How To Build A Successful Amazon Affiliate Site

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Do you know how to build a successful Amazon affiliate site?

If not, I am here to  help explain to you how to build a successful Amazon affiliate site.

Number One: Decide on a niche

Number Two: Choose a domain

Number Three: Select a design

Number  Four: Publish your site

Number Five: Join Amazon AssociatesAmazon logo

Choosing a domain:

First you need to choose a domain which should be relevant to your niche.

It’s important  that you choose a profitable niche.

If you chooses an unprofitable niche your commissions will be very small and you will earn very little money for all your hard work.

Go into Amazon and study the different categories that are available and have products to sell.

Check out the best seller category. Those are the most profitable

Look for the higher priced items, and then choose some products that you are familiar with.

There are many products available, just choose something that you would be interested in promoting or that you know something about. You have to write  many articles about the products, so make sure it is something you like and can write about and feel there is a market for. Electronic products are popular and expensive, so are cameras. So your commission would be better  Maybe drones, they could be costly. I know camping equipment is very popular. That’s a few suggestions.

It could be golf clubs, televisions, baby items such as strollers or car seats. The sky’s the limit.

Always pick a product or niche that cost at least $100. The more expensive the product the higher the commission you will receive.  Amazon’s commission’s are on the lower side. So to make this venture profitable by leaning towards higher priced items.

Pick a niche that has at least 25 items. That will give you plenty of items to write articles for.

Start checking out the different products you picked and see if they have any reviews.

Some products just don’t sell online, people want to see it in person.

If they have many good reviews it will be a good indication that the product is a good seller.

Deciding on your domain name

Now it’s time to pick your domain name: always try to pick a name that is easy to remember. And always try to get a dot com address.

Sometimes if the domain is taken you can always put dashes between the words like bob – But that is not preferred.

Don’t choose a name  that is hard to remember or spell.  It could be related to the products you are going to promote or it can be something very simple. Check out other peoples and that can give you plenty of ideas. You can always just use your own name .com.

Once you have a domain purchased you need to get your domain hosted.

Domain hosting

My favorite hosting site is HostGator. I find it very simple to use and they are very helpful in their support area.

HostGator will send you an e-mail with all your information you need.

Go into HostGator cPanel and connect to WordPress.

Use the user name and password they sent you to get into WordPress. Now you are all set to start setting up your website.

Setting up your website

First you have to choose a theme, there are plenty to choose from.

Pick something very simple for your first web site.

There are many to choose from on your WordPress site.   One that I have used and liked is from Premium WordPress themes.

It’s called Genesis and I think the cost is $59.95. But there are plenty of free themes on Word press. Check them over and see what looks good to you and what you want it to do for your site.

Plus, you can always change your theme without much trouble.

Content is king

Now you are ready to start creating content.  Try to make all of  your articles over 1,000 words. Write plenty of reviews about your products and related products

I recommend that you write review articles for your site.  They are the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Comparison articles are also very good. Comparing your product against other products out there is important for the consumer to have a better idea of what’s good.

It’s very important to be giving your visitors relevant and useful information .Your job is to inform your readers, not to just take their money.

Install table press plug in into your WordPress site and this will help you make a nice comparison table.

Comparison tables will help your site convert which will help you make money.

Now start writing articles for your site, study how to use WordPress , add images and links to Amazon in each article.

Be careful not to do links stuffing so two or three links per article is good.  Also adding some Amazon pictures of your product will help a lot.

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Best of luck to you in your future ventures!

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck  and thank you, Deanna

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