How to Start Your Own Online Business From Home

How to start your own online business from home.


computerWhere do you start?

Where were you a year ago? Are you in the same financial situation as last year or are you better off?  Same old job, same boring lifestyle with no extra cash to enjoy some of the nicer things in life, like vacations, newer car, nicer home etc.

Are you tired of the daily grind, work, go home, sleep, get up and go to work again?

Do you have an entrepreneurial mind? Can you think outside the box?

Well, if you can, then let me  show you a better way!

If a retired hairdresser with very limited computer skills  and absolutely no knowledge of affiliate marketing can do this, trust me, anyone can!

If you are new to affiliate marketing, hopefully this article will give you a clearer understanding of what it’s all about.
First, it’s  a low-cost way to get your own business started, without a brick and mortar building with all the start-up cost like rent, licenses, wages, payroll and inventory. And you can work from home or on vacation.

I wish this was available when I started my first hair salon, with all the costs involved in that!

You don’t have to deal with disgruntled employees and clients. What a relief that is!

Also, an on-line business has fewer headaches, much easier to get started.

You can work from home, still watch your children or work while traveling. You can do this part-time or full-time, whatever works for you. Sounds pretty good, right. Well it is good, very good. But you DO have to work the program.

You have very little overhead as compared to a brick and mortar business.
You promote other people’s products and earn a commission. It sounds quite simplistic, but it is not that easy, or everyone would be on the bandwagon.

It is certainly possible to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing, but stay away from the “Gurus”. They will offer you all kinds of get rich quick programs which are not always honest. Always asking for more money with no work involved.

You do have to work at affiliate marketing, but it is definitely possible to make money if you get involved in the right training.
But there is lots of opportunity available, if you are willing to work hard, but probably not any harder than you are now working.
There are thousand of big name companies who are using this method to generate sales with less advertising costs.
Here’s how you earn money?

You become an affiliate.toilet paper money

Affiliates earn a commission when a sale is made.

Commissions can vary  depending on the product, for digital products through a company like Clickbank there is a wide range of commissions.
Becoming an affiliate is not too hard. One of the easiest places to start is Amazon, also Clickbank is quite easy to get started on, check out their program, go to or Amazon Associates.

But let’s start at the beginning. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, I’ll explain it to you quite easily. First you find something that interest you, like a hobby, a sport, pets, or something you are familiar with through your work experiences or hobbies , anything you enjoy.

Maybe you love dogs, a certain breed of dogs, maybe German Shepherds. You could start a niche with that. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. How to train your German Shepard not to bark or jump on people, something like that.

It needs to be something that you can write about. Something that interests you and you can share and help others.

That’s the name of the game, helping others. Share your knowledge about a particular topic, that’s it in a nutshell.

I like to cook and bake, so I should do a website about recipes, in fact I have already bought a domain for that purpose. I’ll get to it in time.

First, you need a domain name, something that is easy to remember and simple.

Using that domain name, you will build a website (don’t get scared)  it’s very easy with the right platform, about this topic.

Then you will get a network to find products to recommend that are associated with this topic or niche (as it is called in the affiliate world).

Become an Amazon Associate

A good place to get your feet wet in the affiliate world is Amazon.chart of internet users
You join Amazon Associates and become a member of Amazon. It’s very easy to join.

Go to Amazon home page, scroll down and find Amazon Associates and join there. Just fill out all the forms and you will be approved in a day or so. Just make sure you have a website up and running before you apply.

I can help with that. Join Wealthy affiliate for free and they will teach you how to set up a website.

Then you search for products associated with the topic or “niche” you chose. It could be cameras, camping equipment, any number of things that could be something you know about and could write about. The sky’s the limit.

That’s the most important step, to write articles, lots of articles. Your job is to inform and help people.

Your job is to give your readers as much useful information as possible and help them in the buying process.

Also your articles should be at least 1,000 words long, with images and videos included in them.

In the beginning you can use YouTube videos, but as you get more advanced in your training, you can do your own, isn’t that neat.

So if this idea of making money on line interests you, you have come to the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for learning affiliate marketing and it is free to join. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and see what you think.

Yes, you can test drive Wealthy Affiliate completely free, no time limit, no up front sales. No credit card needed.

No credit card needed.

Over 2 million members that are very happy use the Wealthy Affiliate format. They are doing everything right. That is a community that is willing to help you get up and running very soon, just follow the training, plus there are no up-sales.

That’s right over 2 million members are there to help you get a jump-start with your on-line career. There is no community like the helping community inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, I will be there to help you every step of the way. So, thanks for reading this article and I’ll see you on the inside.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna.



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