How to Find Profitable Keywords- Low Competition

First let me start with a question or two. Do you know what a keyword is? Do you really need them?

Well, the answer to both of those questions is YES! If you are starting to develop a website, you definitely need to understand what keywords are and how to use them. Also, how to find profitable keywords. with low competition.

Keywords are the way potential customers find your website and read what you have to say, to help them in their search for information or a product.

So, keywords are a very important part of your success in your business.

There is no end to the number of keywords available to you. But, you have to find the ones that are specific to your website and your content.

When looking for keywords, you need to find keywords that are very specific to your site and have low competition. The more you can narrow a phrase down, the better the chances of being found.

You will have a much higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google, and that’s where you want to be!

When someone is searching for something online and they type in a word or phrase, that is a keyword.

  • How to lose 10 poundschart of WA
  • How to make ice cream
  • Make money on the internet
  • How to be a little league coach

All those terms are  keywords. What we are looking for in this article is learning how to find certain keywords to help us get better traffic with little competition.

How to lose weight, is a very popular keyword. It is probably typed into Google millions of times a month. You would never get on page #1 with that keyword. Way too much competition.

It needs to be  narrowed down to something like:

How to lose weight for a wedding.

How to lose weight after having a baby.

Losing that last 10 pounds. 

 That makes it more specific to  your needs with less competition. The less competition the better.

The better chance you have of ranking on page #1. That’s where you want to be.

That’s where all the traffic is and traffic means eventually sales. So, if you are looking to start or build an online business than you definitely need to understand keywords and know how to find the right keywords for your site.

You can guess what might be a good keyword,(that’s what I did when I first started) or you can follow me in the search to find the most profitable keywords for your site. I can’t emphasize enough how important keywords are.

Next, I will share with you 3 different methods of finding great keywords that have low competition, have high traffic and make grammatical sense. Making grammatical sense is very important. If you can’t use it in a sentence it won’t work as a good keyword.

How to find keywords 3 different ways.

Every keyword has competing pages, which means other websites are using the same keyword to compete for page 1 on Google and the other search engines.

Keyword tools can tell you if the competition is too high to rank on page 1.

Plus, don’t think that you will never understand all of this. As you keep searching for keywords, the information will start to make sense.

Number 1 method – Google Search

The first technique I’m going to show you is the Google search. This is a simple free tool to instantly help you find keywords

Go to a search engine and type in  “intermittent fasting”. Put that keyword in quotes, over 22 pages for that term alone comes up, 2 million articles. So that tells you the keyword needs to be narrowed down more.

Do the same thing for “intermittent fasting for women over 40”. Your results are much better, only 6 pages. Take your time and use this technique a few times to get familiar with how it works.


Number 2 method -Alphabet Soup Technique

This  second technique I’m going to teach you is the Alphabet Soup Technique. Very easy to use and will come up with many, many keywords to use. Many with low competition.

This is a simple, free tool to instantly find keyword.

Here is a video to clarify this process. Check it out

Number method 3   Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Using Jaaxy keyword tool is my best choice for accurately finding the best keywords for each article.

Finding profitable keywords with very little competition is also extremely simply to use. It comes with a FREE option with 30 searches  giving you ample trial period to experience how well it works.

If you find it beneficial then you can upgrade to one of the other versions of Jaaxy.

The other versions of Jaaxy are:

The newest version, Jaaxy Lite (New and free to premium members)

Jaaxy Pro

Jaaxy Enterprise

Can you benefit from Jaaxy?

I have to say without a doubt, if you are interested in developing an online presence and also build a profitable business, YES you need Jaaxy.

It’s the easiest keyword tool to use and is just better than all the other key tools that I have tried. And if you need help or have any questions there is plenty of help inside Wealthy Affiliate. There are over 1 million members there to help each other when needed.


In the beginning stages of keyword research, it can seem quite confusing, but don’t give up. It will become clear over time. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

But, one word of advice to you, don’t keep searching for a better keyword tool. There isn’t a easier to follow or easier to use and least inexpensive keyword tool out there than Jaaxy. I have tried quite a few of them and none compare to Jaaxy so get familiar with it and you will soon be a pro and wonder what you did without it.

Hopefully this article will give you an insight into the best way to find profitable keyword, so get familiar for ranking on page 1.

If you have any question or have anything to share with me, please leave comments below and I’ll be glad to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Deanna


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