Evergreen Wealth Formula- What Is It?

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This is my review of Evergreen Wealth Formula

Product: Evergreen Wealth Formula

Website: evergreenwealthformula.com

Price: $197.00 with upsell to $297.00

Founder:James Scholes

Scam: No, it’s not a scam. This program teaches you how affiliate marketing and email marketing works. Which is good for affiliate marketing beginners.

Cost: $197 with up sell of an additional  $297.00

Who’s it good for? Good for affiliate marketing beginners and email marketing beginners.

Yes, it is a legitimate program, a little on the pricey side and there is no test drive or free trial.

Rating 75/ 100.


James Scrolls the founder of this program claims it’s definitely possible to run on autopilot, but it does need some attention.  Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 teaches you the core methods of marketing and Email marketing and the best part is there is no content creation required.

It’s all done for you. It’s completely automated, therefore, it is very simple for beginners to get started.

Yes, it’s definitely possible to make money on autopilot. In fact most internet marketing businesses are set up that way. But you must do your due diligence before that can happen. You need to put in the work in the beginning.

Start making sales today? Probably not, if you are a beginner, but possible if you know you way around affiliate marketing.

Build a six-figure completely automated business in 90 days. Can it really do that or is it a scam? Maybe James can do that, but I doubt that a complete beginner can accomplish that.

The Good

James says that everything can be done in three easy steps using his tutorials tools and different resources.

1. Set up a fully automated systemevergreen wealth formula

2. Will run on auto-pilot

3. Needs attention only when you need more money. (who doesn’t)


What’s inside Evergreen Wealth Formula

Course 1 Your first email marketing campaign (9 lessons)

James teaches you how to set up you first email marketing campaign using the autoresponder Aweber, for which there is a monthly fee.

Course 2 Setting up a new website(3 lessons)

This course teaches you how to setup you website, your squeeze page and connect your autoresponder to everything.

Course 3. Automate and scaleup (10 lessons)

In this course, James will teach you how to use social media to drive traffic to your website.

Course 4. Automate and scale up (4 lessons)

More on how to use social media and how to get more followers.

Course 5 Fast traffic (4 lessons)

How to get fast traffic using paid traffic.

And finally the Bonus course YouTube traffic module (7 lessons)

Evergreen wealth formula 2.0 teaches you all of this.

It’s completely automated

Therefore, it is so much simpler for beginners. Plus, if you ever need help, James is accessible.

The Bad

The only drawback is affiliate marketers should learn and also email marketers should learn copywriting. It’s definitely a necessary skill to have if you are going to be involved in internet marketing. Those are skills you need to know and use on a daily basis.

Do I think this is a good program? Yes, although I do think it is a little on the pricey side by the time you add in your autoresponder’s  monthly fee and other additions, but all in all it’s a good program. And you will definitely need an autoresponder anyway to help with handling email marketing, which is very important in your money making journey.

I do have a problem with some of his teachings though, I feel it is somewhat unethical for you to create fake accounts on social media and also copying and pasting content into your website, even if it is from James own site. I know Google will frown on this practice and it could cause problems down the road.

Good Support

In the members area, there is  support. You can have discussions with other members or James himself. If you contact James himself he will guide you.  And that is lifetime email support which is great.But, there isn’t any forum or chat room where you can bounce questions and ideas around.

Good or Bad

A little bit of both. Learning email marketing, getting a website set up are all good things. But the unethical training make me a little suspicious as to it’s credibility.

There are many good programs for earning money with affiliate marketing and this is one of them.

Personally, I think you have to find the right fit for you. What type of learning platform works best for you as compared to another method of teaching. I know what works best for me.

All in all, I think Evergreen Wealth is a good program, especially for someone just starting out. It’s easy to follow, without a lot of complicated training to confuse the newbie.

But, the program I have had the most success with and been with the longest is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can check out my review here. Plus, you can join for free, to see if you like it.

Thank you for reading my article and if you have any questions,  please contact me below and I will reply as soon as possible. Deanna


6 thoughts on “Evergreen Wealth Formula- What Is It?”

  1. I have actually been following some of James Scholes techniques on youtube on affiliate marketing and how to get more sales. So I would be surprised if this course does not deliver as promised. The cost though of the product is on the high side but something tells me that it might actually be worth it. I would not consider it a course that is perfect due to some of its teachings but it would be worth a try. 

    Do you have any idea if he offers a money-back guarantee on this product just in case I am not convinced after my purchase?

    • Hi Manuel, Thanks for the comments. I had never heard of James before reviewing his program. Yes, I agree the cost of the program is quite high. If it is successful for you, than the cost would be justified. I don’t think there is a money back guarantee, but, I’m not sure. You might want to check that out. Thanks again for the comments and good luck in your future endeavors. Deanna 

  2. Very interesting to see here is the review of  Evergreen wealth formula. It is simply good because of how it has been broken down. I cane across it on the net and decided to do my due diligent research before thinking of joining such platforms. I’m really hoping that I can bank my success on them because I want to invest on this. I like the free offer and that makes it all more interesting to me. Thumbs up

    • Thanks again for your comments, I was not aware of a free offer. Will have to check that out because the original offer was on the pricy side. Good luck with your venture into Evergreen Wealth, and good luck in your journey. Thanks again for the comments, Deanna

  3. Evergreen wealth formula isn’t really a big turn on to me and my resin ia because of the price it is going for to join and also the upsells does not seem encouraging to Mr. Hence, this is really good to see here. Though their training is rather massive, but I would love to inquire about the tendency for me  to make money with their DFY offer since most DFY are just very redundant in most cases. Thanks

    • Hi Rodarrick, thanks for the comments. Yes, I agree with you that the price is quite high. I think there are better programs giving as much training at a better cost. Plus, there are a few things that I don’t agree with about copying content. Thanks again, Deanna


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