Is Partner with Anthony a Scam?

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Title: Partner with Anthony 2020 Review

Monthly Cost: 2 payments of $49.00 or $67.00 1 time with up sells

Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Pros and Cons: Pros, Mostly, video training, Cons, too many up sells.

First, I would like to say, I have no connection with this program and do not earn any income from it. I am just giving you my opinion of this product.

Partner with Anthony is a 13 session program where you get to learn how to earn money online. The developer of the program promises to teach people how to create an online stream of income, after which the subscribers will start sharing the income with him.

There are several tools listed on the program where users get introduced to so that they can learn to make money online. The program comes in sessions where each session will download after every 24 hours. The program is structured in such a way you will get introduced to the different sections and get to understand them before moving to the next. Can be slow moving if you have a lot of time to devote to the training.

Sales Page

On his sales page he explains how when he was in college he built an online business to help his parents, who had lost all their savings in the stock market. He went on to earn over $1,000,000 to help them out of debt.

Since then, he has been on T.V. promoting his books and many of his various training programs.

How Partner with Anthony works

Partner with Anthony (PWA) works in such a way it will teach you how to promote the program itself. This is where you will get to share revenue online with the developer.

You will also get to learn how to use online programs such as email autoresponders, click funnels, link tracking software, and other services. The online tools you will use are paid tools, so you will have to purchase them. Can be expensive.

Other people whom you will refer to the program using the affiliate system will as well have to pay for the other services.

You will get a commission each time one of your referrals buys the new program. There are other high ticket training programs that PWA will teach people whom you refer to use.

Each time they purchase such programs, you will get to earn a commission. The program can easily lead to the creation of a recurring form of income online.

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Who is the creator of Partner with Anthony?

The creator of PWA is Anthony Morrison. He has more than thirteen years’ experience in affiliate marketing. During his journey as an affiliate marketer, he created several books and courses that are  aimed at teaching people how to make passive income online.

He decided to create this program as a way of making it easy for people to earn a living online. He explores several practical steps people can take and start earning good money online within a short period.

Benefits of joining Partner with Anthony

The program has several features that make it stand out. You may be wondering whether it is necessary to join the program. It is among the few programs that are created to make it easy for people to start earning online. It takes simple steps to introduce people of all ages to the business of making money online. Here are some reasons why many people join this program:

Reliable support

The program has several channels of support. People can use the inbuilt community where you will get to learn from other people. There is also a live chat feature to allow users to reach for help anytime. The blog section has a way you can easily communicate.

It is easy to reach for support. Apart from reliable support, the program comes in an easy to use layout. Even first time users will find it easy to move around. The several tools recommended in the program have been fully developed. It is a reliable program that helps teach people legitimate ways to make money online.

Free to join

The program allows you to join the starter package and test a few features before you can go premium and pay. Some people would like to test the program before they can proceed to see if they want to invest in it. The starter program has several features that make it easy to test several aspects of the program. The fact that it is free to join has made many people try it.

Beginner Friendly

The program comes in a simple and easy to follow format. There is no technical stuff that can confuse you. It is an easy to follow program that will allow you to follow easily.

Even beginners can easily follow the program. It is a highly reliable program that is developed to get the attention of people of all ages. Many people would like to start earning money online, but they do not know how to get started. The program comes in an easy to follow format making it easy for people of all ages to start making money. But, it’s not cheap.

training at partner with Anthony


Introduces users to several tools

There are several tools people need to use so that they can start earning money online. The program introduces users to several online tools. Some tools make the process of making money online easy. The program has been developed in such a way it makes things easy to follow.

It can be confusing for starters in online affiliate marketing to get confused when they have to search for tools all over the internet. The Partner with Anthony solves it by availing all the tools in one place so that people from different levels of experience can easily access them and invest. All the tools you need to start making money online are available under one roof.

Legitimate program yes or no?

It is a program that will expose you to legitimate ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing has been used by the online community to make money for a long time.

