Everything You Need to Know about Corvive

In this article I will give you everything you need to know about Corvive.

Covive is part of the Health and Wellness niche. Probably one of the biggest niches in the MLM industry. Lots of competition!

We will cover all the details and see if this is a worthwhile MLM company to get involved in. Or should you stay away.

Name of product: Corvive

Founder: Jeremy and Candice Pouts

Type of product: Health and wellness MLM

Cost: Free to join, Endorses system $20.00 a month, Pro Plan $50.00 a month for premium.

Who for: Not sure

Summary: Corvive, an MLM company that markets health and wellness products. Unfortunately, there isn’t a financial statement giving us information whether this company is making any money or not.

Rating: 50/100:

Recommended: No

Corvive is new to the health and wellness niche and is a home-based money making opportunity.

So what are the pros and cons of this company? Is it something that you want to get involved in or not?

  • How big an investment?
  • Are the products expensive?
  • What type of products do they offer?
  • Is there money to be made?
  • What’s the start-up cost?

These are some questions you need to ask and if possible find the answers to.

First of all, good for you for taking the time to check out possible investment opportunities. That shows that you are doing your homework to find a legitimate path to make money online.

I am not a member or an affiliate of corvive. Any and all information researched for this review can be obtained online within the public domain.


So, lets check out this make money program. Founded by Jeremy and Candice Pouts in 2018. And it’s home base is Allen, Texas.

Jeremy has 15 years experience in the health and wellness field. An 8-year stint as a distributor with Genesis Pure. Candice has a science background in Microbiology


Mitah Moore-CMO
David Pappas- COO/Cfo
Missy Heinlen-Director of events
Brooks Gordon-Director of sales

Brandi Shaw-Director of customer service.

Corvive Purpose/Mission

The mission of the company is to “Positively Impact our Communities Through the Core Principles of Love, Serve, and Care.” The company airs to offer consumers with the complete success toolkit that is based on clean and safe nutrition.

Corvive Products

Supposedly, Corvive products are produced by accredited experts who work to ensure that they produce products the consumers love. They handpick everything, from the manufacturers who sustain the supply chain to the raw ingredients they use and suppliers.

The Products

COR RENEW™ Full Spectrum Cleansing

COR RENEW to improve the way our bodies get rid of waste. You should never struggle with your digestion with COR RENEW, and you will love the feeling you will get after using this product.

Suggested Dose: two capsules daily. Follow the provider’s directions.


This is a distinctive metabolic booster, designed to work in synergy with your body’s chemistry for supreme efficacy.

Suggested dose: 2 capsules daily as directed.

COR POWER Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Everybody deserves a high-quality and clean protein to enhance their performance and fuel their desires. This protein shake is made with 22g of the finest grass-fed protein. The shake is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Suggested use: 1 Tablespoonful to 8-12oz of cold water

NRG FOCUS™ Energy Drink Mix

This product provides the energy you require to maintain your focus and keep you moving throughout the day. It is designed to improve your mental precision and provide you with healthy and clean energy.

Suggested Use. Add one pack to 8-12oz of cold water.

XLR8 Keto + Fuel:

The Best of Functional Keto Beverages

XLR8 Keto improves your performance, levels of energy, and recovery time.

Suggested dosage: 1 stick pack per 8-12oz of water

Complimentary products

CBD BALM Liposomal Hemp Salve

The balm augments the existing corvive product by providing consumers with a trans dermal ointment that helps relieve joint discomfort and sore muscles while calming your skin.

HYDR8 + ENDURANCE™ Highest Quality Hydration Beverage

The electrolyte-packed blend is the only thing you require maintaining optimum hydration. The right hydration balance is crucial for brain, muscle., and nerve function Therefore, it will help you refill your body with what it requires for optimal performance.

Suggested use: 1 stick pack per 8-12oz of cold water

CorVive products are produced by accredited experts who work to ensure that they produce products the consumers love…

About Corvive

According to the company spokesperson, Only the highest-quality products are used.

The company chooses the best when it comes to sourcing, ingredients, and the workforce. The products are an effective and safe tool to assist you to enhance and complement a healthy and balanced diet.

So, if you want to earn some extra cash and are not satisfied with being a client, you can enroll as one of the company’s endorsers. The primary role of endorsers is to sell the company’s products and recruit others to join the program.

Corvive offers a multi-level marketing compensation plan structure or as usually referred to as an MLM. When you refer a customer to the company to make purchases as customers or join as affiliate members, you get commissions.

When you get enough people who want to join as affiliate members, you are required to buy either a particular amount of products each month or refer a particular number of clients per month to keep earning a commission.

But, you must remember, and work on growing the business continually for the long haul.

People get bored and are looking for the next and greatest get-rich-quick product to come down the road.

It is a MLM company and that type of structured plan is very difficult to get started and continue to grow. You have to be a strong personality, pushing others to join.

Final verdict

At this point, you should have a good idea about what Corvive is, it’s products, how it works, and how you can generate income with it. Their products are cost-effective and efficient and comply with the law.

But, they are not FDA approved.

If you don’t keep up your monthly fees you will be volunteered to cancel.

MLM compensation plans have specific requirements and qualifications that you must meet to earn available bonuses and commissions. It can be a little bit confusing and complicated and this Compensation Plan is hidden in their policy and procedures plan.

Not being a fan of MLM’s in general or their  Compensation Plan, I’m just going to give you a quick idea of how you can make money. Making money with the number one plan is through retail sales.

