Alphay International MLM Review–Is It a Scam?

Alphay International MLM Review
Business opportunity selling vitamins. Developed in the Chinese tradition of using mushrooms and Chinese herbs.

We need to see if a profitable business can be created here and see if we can make some good money with this business model.

Cost: basic price is $35

Includes website, training and online office.

Overview: Alphay International was started in 1959, growing and using mushrooms to make its products.

Founder: Hui Chen founded the company in 2002.

Name: Jiangsu Anhui Biological Tec Company LTD.

Employs 100,000 Distributors from around the world

The products are developed following Chinese Medical processes and include vitamins and supplements developed by Chinese medical traditions.

Alphay International was founded in 2002 and the brainchild of Hui Chin, who developed a line of products that are made from mushrooms and other chinese supplements.

Supplements including coffee, tea and other products are sold by 100,000 direct sellers using the MLM business model.

Alpha International it’s only one of 27 companies that have a direct selling license in China and is privately owned.

They also operate in North America, Japan, and Thailand and are planning to expand globally.
The company was doing quite well over the years. But, since 2017 sales have continued to fall off. Maybe the market is saturated.

In 2019, the annual revenue was 220 million dollars, less than the previous year of 2018 which Sales were 225 million dollars.

What is the Alpha International Model?

Alphay is an MLM company that sells supplements based on Chinese medicine and mushroom base products .
As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with Alphy International in any way.

Are Alphay products worth their price?

They claim that they are based on traditional Chinese medicine and help to maintain and revitalize, cleanse, smooth, and balance your health.

None of the products have been approved by the FDA. Plus, all the products are also quite expensive. You can find the same ingredients online at much cheaper prices. There’s a disclaimer in the description of the product that says the product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any diseases and the cost of these supplements is very expensive what good is it if it doesn’t help prevent disease?

The MLM Alphay opportunity

First of all let me say I’m not a fan of MLM’s.  I have tried two different business models in the past with no success at all.

Alphay offers an opportunity to make money by selling their products as well as building a network of people that you have encouraged to join.

Alphay has products for every age group and by selling these products you can earn a commission. You can also earn on the sales made by your referrals or the people in your network.

That is the basis of a typical MLM business model. You earn a commission by recruiting people to join and selling Alphay products and you get a percentage of their sale.

What is the cost of joining Alphay International?

The cheapest membership is $35 and with that, you get a website, training, and an online office for that price.

There are two packs available to you. You need to purchase one of 2 of the builder’s packs which costs $ 249 + you receive a 5% Commission with that purchase.

Once you earn a minimum of $10 commission you will start getting paid.

Can you make money with this product?

There are a few ways of making money with Allpay products, by buying products at a distributor price and selling them at retail price. Or purchasing them for your own use.

Also you get a 25% commission if someone buys a product from your website.

Recruiting other people is another way to make money with Alphay. When you refer other people to Alphay and they buy their first products you earn a 15% Commission on their first orders of your referral.


Commission requirements.

With the membership you only need to have 50 pvqs per month (Personal Qualifying Volume) to keep your status active to receive a commission.

Membership fee

Anyone can join Alpha by paying just $35 unlike other MLMs where you need to pay hundreds of dollars upfront. But eventually, you will have to buy a starter kit which will cost you over $240.00  or more.


Products are difficult to sell. Unfortunately, Alpha products are more unusual than most other fitness and wellness products. It has a very limited appeal and caters to so few people that will make it difficult to sell these products. Plus, to make things worse these products are not FDA-approved.

Your Cost

If you have any business expenses like traveling to and from your client, phone, gas, or electricity expenses you will need to check with an account as to what and how much can be written off or deducted.

Is Alphay International a scam?

Alphay International falls under the heading of an MLM company and is considered a legitimate and quality brand over the years. It is not a scam. But the MLS model is such that unless you are making sales and recruiting more people you will not make a dime.

You have to be good at convincing other people to join your line.

Because most of your success is dependent on your team members who join under you and if they aren’t active and making sales your earning potential is limited. Plus, it’s hard to recruit team members. So many have been conned into non-legitimate programs, and many people are hesitant.

It’s a proven fact that it’s hard to earn money with MLM and only a few at the very top usually earn a substantial income.

Hopefully, after reading this review, it will shed some light on whether this business is worth your time, money and investment.
Supposedly, this company has spent over 50 years developing and cultivating the Lingzhi mushroom in conjunction with Chinese medical science to produce health and beauty products.
How much money will I earn?
Alphay does not publish an Income Disclosure Statement. Why?
Because most members of any MLM-structured company never earn significant money.
Usually, the members that get in on the ground floor or shortly after are the ones that make any money at all.

What do I like about Alphay International?

Not much. But, I am not a fan of MLM-structured companies at all.

What do I dislike about Alphay?

Too expensive and the competition is quite tough. Many other options are available and at a more competitive price.

Saturated Market

Today, the market is flooded with health-related products and they can be purchased in many places, besides an independent sales person.
You can purchase them in drugstores, health food stores, online, and even your local grocery store.


Alphay is an MLM company and is run like any other MLM company but they do offer a good 15% Commission. My advice to you would be to investigate this product further through different reviews and even apply it and see what they have to offer.

It has many hidden costs like shipping which may take up all your commissions that you make.

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