Legendary Marketer–Is It The Real Deal?

This is my take on Legendary Marketer

What do you know about Legendary Marketer? Is it an honest program or is it a scam? Do you have to pay to play or is it free? These are some questions I hope to answer for you in this article.

NAME: Legendary Marketer

Website: legendary marketer.com

Cost: $30.00 a month for starters

Owner: David Sharpe (Duplicate Dave)

Recommended:  .

Legendary Marketer is a system loaded with business tools and many products to sell and yes you can make money with Legendary Marketer, but it depends on how much you want to invest.

According to the sales video you can make thousands of dollars in your first month.

When, signed up, I was given directions to follow for the first 15 days free of charge. Watching testimonials of successful members and how successful they were.

Soon, I was told to call a coach and get my program set up.  when you talk to a coach, there is not much information shared. My coach gave me instructions to follow next, and she unlocked my next lesson for me.



What does Legendary Marketer consist of?

When I joined I became a member of the Club level membership at $30.00 a month which didn’t seen to expensive.

It is the least expensive of all their programs.

 This program includes:

15 cores make money online lessons marketing club.

Modules of training

  • list building
  • list tracking
  • you tube
  • you tube ad tutorials
  • Facebook
  • Facebook fan tutorials

Unfortunately, you are only allowed into lesson 1, without an up sell.

Yes, there is. It’s a very organized and easy to understand program. Also, some valuable information included. Plus, there is money to be made if you can afford to spend money first.

The modules are set-up so you have to finish one module before you can move to the next one, thus, preventing jumping around and not completing each lesson properly.

But, all in all, too many costly upgrades for me to consider it a viable program for most people.

Most people researching affiliate marketing are looking to earn money because they have very little extra cash hanging around! So, investing in Legendary Marketer is not a viable prospect for them.

I personally feel you should have some background and training before you get involved in Legendary Marketer, your chances of being successful are much greater. Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to earn extra money, but, it is not that easy to learn or do.

How Does it work?

The owner of Legendary Marketer, Dave Sharpe feels the success rate for small business is better using a franchise model because the success rate for internet businesses is only 1 out of 10.

In this business model, you follow their training and just resell the same training to your prospects.

Rinse and repeat. You just duplicate what he has created and that makes  boatloads of money. But, don’t forget the up sells.

Different levels of training.

  1. Marketers Club: $30 a month
  2. Masters: $2,500
  3. Leaders Masterclass: $5,000
  4. 6 week influencer Package : 3 payments of $997.

Overall Rating: I give it a 5 out of 10

The first level gives you mostly testimonials from satisfied members.

The turnoff was then trying to sell you to the next up sale or level.

Club membership consists of these core lessons for making money online.

  • List Building
  • List tracking
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Facebook tutorials
  • Facebook fan pages and more.
  • Many people are making good money from this system.

But the good thing is, it is easy to get a refund if you do so within 30 days. No problem.

What I Didn’t like

Not a MLM scheme but very similar.

Most training is geared to promoting Legendary Marketer and how to recruit new members.

From what I understood the training, does nothing to create or help you build your own business. But, to be fair I did not complete all the training. Too expensive.

High ticket up sells. You definitely need money to get started and if you had money, you would not need Legendary Marketer.

Another problem is you can only access lesson 1 until you speak to a coach or pay the up sell. To me that is unethical. If, you pay to join a program you should have access to it.


Support is nonexistent. There is no community to rely on, no forum to use or any live chat. There is a phone call that you can tune into most mornings at 10:00. But it does not include any training that I saw or heard.

I am not sure about  recommending  that you spend your hard-earned money on this program.

The biggest thing that worried me was that David Sharpe was one of the original founders of Empower Network, which was considered a MLM pyramid system and was eventually closed down.

Checking around on the internet, many people are recommending Legendary Marketer. So my advice would be to get involved in the Marketers Program that is $30 a month. Very affordable for most people. Also, easy to cancel if you are not satisfied.

I hope this review  answers some of your most important questions about Legendary Marketer, and you find the best program to help you reach your financial goals. Best of luck to you!

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. No up sells, everything is available to you from day one for free. No credit card, go in, look the program over and see if you can benefit from it, I’m sure you can and you can stay in the starter program for as long as you want. 2 MILLION members can’t be wrong. Plus, they are always willing to give you a helping hand by answering your questions.

Many of the members are 5 and 6 figure earners, so they have a lot of information to share to help you succeed. You can check it out here.

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Have been doing this for 7 years and it’s one of the most ethical programs out there and the easiest to understand. Kyle takes you from A to Z. in his training. Plus, their is plenty of advanced training from WA members and all kinds of extra training available after you have finished the start up course and implemented that training.

They are always adding new training, giving you  the most up to date information available for making money in the online world.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and see what you think!

Best program on affiliate marketingSo, check it out. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box and I will answer them as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna


2 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer–Is It The Real Deal?”

  1. What the heck. I wonder why many people derive pleasure from duping people just for their selfish interest. I can’t bother myself to join this kind of platform of which after paying a rediculous high price for joining, there is no grant to move forward without purchasing other upsells. I will rather use the amount to join a legit platform which offer no upsells and there is guarantee for better profit.
    The platform will be insecure if truly one of the brain behind empower network is also the founder of the legendary marketer  There is possibility for failure. Though, this review happened to be the first review about legendary marketer I ever come across but am very sure it will be of great help for someone looking for review that will convince them about the platform.

    • Hi Stella, Unfortunately, many people are new to affiliate marketing and really don’t know where to look for honest and reliable programs to help them. As Wealthy Affiliate more people will be exposed to the great format that is available here. Thanks for your comments, Deanna


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