What IsThe Definition of Insanity?



What is Insanity?

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Well, it’s doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

How many times have we done that in the internet marketing world? I know that I have plenty of times.

How many shiny programs do we go thru?

Going from one shiny program to the next, hoping to find that one that will solve all your problems and get you making money with very little work. If only it worked that way, wouldn’t that be great.

There is work if you want to build a sustainable business. A business that will help you earn money for many years to come.

Unfortunately, there is not any program out there that I have found where you can start earning money immediately, if not sooner, that’s a legitimate  program.

If you have been exposed to “earning money on line with just a click on your mouse” mentality we have been led to believe that it’s possible to earn money that easily.

But that’s not the real world. Unless I just haven’t found it yet.

Be careful not to follow those get rich quick or as they are referred to as the “Shiny objects”. Promising you everything is done for you, when in reality nothing is done for you. They just take your money.

Being an affiliate marketer is work. Not hard or very complex, but work all the same. You will get stuck and need help, but fortunately there is plenty of help available. Just ask.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t have the greatest computer skills. I didn’t when I started, but you will learn as you go along.

How many scams have you seen?

There are a lot of scams out there and I know I’ve fallen for quite a few. Just go on Google and YouTube and they are there, take your pick. Don’t get me wrong there are some very good training videos on YouTube, but there are a lot of pie-in-the-sky scams there also.

Fortunately I learned soon that anything you want in this world you have to work hard for, even in the  internet marketing world.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could earn a nice living just clicking the mouse a few times.

First  with all the “Get Rich Quick  Schemes” you are stuck listening to the long spiel or video showing the mansions, the fancy cars, boats and jets.

You have to listen to their sob story about how poor they were before they figured out this very simple system to riches that anyone can do. Just trust them to lead you down the path to riches. After you part with your money!


But, guess what, it doesn’t work that way.

I have purchased many of these software programs and it just doesn’t work that way at all. I have signed up for training where the program was just closed down and no reason given and there goes your money and all your hard work.

A few of those I worked on for many months and one I was involved in for over a year. I’m surprised I didn’t just quit. I’m too stubborn I guess.

Plus, you waste a lot of time and money watching and listening for hours on end to a lot hype and big shots that love listening to themselves talk.

Then what about the webinars?

You sigh up for a webinar from someone who has been promoting to you. You set aside that time and start listening to what they have to say.

To be fair, usually the webinar has some useful information but at the end of the presentation they try to convince you that you have to buy this product to make every thing work.

I have signed up for many of these webinar and found that to be true each and every time.

If you are really interested and serious about earning a living from home the only thing I’m going to tell you is to look at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s the only real, honest, and no-nonsense program or course out there, that I have found. I’m sure there are others, but I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate. And that after spending a couple of years chasing my tail.pyramid of affiliate marketing

You sign up for free, No credit card required and when you are ready, you join the Premium, but only if you want. You can stay in the starter program for as long as you need to. No pressure to upgrade.

This program has everything you will ever need to build a very valuable business that you can leave to your children and grandchildren. How does that sound?

It’s not a get rich quick program

Don’t expect it to be a get rich quick program where the money just pours into your bank account without any work from you.

This course  entails  plenty of work and making mistakes. But if you have determination and perseverance you can  build a very lucrative online business that will work for you for many years.

It has a community of over 2 million members, like-minded people that are there to help you when you get stuck. All you have to do is post a question and you will receive an answer very quickly. That’s right 2 Million Members!

They have a Starter program which is completely free or upgrade to the Premium program where you have access to every thing they  have to offer, no upsells, no additional fees.

A free websites to help you get started and so much free training it’s hard to absorb it all and that’s the FREE Starter signup.

How would it feel to do something once and get paid over and over again! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.
Once you have completed all the training and have your site established, you will generate income for years to come.
And, then just rinse and repeat with another site when you are ready.
And the best thing is it’s 100% free to get started, no credit card needed. Click here to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
Another good thing is the cost is not prohibitive and it can be done in your spare time from the comfort of home.
It’s not a get-rich-quick program and you will have to be patient and discipline yourself to spending the time writing a lot of articles, rather than watching a ballgame or movie on TV.
But the rewards will be worth it.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and you will see everything they have to offer.

And if you have any comment or questions, just ask me below and I will get back to you soon as possible.  Thank-you, Deanna


10 thoughts on “What IsThe Definition of Insanity?”

  1. Hey great and informative article and I like that you are straight to the point. Been scammed dozens of times in the past by products that promised instant success. I can’t believe I was that stupid believing that stuff. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I could not been happier about the product! It delivers everything it promises.

    • Thank you for your review. I think anyone trying to get success in internet marketing is going to run into scams. I try not to pay for anything. Did enough of that. Glad you are enjoying WA. I love it. Just have to get more comfortable intermingling with the community, and asking questions. Thanks again and much success. Deanna

  2. One can become pretty insane after doing the same thing over and over again with little to no results. This can be a very frustrating feeling and I think that most internet marketers have been there.

    In the end I think one should try a lot of things and then only repeat that which works. Once you have the formula or the blueprint, then it is just a matter of duplication and then you will start to see results. I would advise anyone to give Wealthy Affiliate at least a try.

  3. Very timely article Deanna,
    Only yesterday I was sucked into watching a video with obvious actors pretending to be clients of a get rich quick scam site.
    They were holding up checks for 10 grand claiming to have earned this in 2 weeks!
    Sad that people get fooled by these scams.
    Wealthy Affiliate is legit, I agree its the best training tool for an online business out there!
    Take care,
    – Luke

  4. Hi Deanna
    It is a very clear and nice post, I agree with you about that everything you want in this world you have to work hard for. Where I live, there is an old saying ‘ What comes easily, goes easily ‘.
    I recently joined Wealthy affiliate community, I found that they are very helpful, the training material is huge and useful, the live chat is available for instant help and a lot more.
    Thanks for sharing your post, happy new year.

  5. Frankly, I’ve had enough of get rich quick schemes, I’ve personally known many friends who started out with the best of intentions but who got mercilessly scammed by internet marketers who promised things they couldn’t deliver on.

    When will people learn that in order to make money, you’ve got to provide value, and to provide value entails hard work?

    I hope more aspiring marketers read your article and are inspired to earn money the slow but steady way.

    • Hi Cerulean, Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately many people are falling for the get rich quick scams. People that don’t have the extra money.

      Too bad that they haven’t heard about WA. You’re right, it take hard work and dedication to make money. Thanks again, Deanna


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