Simple Traffic Blueprint Review- Is it for you?


Simple Traffic Blueprint Review

Not a scam. Simple Traffic Blusprint is a legit program for learning how to get traffic to your site.

According to the creator of Simple Traffic Blueprint Philip Borrowman, this online training will help you generate traffic that is targeted. 

Borrowman is an internet marketer who decided to build this training to help you grow your affiliate business and also to earn some income from this training.

First, Kudos to you for researching all the products that you check out. That’s the best way to find out the truth of any of these products that are brought to your attention and avoid scam products.

I am not connected to this product in any way shape or form. I just want to make you aware of what is available. So, that being said I will not be trying to sell you this training.

What is a Simple Traffic Blueprint?

  • Who is it for?
  • What does the training consist of?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Scam or not a scam     

Review: Simple Traffic Blueprintmoney dollar bills

Owner: Philip Borrowman

Pros: Affiliate Marketing detailed

Cons: Not for a complete beginner

Verdict: Honest Training


Table of Content

Simple traffic Blueprint Summary is a step by step way to use this training to help you build traffic on You Tube.

Philip Borrowman is the creator of this training and he is 100% legit. So don’t expect one click of a button and the money flows in. He is the real deal, not a fly by night phony!

Simple Traffic Blueprint is easy to understand, easy to scale and honest. 

Getting Started

 Topics Covered:

  • What is a niche
  • Finding a domain name
  • Basics on how to build a website
  • Setting up a You Tube channel
  • Setting up your email marketingchart of internet users

How to Implement this training

  • Create content research
  • Keyword research
  • How to do a video
  • Upload video to You Tube
  • Create a landing page

An easy to follow 3 step process.

  1. Decide on a niche.
  2. Create high ranking basic video.
  3. Link to a squeeze page, landing page or even your email list.

This training will help you learn how to create basic videos about your niche using free traffic and keyword research.

Your videos will be linked to a squeeze page, landing page or even your email list.

Then just do it all over again or as ‘they say’, “Rinse and repeat”.


It’s not for you if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing. You need to get the basics in place with a website and everything that is related to that.

It’s more like icing on the cake to add to your arsenal of important training and to help you get to the next level.

This training will take you to the next level.  That’s what is called progress!


It’s a legit training course teaching you about using YouTube to build another link to your training  arsenal and money making possibilities.

Check this course out and see if it is something you can use.


The upsell consists of a bonus package including a website, email auto responder and more.

What does the bonus package offer?

It teaches you how to incorporate YouTube videos in a 30 lesson course, plus CPA for monetization.

Philip will teach you how to do YouTube videos and all that is required to get your own YouTube program up and running.

My Recommendation

First of all, this program is 100% legit.

Plus, You Tube is the face of the future for affiliate marketing.pyramid of affiliate marketing

Who can benefit from this training?

This program is good for anyone who has a website and wants to progress to making videos to help with the advancement of their training and success.

Another step to being successful and earning more commissions.

The training consists of

What I Like about Simple Traffic Blueprint

  1. Good support and training. You even receive the owners Whatsapp number. That shows that he is committed to help you succeed.
  2. No Nonsense Training.
  3. No spam or get rich quick scheme or push button system to teach you how to make money. He explains that this system will teach honestly and with integrity how to be successful.
  4. Borrowman also explains that there are a few tools that you will need to purchase., pay the upfront fee and you are good to go.

Money back Guarantee, You will be entitled to a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with this training.

The training consists of 30 training videos divided into 4 Modules

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Implementation
  • Conclusion

Borrowman will then proceed to teach you the steps needed to get set up.

The intro module will cover an overview of traffic.

When that is completed, he will answer questions and then show you how to achieve results using his training.

Second Module is Getting started. How to choose a niche and a domain name. Also, how to set up a website, youtube channel and email.

Third Module goes into content creation

You also learn about keyword research, and finding topic to create videos about and how to improve your traffic.

Then comes the fun part! Here you will learn how to actually make your own videos. Follow that with  a process of mental conditioning to help you take action.

Fourth Module He shares with you his community of internet marketers of internet marketers and their successes.

Final Thoughts

  • Make sure every step is done and in place
  • Monetize
  • Rinse and repeat


Just a side note.

If you are just starting out on your “make money on line journey”. Yes, you still need a blog and everything related, but YouTube is a great way to reach all the people(organic traffic).You should start out with this training first. Wealthy Affiliate, it has the basics and will lead you step by step to getting a website up and running and explains everything in simple to follow terms. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Plus you can join for free.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best and most comprehensive training available, bar none. Plus there is no charge to get started. No credit card or wallet needed.

Here is my link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out and see if it is the right fit for you.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope it was helpful and see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again. Please leave a comment below.

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