John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review

Hello and welcome to my review of John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review

In this review I will try to help you decide if this fairly expensive training is worth your time and money or not.

Name: John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review

Website: John Thornhill Ambassador Program

Price: $497.00 with upsells.

Owners: John Thornhillchart of WA

Training Quality: Good

Overall Rank: 50/ 10

Who is it for: An experienced Marketer. Some one that understands the ins and outs of this process.

 Summary: This program is an affiliate marketing program with very little training inside and very costly. A lot of the information is done for you, which is helpful. But, that being said, it is not teaching you the fine details. You are just going on John’s coattails.

The program is enticing except for the unknown. What if the program is shut down! What happens to your business and all your work? Does it just go away. Those are some of the questions you must check out.

In my opinion, you are better off to start from scratch and build your own business from the ground up and understand it in’s entirety.

Here’s the program I recommend. Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free to start.

 Welcome to John Thornhill Ambassador Program Review

In all fairness, let me say that I am not affiliated with this training in any way. I will not receive any commissions should you decide to purchase this training.

So, that being said, let’s get started.

First off, this program is promoted as a done for you training program. You are told that this is a fast and easy way to make lots of money. Plus, without much work! That would be nice, if it’s true!

First, let’s get acquainted with John.

He has been a digital marketer for 19 years. He’s a top earner on Clickbank and JVZoo. Very impressive!

John is the real McCoy, not some phony unknown, set up to just get you to sign up and take your hard earned money.

And, good for you, for doing your research.

That’s the best way to avoid any scams.

So, let’s see what this program is all about. Is it too good to be true or is it worth investing in?

What’s inside the John Thornhill Ambassador Program?

Traffic Training: Teaches the basics of internet traffic. This module is to help members get more traffic using the program’s funnels.

DFY Webinar Traffic Funnel:

This segment is selling John’s webinars and digital programs to you. Plus, you are getting access to John’s license. You must join first and then you will receive the webinar funnel and landing page. Then you can invite others to watch the webinar funnel and landing page to help promote this product. Inside it contains a lot of DFY nuggets to help you make money online and help John receive extra money as well.

99 Email Scripts:

This segment you will receive 99% done for you email templates, promoting John Thornhills program, to be sent to your email list. Here you will be signing up to an auto-responder (A Weber), John’s preference in auto-responders.

You will receive promotional emails, all set to send out in 30 days promoting John’s products. All done for you.

Then you will start driving traffic to your landing page.

JV Page

This section teaches how to hire affiliates to market John’s products.pyramid of affiliate marketing

Unfortunately, you have to share your revenue that you earn with them.

You will get 50% of the profit and the affiliate team receives credit for the rest.

Check out this program that will take you from a-z in learning affiliate marketing.


Unfortunately , John’s program does have an upsell. But, it is 10 times more expensive than the training.

Which will take months to pay off.

If this program seems a little to rich for you than check out my favorite training. It takes you from a – z in how to learn affiliate marketing.

Let me share with you my number 1 training. It will take you from baby steps to earning a great income online in your spare time.

The program is Wealthy Affiliate and it will teach you all there is to know about affiliate marketing and can have you up and making money soon.

So, check out Wealthy Affiliate here, you will be glad you did. Did I tell you that it has over 2 million members and is free to get started.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you soon. Thanks, Deanna

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