Neucopia – My Review

Neucopia Review

Name: Neucopia


Cost: $49.95 a month for basic membership /$169.95 for Premium, includes 34 guides about how to do online marketing.old typewriter

Owners: Rick Cook

Rank: 30 out of 100

I am not a member of this program or an affiliate.…-their-new-rules/


                             Overview of Neucopia

In this review, I will show you the good and bad points of this program and hopefully that will help you decide if this is a program that is worth getting involved in or to stay away from.

The term Neucopia means new abundance in Latin. Neucopia is promoted as a course that teaches you how you can get your own business up and running in the field of affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, that is just a cover-up for multi-level marketing.

In case you don’t know, that is to get people to join with nothing substantial to sell them, which is an MLM scam.

You make money off other people joining under you. In turn, those people refer others to join and that’s where the money comes from. There is nothing to buy or sell. Just a referral system to continually referring the company.


Some decent training.


You don’t receive 100% commission unless you opt in for the higher membership($300.00) and $167.95 per month. I think it is way overpriced.

Cost to join is way too high for what you get. 

Very unethical.

All the products offered in the membership can be found on Google for free, in a PLR package. Just do a search of Google for free PLR package.

You only learn how to promote this one product, not how to build a stable business.

The program entails a monthly cost and all it consists of is recruiting others to join. It’s been around since 2012

Just another MLM scheme.

You only get paid to recruit people. But, recruit them for what? There isn’t any product to use to build a business around.


Personally, I think it’s a borderline scam. There are too many gullible people wanting to get rich quick, that it’s easy to con the public.

Who is Neucopia for?

Only for people interested in constantly recruiting to earn an income online from them.

People that want to earn a quick buck, not build a reputable business.

You are not really building a business of your own.

You are just recruiting people to teach them how to recruit more people, but you are not building a real solid business of your own.scam sign

                                                                            Neucopia Compensation Plan

This program has 2 or 3 level marketing commission payouts.

If you are a new and basic member you pass your first 3 commissions up to the person that recruited you. If you are a premium member, you only pass up your first two commissions. 

Basic membership at $49.95 a month, you are offered 34 guides that are outdated and overpriced, being offered by PLR’s. Private Label Rights which are outdated and not very useful today. Very popular 4 or 5 years ago.

In order to make any money you have to become a premium member. Here, you will get the right training to help you earn $1,000 a week. So they say.

If you sign on as a basic member you soon find out that you really need to become a premium member to receive any of the perks.

Like making higher commissions or at least $1,000 a week.


                   Premium Membership

To join as a premium member, the cost is $269.95 for sign-up then $169.95 a month. I think that is very steep for what you get.

The training is o.k. But, very little support. If you have questions you are on your own.

Your biggest asset is training videos to explain how to promote the Neucopia program. 


                   My final comments

1 out of 10 stars

Very little chance to make any money. They lure you in with an inexpensive sign-in cost. Then once you join you soon find out that what you paid is not enough and you need the more expensive course or membership. Sounds familiar! So, like so many other MLM programs, my advice to you would be to be careful before you sign-up, check out Wealthy Affiliate before you do.

Neucopia is now officially shut down because they have been exposed as a scam. People began to see that it was not a legitimate program or an honest way to earn money.

Looking for a legit business model to start a honest and real business, than check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the real deal.

It’s an honest way to build a business that you can be proud of and eventually give to your children and grandchildren.

So, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free and only upgrade when you are ready. You will be glad you did. 

Check it out here.

Wealthy Affiliate, 2 million people are members. That’s saying something.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a business around any interest that you have, big or small. Don’t be afraid to check it out. You will be glad you did. And you can join for free. No credit card needed.

Thanks for your time, Deanna. Leave any comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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