Buy the products at a discount and then retail these products to your friends and customers and earn commission from the sales. The other way is  going to make money by recruiting other people into the business retail sales.

Retail sales

Endorser: earn a 20% commission. Also, earn commissions from your personal retail sales. You can also earn commission from your enrolled endorser customers going 3 tiers down.

First tier,  you earn 12% Commission, on the second tier you earn 4% Commission, and the third tier you can earn another 4% Commission.

Timed bonus: bonuses that can be earned by a maximum of one time. They are only available for the first 14 days as an endorser.

Accelerate 500: Here you can earn a one-time $250 bonus every time you sign up two new customers  that have ordered at least one product and have enrolled at least two new active endorsers with orders totaling over 500  qualified volume.

Excelerator 1000: here you can earn an additional $250 bonus if you get 4 new customers on auto-ship that have ordered at least one product each and they have enrolled at least four new active endorsers with orders totaling at least 1,000 qualified volume.

ACH 13 ve Bonus: you can earn that on products purchased by your newer upgrading endorser and you’re qualified and active as an endorser yourself to be eligible for this bonus.

ACH 13 ve Pack Bonus Match: earn 10% match on your personally enrolled endorsers. You have to have at least two personally enrolled that are qualified and active to be eligible for this bonus.

ACH 13 ve Pack Bonus Multiplier: You can earn up to a 20% match on your personally endorsers. In order to be eligible for that you must have at least eight personally enrolled endorsers that are qualified and active and have a rank of core 4 or higher.

Team commissions: You can earn up to 8% bonus volume on each tier of your placement tree. up to 8 in tiers in your downline.

Team Commission Bonuses: Has a core 4 endorser or higher you are eligible for team commissions matching bonuses which range between 20 and 40%.

Luxury Auto

Now comes the fun part, you may be eligible for a Colvin luxury car bonus. You can receive a $750 a month car bonus, to qualify you must have the rank of cor 12 endorser or higher. You must have a minimum of four qualified and active enrolled endorsers. You can also take $350 in cash instead of the car bonus itself.

Endorsers will earn a $25 gift card for every $250 spent, also free shipping on products subscriptions over $200 before tax.

Customer rewards: customers can earn a $25 gift card for every $125 spent as well as a $10 gift card for every customer that they refer that makes the purchase.

Customers will get for $95 flat rate shipping for product subscriptions under $125 and free shipping on orders of $125 or more.

I’m not sure if this information is still in existence as this was taken from their 2019 rewards plan

This information will give you a good idea of what you have to do to earn money with this program and if you decide to move forward. I’m sure the endorser that has introduced you will be able to provide you with more information.

So, can you expect to make money with Colvive?

At the present time income disclosure statements for Colvive were not even available, understandably so because with most MLM companies the earnings are not that great.

Most income disclosure statements show that less than 1% of the people involved with any MLM company make any money.

The 99% of people that get involved with  MLM companies lose money. That’s a statistic found in the study done by the Consumer Awareness Institute.

Most MLM companies offer the opportunity to make money to you, but in reality  most people never make a dime.

Something else you need consider having is with Colvive products there’s nothing unique about them. You can find similar products to these being sold by a hundred different  MLM companies.

Similar products are available in thousands of retail stores. You can pick up an energy drink at any convenience store. Plus, you can’t find the price of these products  on their website.

What people are sayin about Colvive?

It’s very hard to find reviews of the products from people that are not selling them,  just regular people off the street wanting to buy products. I feel these products  are not unique, you can find them everywhere in the retail market.

Another huge challenge when it comes to multi-level marketing is it’s only made for a few people.

Many people get into the multi-level marketing because of the stories they are told  by the person trying to get them into the business.

They provide a dream, but they never fill you in on  the reality of what it takes to really build a multi-level marketing business and I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve tried two or three different multi-level marketing businesses in the past and did not make any money, in fact I lost money.

First of all,  I’m not pushy enough, and after a couple of years I finally quit and then I found affiliate marketing and I don’t have to sell anything to anybody to build my business.


You never have to buy a sales kit, you don’t have months or monthly sales quotas to meet and you don’t have a monthly fee.  Your training and support is always available at your convivence, but the best thing about affiliate marketing is you build your  business around your hobby or your passion. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate! No credit card needed.

Then, no matter what,  you can turn it into a full-time online income and you don’t have to join an MLM company. Plus, it’s yours!

So please take the time to check out Wealthy Affiliate. This is the number one resource to teach people how to build a thriving marketing business online. Plus it’s free to get started. Click here.

Thank you for reading my article and if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as possible, Deanna


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  1. Hello Deanna, thanks for this really clear article. First I like the rating you have given to the company corvive and it’s really a well developed one. However, a company whose owner is a ghost is not a good idea at all because no-one stays away from a good business. Also, the MLM based company isn’t something I wouldn’t want to give a try. 

    • Thanks for the good comment Justin. Maybe I’m biased, as I’m not a fan of MLM companies. Almost impossible to earn from them.  Affiliate marketing is my first choice, Thanks again, Deanna

  2. Actually they offer something as good as this and that is a plus on their side. They actually make worthy products that anyone would value and want to make use of, however they are actually do not seem that worthy to me because of the fact that they are offering an mlm business offer and that does not seem cool to me though. Thanks for the overview here

    • Thanks for your comments DarmiMaddie, yes, I agree with you. I’m not a fan of MLM structured programs. I have not seen too many people make money with them, except the few at the top. Very difficult to get up and profitable ,thanks again,  Deanna 


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