The program works in such a way it teaches people from all walks of life to know how they can take advantage of the affiliate programs to start making money online. There is a lot of hard work required before one can start making money online. This program is suppose to makes it easy by simplifying several processes.

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Although Partner with Anthony has several benefits, there are also some drawbacks you will have to deal with. Here are some drawbacks:

I have checked out some of Anthony’s programs before and I don’t think they were very ethical. They promise so much, but don’t really deliver. Always looking to get you to buy more and spend more money.

$100’s In Extra Costs

This program will attract you to join because of a small fee to join. But, upon joining, you will have to pay several other third party programs to make the program work, which make it very expensive in the long run.

Inside the program

He will help you create a website, an email list and show you how to get people to your site using paid ads. Using that list you promote products and when someone purchases that product you will make a commission and so will Anthony. Unfortunately, he makes it sound very enticing, he does the work and you get the money.

Basically, Partner with Anthony is a training program that teaches affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where an affiliate (you) promotes a product in a blog or website and if someone buys that item thru your affiliate link you earn a commission.

This is a very legitimate business. Many business use affiliates. Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon just to name a few.

Takes time

It is not a one time and easy way to make money online. You will have to work hard and invest in many additional tools before you can start earning any decent money. Some of the additional tools can be quite expensive.

I’m not sure if Partner with Anthony is a program you should try. It comes with several tools you will need to learn how to use in order become a successful entrepreneur online. The inbuilt referral system helps you to make regular income online.

What’s the Verdict?

No, I don’t think it’s a scam. Some of the training is quality and you can make money with this program, promoting it as an affiliate.

But, what I don’t like about it is this. He’s not really being our partner, he is just providing you with videos to follow.

This program is just set up to promote this one product, Partner with Anthony. It is not teaching you how to get a business in affiliate marketing set up, where you can use the training in many other niches.

So, you are being limited in growing a successful full-scale business.

There are better programs to invest your money in that will teach you everything about building a successful internet business. I would like to share with you here.

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I don’t have any faith in Anthony Morrison, so I will not recommend his program.

I went to a seminar that he sponsored a few years ago and he was getting people to sign up for his deluxe programs and they  were spending $30,000,$40,000 dollars. Probably their life savings. I didn’t spend any money, except for the seminar, $1,000. But, shortly after that, I received many phone calls from his staff to try to get me to purchase some of his programs. Which left a bad taste in my mouth, as I don’t like that type of sales tactics.

So, that’s why I don’t recommend him.

This is the program I recommend and have been associated with for the last few years. It has 2.2 million members, many making 5 and 6 figures a year and it’s free to join. No credit card needed.

Here it is: My # 1 Recommendation  

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

18 thoughts on “Is Partner with Anthony a Scam?”

  1. Hello Deanna, i have been wondering myself how i could be making money by just posting link and I must confess it’s own of the few businesses I have never seeing online that made me want to go into am online job but I’m glad I got this review helpful and on time. I know there are some more of such sites and i hope we all learn to read reviews before making a move to join a business. 

    • Thankyou Justin for the comments. Yes, there are so many steps and ways to make money on line and most require time and knowledge. I guess we have to research all the time, Deanna

  2. Never heard of this platform before but it seems to be that it is an MLM platform which in my own knowledge is not a very good thing for anyone to get into. I like the way you have explained this and out all the information together as well. I will make sure that I try to share this post with people so they would understand too.

    • Thank you for your comments, Henderson. I don’t think it’s a MLM platform, but I’m not 100 % sure. Unfortunately, we have to be very careful about our purchases. We could spend a lot of time promoting something not dependable and not beneficial to any one, Thanks again,Deanna

  3. I stumbled upon your site as I was doing research on “Partner with Anthony”.  I am looking to learn affiliate marketing and it seems that he is teaching how to do that.  It is beginner-friendly so that is good for me and also Free to start, so that really draws my attention.  Now I am not so sure anymore after reading your review.  You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate is your #1 recommendation.  How much does it cost to join?  Do they offer training when you sign up and do they have some add-on fees?

