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What is Jarvee?

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I will explain it all in this Jarvee review.

First of all, it is a tool to help you handle your social media accounts and to grow them.

PRODUCT NAME: Jarvee (Click here to join)

PRICE: $19.95 – $49.95 or $69.95

Who is it for: Bloggers and internet Marketers, to grow their social media accounts.

Recommended: Yes

Rating: 95/100

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: It’s computer software which will help grow your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by preforming bot action.

What Jarvee does.

1. Post scheduling on social media accounts

2. Automate bot action on all social media accounts.


Bot action is customizable such as auto follow/ unfollow. Like a comment, plus auto direct message. Jarvee provides user with the ability to specify targeted groups to preform the automated action to ensure the highest follow-back ratio.
It’s able to customize the speed of bot action similar to a human, so you don’t get banned by Instagram.

Cost is fair.

Users can have all the needed social media accounts covered by Jarvee.



  • Only available on Windows OS
  • Computer needs to run constantly to operate Jarvee
  • If you only have Mac books installing Windows Virtual Machine to access Jarvee.
  • Jarvee will still work if your computer is in sleep mode.


There are a number of social media growth services available to purchase.

So, I will be comparing 3 other popular ones with Jarvee. Morfix, Boomul, Your Charisma and Alpha Ready.

picture of Jarvee


Cost is very important.

  1. Jarvee starts at $19.95 month
  2. Marfix starts at $37.00 a month
  3. Alpha Ready starts at $100.00 a month
  4. Boomul starts at $49.99
  5. Your Charisma starts at $65.00 a month.

What makes Jarvee the best? Jarvee is an all in one software which can be used for multiple social platforms all at 1 low cost.price chart for Jarvee


Most other companies charge multiple fees for each individual account.

Plus, you can join their affiliate without being a customer of Jarvee. (As of right now, they are not accepting new affiliates)

You don’t need to be an active member to promote their affiliate.

Jarvee focuses on the social media part of their business and not their affiliate portion.

Many companies focus too much on their affiliate programs. Too much like a MLM program, which I am not a fan of.

With Jarvee you don’t need to sign up for a membership to become an affiliate.

Personally, I think Jarvee is the best bang for your buck and I highly recommend it to grow your social accounts.

Besides being a better price, Jarvee allows the user to manage their own accounts from their own computer, instead of having an external manager. So much better security.

Set it up to preform the tasks you want, follow, unfollow, comments, and so on.

Probably the easiest way to grow Instagram account and after the set-up, you’re all set.

Jarvee has features for every social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin’s platform.

This software will preform actions, but, also does scheduling.

At first, it might seem a little daunting, but just follow their tutorial and it will become quite simple.

You will have to continually monitor the dashboard, but if it’s been set up right, you will only have to spend 1 hour a day for that task.

Jarvee will do all the basic chores like follow, unfollow, if they don’t follow you back. It can like other content so you can get noticed and help increase visitors to your page.

Jarvee is also helpful in setting up a mass schedule for you and also reply to people for you.

Just connect with Jarvee’s dashboard to select what action you want and then select the time you want the action preformed.

Auto Likes: Auto like post of others or the trending post to increase interaction.

Auto Follow: Auto follow people to encourage them to follow you back.

Auto Follow Back: Auto follow back when people start to follow you.

Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow ones who don’t follow you or have little interaction.

Auto Comment: Auto comment to get attention and increase your account exposure.

Auto Like Comment: Auto like comments by others or your own.

Repost: Repost content of others with specific standard.

Direct Messages: Manage your direct messages from a singular dashboard

Schedule Post: Set the time to post content at any times

Extract Users: From a specified source (i.e., your competitors’ followers), you can extract the user contacts to ping them.

Hashtag Research: Extract the hashtags with most posts and mentions for your own posts.

User Research: Filter users with specific queries and follow/like the most potential ones.

Report and analytics: Review Jarvee performance in your accounts with visual and combined stats.

Proxy Support: Avoid the risk of being blocked by Instagram, used for one with 3 account.


In the past, there have been a lot of new companies to do Instagram marketing, but, Instagram has nipped them in the bud. Companies like Mass Planner and Instragrees to name a couple.  Why, because they all run through the internet. But Jarvee is unique, it works from your desktop and you download it it on to your computer with windows.

And, Jarvee has very similar features for all other social media sites.

Jarvee can save you many hours and also help increase your count and the number of followers.

Jarvee is auto pilot at it’s best, saving you much needed time t0 handle other chores like creating great content.

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So, if you are interested in getting your social media accounts up to date, check out Jarvee and thanks for reading this review.

Leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, Deanna

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