Learn From Your Own And Others Mistakes

  How can you learn from your own mistakes and others mistakes? In the case of your mistakes, first you have to admit you made a mistake. If you don’t take ownership, it will be hard to learn from it. Smart people admit to making a mistake, so they can benefit and learn from it. … Read more

Swagbucks- Is It A Moneymaker?

Have you heard of Swagbucks? Is it a moneymaker? PRODUCT: Swagbucks Website: www.swagbucks.com Price: Completely Free Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, and Eron Zehavi Overall Rank: 74 out of 100                                         Overview of Swagbucks Swagbucks is an online rewards program for frequent users of the internet. The program give you rewards for doing things online … Read more

My Paying Ads- An Advertising Program

Is My Paying Ads the real thing? Here is My Paying Ads Review. Name: My paying Ad Website: www.mypayingad.com Price: $5.00 to start Owners: Uday Nara Overall Rank: 4.5/10                                                       Introduction What is My Paying Ads? It’s an online advertising site available since 2015. So it’s not new to the internet marketing scene. It’s suppose to have paid out millions … Read more