Are You Missing Out?

Are You Missing Out? That is my question to you.  Are you working hard and missing out?  Do you have a great job with plenty of benefits? Or unfortunately,  do you find yourself in the large number of young workers, just starting out after high school in their first full time job.  Without the enormous  … Read more

Xyngular Review- What to Consider

Thanks for checking out my review of Xyngular, and what to consider before signing up. Hopefully, I can help you decide if it is a product worth checking out or to avoid altogether. Maybe, you have been approached about this product or you found it on the internet. First of all, is it a scam? … Read more

Gourmet Cupboard, My Honest Review

Gourmet Cupboard:  My Honest Review So, what is Gourmet Cupboard? Name: Gourmet Cupboard Website: Gourmet Cupboard Cost to join; $20.00 to $100.00 Rating; Owners: Melissa Holmes and Judy Baker Type of business: prepared food for delivery Recommended: No Searching for an additional source of revenue is what most people are focusing on. Most everyone could … Read more

How To Get An Online Job

Are you happy with your job? Most people are not. Most people are working longer hours for less pay or less in their retirement fund. Do you need a better job?  Would you rather be working for yourself? Make you own hours. My son works for a world-wide corporation and every year they are restructuring their … Read more

How To Improve Your LIfe

Are you unhappy with your job and do you want to improve your life? Where do you start? There are many ways to make the necessary changes for a better quality of life. But it’s in your hands. You have to make the changes if you want to have a better lifestyle. Are there ways to … Read more