An Honest Landmark Forum Review

 An Honest Landmark Forum Review

The Landmark Forum has gotten everyone talking. If you are reading this, I assume you have heard or read about LF somewhere and are doing some research before deciding whether to give it a try or not.

However, if you found this comprehensive Landmark Forum review by accident, still you are going to benefit from reading on. That’s because LF is big and transforming lives in so many ways, that everyone is talking.

That said, we are going to look at what Landmark Forum is, who created the forum, and its features in the review. Apart from that, I am going to answer the public question as to whether Landmark Forum is a scam or legit, plus cover the pros and cons you can expect from the forum.

Then I will wrap up. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

What Is Landmark Forum?

Landmark Forum is a paid 42-hour seminar that is meant to help people achieve unprecedented personal development and positive transformations, results which can go a long way in their lives.

Delivered by a facilitator who alternates between lectures and conversations with the attendees, the curriculum is spread over a 3-day timeline.

It goes without saying that many topics are covered within the seminar, including personal development and transformation, human psychology, the nature of reality, career, leadership as well as family and relationships.

Who Created Landmark Forum?

The Vanto Group, a consulting entity, are the people behind this seminar. This company claims to have provided coaching services to numerous employees from major entities around the world.

These include; Apple, JP Morgan, Chase, Exxon, Mobile and even the Pentagon, which is a key military department belonging to the US.

Features of Landmark Forum

Forum duration: 42 hours spread over three-and-a-half-days.

Several lectures on various topics, including personal development, relationship, and career.  Lectures provided by the forum leader.

Session breaks are every few hours.

Audience participation with individual sharing at the podium.

Is Landmark Forum Legit or Scam?

No, the Landmark forum isn’t a scam. I attended it a few days ago when it took place in Los Angeles and I was impressed by the fact that it helped change me to become a better person. I will tell you how in a bit.

Does Landmark Forum Offer any Benefits?

Indeed,Landmark Forum offers a number of benefits to those who attend the forum. Some of the benefits you can expect to gain from it include, but not limited to the following:

Personal development—the first thing that amazed me about Landmark Forum is how the forum brings about personal development.

Since attendees were encouraged to take action during session breaks, almost everybody went up to the front at some point to share their stories.

At some point, I witnessed one of the attendees who had been shy all his life gain so much courage and confidence that he didn’t have a problem stepping up to the microphone to address the multitude on how the forum has helped him build on his self-esteem and confidence.

Breakthrough transformation—something else that blew me away is how the Landmark Forum helped many people experience unprecedented, positive transformations in their lives.

For example, there was this girl who shared her story of how she hated people of a certain race initially. To cut a long story short, she admitted that attending the forum in Day 1 and Day 2 helped transform her into a better person.


The third advantage offered by Landmark Forum is that it provides a sense of responsibility. The forum teaches responsibility and enables one to become more responsible in life.

For example, as a lastborn sibling, I have always left many responsibilities that were supposed to be mine to my older siblings. Despite the fact that I shouldn’t have done so, they didn’t complain simply because they “were taught to put up with me”.

This forum has put a massive sense of responsibility in me and now I feel like I owe everyone in my family a big apology.

Gain a vast amount of knowledge and insights—As said before in this Landmark review, one of the primary features of the Forum is several lectures, which are provided by keynote speakers.

The lectures span across a wide variety of topics, offering a vast amount of knowledge and insights to the audience. You get to learn many concepts, winning formulas, life hacks and other stuff that will go a long way in your day-to-day life.

Does Landmark Forum Have any Setbacks?

It would be a lie to say that Landmark Forum isn’t without two or three drawbacks. A few things here and there did not please me with respect to the forum. For instance:

The cost—yes, $500, which is the amount one has to pay to attend the three-day conference in my view is way too high. Consequently, it locks out many people who would be happy to attend the conference for a lesser amount like $200 or so.

The fact that this is a traditional seminar, which only takes place at different physical venues means not everyone, who is willing to attend it, is able to do so due to location barrier.

The Landmark Forum can reach out to and transform more people as a webinar more than a traditional forum. That’s because, as a webinar, anyone with a PC that’s connected to the internet would be able to access it, of course, after paying the necessary amount.

The same cannot be said for the event as a traditional forum, which is intended to take place at select physical venues.

No snacks and/or drinks offered during session breaks. I think when somebody parts with a whole $500 to be able to attend a 42-hour seminar, the least they can expect is a quality forum, plus some snacks and/or beverages, even if it’s just a small packet of biscuits or cookies and/or a cup of coffee! 3-days of lectures alone is not worth the entire price in my opinion.

Final Verdict

The Landmark Forum is a powerful event that is meant for people who want to achieve personal development and positive transformations in their lives.

If that sounds like you, this seminar is for you. In it, you are going to learn many things that will turn you into a better version of yourself you never thought possible.

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