12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review

In this review I’m going to give you my honest and unbiased opinion of this product.

I do not sell or promote this product, just giving my opinion of it.

As business people, we are always looked for a chance to make money every time an opportunity presents itself. You may have come across online affiliate marketing and could be interested in undertaking it as it could generate a decent income.

Affiliate marketers work by advertising products that belong to other companies, where they get paid for marketing and selling the products. You can create a strong network for selling the products if people get to know and interact with your website.

Your site should, therefore, have SEO friendly content to attract potential buyers. The 12 Minute Affiliate makes the work of an affiliate marketer easy and helps you earn more money.

Affiliate marketers have to buy training membership to access training on effective marketing on the website. Joining the site is easy; the registration process takes about 12 minutes or more, the system gets all your necessary information and identification. The plug and play system was created by Devon Brown to make affiliate marketing easy. Once you access the site, you will know the niche that is likely to pay more, and you should choose the niches with little competition but with substantial profit margins.

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How this product works

Making money on the site requires that you know how to use the information provided effectively, you should take action like posting a product on sites such as Google.

Advantages of 12-minute affiliate review.

The founder is open and transparent on the site, and it is always wise to conduct business with a person with a reputable character like Devon Brown.

The online spaced is filled with sites with fraudsters who can easily con their users. Someone like Brown is least likely to con you as they have an image to protect. When dealing with online sites, it is prudent to choose one that has a known founder.

Devon Brown has promoted other products and has a good reputation.

The site is designed for newbies that have little affiliate marketing skills, one should, therefore, be open to learning new concepts. You may wish to create an email list on the site, as email listings boost sales in affiliate markets.

The site has professionally written email messaging that helps you communicate with potential buyers. In addition to providing DFY emails, the company also gives follow-ups on emails that have professional written messages and replies. The site will help you to communicate with potential clients through better messaging.

The site gives you ‘Done for you’ (DFY) funnels that eliminates the need to develop HTML, you do not have to know how to code. His company will host for you, and you do not have to go through the technical stuff needed to set-up a funnel.

The site will have tones of funnels or you can find ready-to-go affiliate funnel. These funnels belong to most of the profitable niches online, and they already have landing pages and bridge pages that lead you directly to the most converting affiliate in the market.

Traffic ordering in 12 Minute Affiliate is fast as the company allows you access to traffic on your preferred niches within a short time. You can, therefore, weigh in the products that you wish to market in different sites.

Traffic also helps you build your Search Engine Optimization, which helps sell your product to potential customers faster. By this, you drive converting traffic to your site.

Marketers often choose to go for Solo Ads, which is a marketing strategy that uses email listing for advertising the products of a specific affiliate marketer. You can target clients that are likely to buy your products, email listing off people with previous buying history can receive Solo Ads. This technique is expected to result in increased sales of products and services.

12 Minute Review has its private Facebook community that gives you access to other users of the plug and play site. Devon holds the opinion that a Facebook page helps grow the site, as members can share ideas and give suggestions on how best to succeed in business. The company can also pick ideas that are useful from the page and implement it for the benefit of its members.

The company offers bonus features to its members, and this includes the success library that encourages members to work hard and avoid procrastinating their success.

The site thus helps more members to stay focused on their work by avoiding unnecessary distractions. The free traffic guide bonus is a teachable course that offers marketers 16 tips to get free traffic on their sites.

Once in a while, the company provides hot product promos for customers who would love to get additional complimentary services.

Cons of 12 Minute Affiliate Review

The companies offer paid traffic methods which may not be affordable to most of its users. The advertisement is quite expensive, and the marketer may fail to get the returns on the investment.

The prices, moreover are not fully disclosed, and the DFY system is not always geared towards up selling the most. The membership on the site is $47, which could be quite expensive for first-time affiliate marketers.

The site is owned by Devon Brown and if he chooses to close it down, you are out of luck.

There is no guarantee that an affiliate marketer can make enough money on this site; the sales page is designed to make you feel like you can get rich quickly, which might not be the case.

This may be one of the unrealistic promises as things may not be as bright in reality. Some people, however, will make a decent income from the site, depending on the marketing strategies that they apply.


A company can have both positive and negative reviews, depending on the experience of the user but is not an indication that the company is a scam.

12 Minute Affiliate is a legit site that when appropriately utilized, it can potentially be profitable to the user. The marketing model created by Devon Brown creates funnels for promoting the products of the seller. The system, therefore, can potentially make money for someone who is committed to making it work for them. Programs like this can be resourceful in teaching different models on how to approach internet marketing.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you found it helpful.

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  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your honest review with us. In the internet world, there are various kinds of scam sites. Actually, in earlier days I got caught to one of the scam sites. I lost money because of my wrong decisions. That is why we need honest reviews. I checked for about 12 minutes. I agree with you, it is too expensive to afford. I need to mention that the main part of this article is the cons section, according to my view. Once again thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments, Donjanuka. Unfortunately, there too many scam sites on the internet and many people fall for them. Should be a way to prevent that, so people don’t lose lots of money, Thanks again, Deanna 

  2. Was introduced to the 12 minutes affiliate for a while now. Last year to be precise but I didn’t bother to give it a try out because I thought it was only a waste of time. Now that I know the importance of working from home, I am willing to give it a shot so I decided to check a review on it. I see it has some pros and cons but I’d like to take the chance. Thanks

    • Thank you Riley for your comments. I hope my review was helpful. Yes it is helpful to be able to earn money working from home, Thanks again, Deanna


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