Build A Biz- Online Review

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Build A Biz Online Review

First of all thank you for your interest in my information about Build a Biz – Online Review.

And congratulations on taking the time to do your own research before purchasing any training.

 Doing your research about a product before you purchase it is the best way to find out if the product is an asset to you reaching your goals in the online world. 

I am not affiliated with Build a biz online in any way. Disclaimer.

I just want to make you aware of some of the many scams that flood the internet. So let’s get started.

Build A Biz Online refers to a marketing framework that identifies the owner as Ian Stewart.

 This website is a set of marketing tools designed for newbies, and it is inclusive of an affiliate program. This program includes a splash page builder, an email autoresponder, URL rotator, link cloaking/tracking, and a wide range of promotion tools that will help the user promote different programs on the same page. 

This article will give clear positive and negative reviews of the entire Build A Biz Online as well as its various components.

Build A Biz Online Autoresponder.

Similar to most auto-responders, a user has to begin by creating a campaign.

This package gives the user pre-formatted pages, unsubscribe options and thank you pages.

For people who are new to online marketing, this auto-responder comes automated for newbies. The responder features an inbuilt HTML editor that is highly recommendable when formatting campaign emails. 

In addition to creating your auto-responder messages, this addition ensures that these emails look good when they get to the recipient.

For most auto-responders, they do not require the user to pre-format them, and they feature an inbuilt HTML editor. 

The owner of Build a Biz Online provides videos that guide newbies on how to set a auto-responder up. However, this setup might be challenging for people who may be unfamiliar with HTML. 

The benefit of this autoresponder is that the user does not have to copy the HTML capture form and copy it onto any page builders or forms.

 Every campaign connects automatically to the capture page to enable the user to start campaigning and immediately  add their body copy and headlines.

Although this auto-responder is not the greatest you will ever use,  it is affordable and will only cost you $ 10.00 for the pro plus membership every month.chart of WA


Build A Biz Online Splash Page Builder

The Splash Page Builder comes with more than sixty pre-made templates that a user is free to choose from. All that is required of a user is to add their headlines, keywords, and body copy so that they can have a splash page in place for easy promotion.


Unfamiliar users can take about half an hour to try out various templates to test the auto-responder to ensure that all pages are fully functional. However, as you continue interacting with the page builder, it will take you less time as you work with it to create pages.


Build A Biz Online 

This feature is the one that sets Build a Biz Online apart from other marketing tools in its price range. For the monthly price, you get tracking analytics and links so that you can easily understand the impact of your promotions.

More about Build a Biz Online

The details of Build A Biz Online affiliate program

How do you join the Build a Biz Online affiliate program?

Build A Biz Online affiliate program pays a USSD$ 20 gifting payment to the recruiting affiliate who recruited a new member. However, to participate fully in the Build A Biz Online multi-level marketing program requires an affiliate to pay USSD $870 annually in gifting payments.


Being your own boss.


Build A Biz Online affiliate program:

Here is the downside.

It is very important to understand that the Build A BIZ affiliate program is a standard cash gifting scheme. This explains why services on an advertisement at the Build A Biz Online website are full of payments that are made within their system.

The actual disadvantage is that payments in this program are made between affiliates, which raises the question of what happens when the payments slow down.

To dig deeper into the above matter, let us look at it this way: when someone signs up as a new Build A Biz Online Affiliate, they primarily make payments to their referring affiliates. It is automatic that these payments will reduce shortly after recruitment.

This means that with time, the program will only benefit those who joined it when it was it was newly  introduced, and those who joined recently will lose their money.


Build A Biz Online is a suitable and recommendable system for anyone new to affiliate marketing,  if they have the right guidance and are ready to take the risk. However, it is wiser to not get involved for ANYONE  who has absolutely no knowledge  of affiliate marketing because the loss might be huge! We wish you all the best and good luck in your affiliate marketing business.

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