    • Hi Carole, Thanks for your comments. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join for the first 7 days. You can go in and look around at what they have to offer. And you can start the training right away. They are very upfront and you always know what is necessary for you. The first cost is $19 for the first month and you have access to everything. Check it out you will be glad you did. Thanks Deanna

  4. Hello thanks for sharing this wonderful opinion is that partner with anthony is a scam.a friend of mine says she wants her $500 back with the 30 day money back guarantee.she was a member for 1 day.she was even told she was going to get her money back 3 1/2 months ago.i had wanted to join but decided to holding for sometime .and don’t you believe anything else.

    • Hi Marthagirl, thanks for the comments. I don’t care for A Morrison’s lack of integrity. Too bad, because he is very knowledgeable about internet marketing and he will only hurt himself in the end. Thnks, Deanna  

  5. Thanks for your in-depth, well-researched review of Partner with Anthony! I’m almost obsessed with researching affiliate platforms and comparing their effectiveness and, above all, transparency and honesty. As you say, PWA sounds legit and profitable, but what I would hate would be those phone calls. This aspect of being chased triggers almost an allergic reaction in me, hehe. I don’t understand how these companies can think that this will increase their business when they are successfully alienating their potential customers. I’ve had this recently with an annoying woman who was trying to push me into being coached by her on ‘removing my abundance blocks’. By the fifth call I nearly sent her ‘somewhere’ with all her blocks! Anyway, I happen to be very lucky to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate as well, so it was great to come across your article and fully resonate with what you’re saying about this amazing community. I love every day there and I have learned so much with them. I can’t describe the feeling when I received had my first affiliate commission from my blog about health. I’d never been able to achieve this without the help of W.A. So thanks again for your lovely article and may it help many people!

    • Thank you Lucie for your great comments. I don’t think they would call you about an online program, that was a unique situation from a live seminar. But like you I think WA is the place to be, and they offer as much training as anyone could need. Thanks again, Deanna  

  6. Heloooo dear, thanks for sharing these concise article with us, I was searching online when I saw these post, am glad you talked about these program, I saw some reviews on it online but was sure about it, but after going through your post my doubt has been cleared. Thanks for the info. I will surely do some recommendations

    • Thank you Skuchmane for your comments. I’m glad I gave you useful information. I don’t think this is a scam program, but it will cost a lot of money to get up and running, which is not necessary when you are just starting out. Thanks and good luck, Deanna

  7. Hello there, I really must appreciate you for your in doing this review.

    In search of greener pastures online, I have stumbled on this platform and I confirmed that everything you have said in this article is true. As the name ” partner with Anthony” imples, he is supposed to partner with us all the way but all we get are just video. I don’t think is worth it. Thanks.

    • Hi Lizzychris, Thanks for your comments. Anthony has been around the online marketing for a long time and after buying some of his programs with no success, I just don’t have any faith in him . Thanks, Deanna

  8. Hello there, thank you so much for this very detailed aand informative review on partner with Anthony, I get very glad when see such reviews online because the times we are in are very trying and it won’t be nice to see people invest in scam business site giving mouth watering offers.

    thanks for sharing, I hope this meets someone well.

    • Thanks Jomata, Thanks for your comments. You have to be very careful when you are looking to purchase a training online. Many of them are just phony and impossible to make a living from, That’s why I happy with Wealthy Affiliate. Very honest. Thanks, Deanna

  9. The current stay at home order has made me begin to explore options in the online business world for a source of passive income. I’ve come across various platforms but many of them are sketchy and unrewarding. However, I didn’t know of ‘Partner With Anthony’ until I read this informative post. The review of the platform isn’t favorable and I’ll not be looking to invest my time and money into Partner With Anthony. 

    • Thanks for the comments, Elitecarol, You are so right. There are so many unethical training programs out there and right now with the terrible state the whole world is in, it’s important we don’t waste money on junk programs. Thanks, Deanna


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