60 Minute Flips- Is It That Easy?

60 Minute Flip Review

Product: 60 Minute Flips

Owners: Trevor Carr, Lance Groom and Gary Garnett:

Costs: $ 7.00

What is: 60 Minute flips? A method that seems too good to be true.

Website: www.phlos.net/60-minute-flip-sales/

Launch date June 2018

Bonus: yes

Refund: yes, 30 days with no questions

Support: Effective

Recommended: Yes

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In this post, I’ll explain how a 60-Minute flip works.

Very similar to Trevor Carr’s product called Flipadom. Also, all about flipping domains names for a profit.

When Lance needed some extra money, he stumbled upon the 60-minute flip. Even, though he supposedly was making a million dollars a year in the internet marketing business.

The 60-minute flip might sound too simplistic, but according to Lance it works.

It all boils down to buying websites low and selling them for a good profit.

If you don’t have time or not interested in starting a full-time online business, then 60-minute flips maybe just the thing for you. But, don’t kid yourself, there’s a lot of work involved.

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Who, can benefit from this.

Even, though flipping domains has been around for quite a while, maybe this course will help you to jump-start the process and quickly earn some extra income.

The training is good and certainly can help you to get started in earning some extra cash without a big investment.

But, first let me tell you, I am in no way affiliated with this program. I’m just going to give you my unbiased opinion of how I see this product.

How much is it to get started?

The sales page with the promise of success is just $7.

I thought WOW another pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick scam.

But, fortunately it is possible.

The lowdown on 60-minute flips is good. It certainly has plenty of value.

Even the up sells have good value and it’s a steal at $7.

Trevor and his team are giving you what you need to get started.

What does this training offer?

60-minute flips is a product created by Lance Groom, Trevor Carr and Gary Barnett.

This course will teach you how to find domains that you can register very inexpensively and flip in a very short time and make a good profit, anywhere from 10 to $15 to making a nice profit by selling for upwards of seven hundred or more.

That’s right. Not bad, is it? Is it possible? Maybe.

Who is it for? It’s for anyone who doesn’t have the time to develop a full online business but could you use some extra cash. 60-minute flips can help you earn that extra cash. But, it does involve time, it’s not just click a couple of buttons.

How expensive is it?

Very inexpensive, just $7 to start a system to earning up to $700 a flip.

It is very much a Hands-On program, not a set it and forget it system, like affiliate marketing.

But it’s still a way to put some extra cash in your pocket.

One feature of 60-minute flip is a chance to watch a 1.5 hour coaching video. You can also get individual training videos that’s hand-carry and guide you to buying, selling, setting up a sales page and then show you how to list it.

Plus, individual training videos, taking you by the hand and guiding you every step of the way to profits. Plus it’s fun to do.

Here’s what you’ll get

Welcome video

Module 1 Intro from Trevor and Lance, plus bonus 1.5 hour replay of Lance’s one-on-one, my domain flipping ($97)

Module 2 Finding the right domains

Extra charges:

Expired domain names, refine your search. $11.30

Domain Data Mining- Finding high brand able Domain names $21.48

Using Google for Domain Ideas $8.52

Using Flippa for researching domain names $15.23

9 modules of training with 18 easy to understand videos.

Eleven videos

Inside the training, the training is newbie friendly and easy to follow.

Plus learn the right way to choose domain names that are catchy and easy to resell. Plus learn how to find them and how to get them at a reasonable price.

Plus also learn how to put them up for sale on Warrior Plus platform or Flippa.

Also, you will be taught how to transfer the website when it is sold.

This training is a good beginning, but it will not become an instant success. Getting traffic will be very crucial and that’s not always very easy.

How does it work?

As easy as they claim, No, most of the people looking for domains have been in the internet marketing business for quite a while and know what they are doing. So, you will have to learn the in and outs of the business. And that only comes with experience. This training will give you a good beginning and a starting point.

Getting traffic to the sites is crucial to your being successful and that’s not easy.

Is It A Scam?

No, I don’t consider it a scam, but it’s not quite as easy as they make it seem. It will take a lot of traffic to each site with plenty of work. But, 60 Minute Flip has plenty of training and information which can help you get started.


Good Information.

Teaches you how to find domains to sell and how to transfer them to the buyer. Also, how to do it quickly.

Simple to follow.

The training is very easy to follow.

Priced right.

For $7.00 you can’t go wrong. If you follow the course you will surely make your money back and if you stick with it you will probably  keep earning.


Additional software needed. For full use you must purchase a membership.

Not a full-time business.

Definitely a hands on business, not a set it and forget it system.

Way too many e-mails from the owners selling this program.

But, it’s a great way to get started making some money on the side.

My top recommended course

If you are looking for a serious online training program to earn into the future for years, check out my top recommended course to build a profitable business for years to come.

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Hopefully I’ll see you on the inside.

Thanks, for reading and please leave any comments below and I will get back to you soon. Deanna


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