definitely learning curve. Not, just a push of a button.

But, you can do it from anywhere, at home, on vacation, while watching the grandchildren, well you get the idea.

Working or having fun.

In the beginning it takes some time to get up and running, but it will be well worth it. You will be building a business for yourself to help supplement your income as it is now and for many years to come.

It’s not a Ponzi scheme or anything like that. There are so many scams on the internet that people are afraid to try anything, but you just have to see, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you can purchase it for $7.00, and the upsell is $27.00 and the next upsell is $97.00, watch out, it is most likely a scam.

Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and true educational training that works. With over 2 MILLION members, it must be doing something right.

You build a website, write articles about products that you know about and direct people to a site, (like Amazon) where they can purchase that item and you receive a commission for that. That is oversimplifying things a little, but that is basically how it works.

Technical Stuff 

So lets get started, where do we begin?

First you need a website. Very easy to do with Wealthy Affiliate. Check this out.

This is just one of the perks of the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many ways to increase your bottom line thru Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus the best part , there is no cost , no credit card to sign up. Just read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you will be glad you did.

The training is above par and the community is like nothing else.

Please take the time to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and you will understand what I mean.

Don’t just fret and complain about not having enough money to live on, just decide that you are going to fix that problem, like I did.

You will be glad you took that first step. Before long you can be enjoying some supplemental income to ease the financial burden for you and your family. Think how great that would be.

If you have any questions, please contact me below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you, Deannawa logo

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